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GLOBAL HEALTH METRICS AND EVALUATION CONFERENCE 2011, 14 -16 March, 2011 Seattle, WA. Poster # 249                        ...
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PAHO Health Information and Intelligence Platform (PHIP) Martinez R


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PAHO Health Information and Intelligence Platform (PHIP) - porter presented at the Global Health Metrics and Evaluation (GHME) Conference 2011. Seattle, Washington

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PAHO Health Information and Intelligence Platform (PHIP) Martinez R

  1. 1. GLOBAL HEALTH METRICS AND EVALUATION CONFERENCE 2011, 14 -16 March, 2011 Seattle, WA. Poster # 249 The Pan American Health Organization Health Information Platform: an organisation-wide data warehouse and health intelligence platform to support health analysis and decision making Ramon Martinez-Piedra, Health Information and Analysis, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), 525 23rd Street NW, Washington DC 20037, USA. Introduction Methods ResultsThe Pan American Health Organization(PAHO) collects, analyzes, andsynthesizes a large amount of health-related data from Member States. Dataare often collected by individualdepartments on specific health topicsand kept in distinct databases. Usersoften find it difficult to identify andaccess the data they need to answerspecific questions. In addition, theincreasing demand for healthinformation in the context of the scalingup for better health requires a flexible Figure 1. PHIP Architectureand dynamic approach to analyzing, Figure 4. Leading causes of deathsynthesizing, and communicatingrelevant information to users. PHIP also facilitates the elaboration and publication of interactive and rich reports,The design, development and visualizations and dashboards.implementation of the PAHO HealthInformation Platform (PHIP) as asolution to above mentioned problemsis presented.PHIP Definition: Corporate-wide Health Information System Figure 2. PHIP IT Infrastructure responsible for integrating, storing, processing and make available the Multiple data sources were integrated health data, statistics and in a data warehouse using a data information. integration service. Data warehouse is accessible to health professionals andSolution for data integration from analysts within the Organization. Figure 3. Deaths by group of causes and heterogeneous source system Income databases, including areas and Tableau Software –Tableau Server and High interactivity is a feature of every programs across the Organization Tableau Desktop – was implemented as information products, allowing end-users and countries. a BI solution to provide fast and visual to ask questions and get answers while analysis of large databases. exploring them.Information system that:• allows access to available data, and Results metadata dictionary• provides valid, consistent and Integrated health data is available and reliable data which are ready to use ready to be used for more for reporting and analysis; comprehensive analysis by health• provides fast visual analytic tools to analysts within the Organization. facilitate health analysis Data available• facilitate the publication of analytic reports and visualizations 1. Regional Mortality database.• facilitate access to analytic reports, 2. Health Indicators database. Figure 5. Health Indicators Atlas visualizations 3. Global Tuberculosis database. 4. Population, UN Population Conclusions Methods Division. 5. World Development Indicators PHIP has been the solution for: (WDI), World Bank • the integration of data from technicalData collection, flows, cleaning, areas and programs across theintegration, storage, reporting and 6. International Development Assistance for Health, OECD Organizationmanagements processes and analytics • facilitating access to health data forrequirements were elicited. Based on and IHME. analysisrequirements and specifications, the • the elaboration and dissemination The visual and fast analytic approach -platform was architected as described implemented in PHIP- allows health of information products and providingin Figure 1. health information and evidence to analysts to explore large and complex data sets, understanding data, Member States, policymakers andThe PHIP Information Technology the public; unveiling data patterns, and enablinginfrastructure was designed according • applying a more efficient and ad-hoc data the architecture and it is presented effective way to communicatein Figure 2. relevant information to usersFor more information visit the PAHO Regional Health Observatory