Digital Identity: Content Sharing and the Balance of Power


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"Digital Identity" presentation at the Clore Cultural Leadership short course in Feb 2014 by Martin Franklin & Natasha Reynolds.

The talk aims to provide professionals from the culture sector with a common understanding of the world of online communication, sharing and the balance of power between content creators and the platforms they use to distribute their messages and works.

For individuals working in public organisations there is an interesting duality between personal social engagement and professional social engagement. The new value placed on the networks we create around our own personal brands is a subject of interest, as stories of employers demanding access to your Facebook account or the handover of your LinkedIn contact list circulate online.

We've summed up our landscape survey with a straight ahead digital toolkit, which can be simply implemented as a digital health check and everyday aid.

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Digital Identity: Content Sharing and the Balance of Power

  1. 1. Digital Identity Clore Cultur al Leader ship ! ! ! ! ! ! ! #cloreleader ship
  2. 2. Martin Franklin Natasha Reynolds • Culture Broadcaster • Head of Digital • Digital Producer • Creative Director • Serial Innovator • Digital Strategist ! ! @martin_franklin @tashar
  3. 3. Digital Landscape
  4. 4. “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed
  5. 5. “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed
  6. 6. Where’s The Value? “its not the bums on seats, its the eyeballs on screen.” –Martin Franklin
  7. 7. Cultural Leader Source of expert information Personal YOU Professional YOU
  8. 8. Personal You Individual Audience Networker Commenter
  9. 9. Brand You
  10. 10. Etiquette “I think I work in a nursery and I do not mean working with plants.” Whitham v Club Ltd t/a Ventura 2010
  11. 11. Professional You Work Role Advocate Promoter Colleague
  12. 12. Digital Toolkit
  13. 13. DIGITAL AUDIT Google yourself List your IDs Tidy up - tone Control passwords
  14. 14. Title Text “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed
  15. 15. Amplifiers Be Retweetable x x
  16. 16. Link Click Through Rate Heat Map Add links to 3 out of 4 tweets Please Retweet Friday 3-4pm = retweet sweet spot Please RT Neither Negative comments Self referencing 0 15 30 45 60
  17. 17. “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed
  18. 18. Biography Who are you? What is your expertise? What do you want viewers to do? Main interest or passion? Notable achievements? Add a touch of you!
  19. 19. Future Trends Near Field Communication (NFC)
  20. 20. Future Trends Digital Access
  21. 21. Future Trends Online Events
  22. 22. FIN Martin Franklin @martin_franklin Natasha Reynolds @tashar
  23. 23. References • Global Digital Statistics 2014 • Tweetreach: • Twitter profile tips: • Twitter retweet tips: • Google Alerts: • LinkedIn profile infographic: • About Me: • Hootsuite: • Tweetdeck: • Forbes top social media influencers: the-top-20-women-social-media-power-influencers/
  24. 24. References • 3D Scanning: • HTML5 3D (Europe): • British Library/UK SoundMap: • Ordnance Survey Map/Minecraft: • Open Data Institute: • Data transparency, Data Dashboard - : • Twitch: • Red Bull Battlegrounds • Near Field Communication (NFC)