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  • wow thats a lot of cool information i never really knew what all they did in the FbI; so you help me get more infromation and i also didn't know that the salary was that high when you started the job.
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  • Your presentation is very informative--especially in detailing the specialties and rewards and benefits of FBI agents. In a presentation like this, you are allowed--encouraged, in fact--to stray from the text of your slides in your spoken script. What you could do, is to shorten the statements made on some slides, like the benefits one, into a simple list of two-word pharses, and then say the whole statement in your recorded script. The photos are appropriate and clever. --DForeman
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  • great. but you like uptalking -Trey
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  • Good pictures, informative and helpful, seem to be reading off slides, good job. SKnudtson
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Fbi powerpoint

  1. 1. Misael Martinez<br />FBI<br />
  2. 2. Special Law enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who investigates crimes and federal statutes at:<br /><ul><li>National level
  3. 3. State level</li></ul>Definition<br />
  4. 4. Job Duties<br /> Investigation of many forms of criminal activities such as :<br /><ul><li>Bribery
  5. 5. Cyber Crime
  6. 6. Drug Trafficking
  7. 7. Kidnapping
  8. 8. Organized Crime
  9. 9. White Collar Crimes
  10. 10. National Security Threats</li></li></ul><li>Requirements<br /><ul><li>Must be a U.S. citizen or citizen of Northern Mariana islands
  11. 11. Must be at least 23 years of age and no older than 37 upon your appointment
  12. 12. Must possess a 4 year degree from a college or university accredited by one of the regional or national institutional associations recognized by the United States Secretary of Education
  13. 13. Must have at least 3 years of professional work experience
  14. 14. Must posses a valid drivers license
  15. 15. Be completely available anywhere in FBI’s Jurisdiction</li></li></ul><li>Requirements Cont’d<br />If one meets the requirements then one must then first qualify in one of the five Special Agent Entry Programs<br /><ul><li>Accounting
  16. 16. Computer Science/Information Technology
  17. 17. Language
  18. 18. Law
  19. 19. Diversified</li></li></ul><li>Training<br />Must spend 20 weeks at the FBI academy and be trained on:<br /><ul><li>Academics
  20. 20. Case Exercises
  21. 21. Firearms
  22. 22. Self defense
  23. 23. Operational Skills
  24. 24. Physical Training
  25. 25. Leadership</li></li></ul><li>Salary<br /><ul><li>As a Trainee a special agent salaries starts at $51,000 on an annualized basis
  26. 26. After graduation newly assigned agents are paid GS-10 which is $43,000 plus locality pay and availability pay which could be between $61,000 to $69,000 depending upon the region they are assigned.
  27. 27. Salary increases over time as senior pay grade increases
  28. 28. New agents assigned to high cost offices may also be paid a one time relocation bonus of $22,000.</li></li></ul><li>Benefits<br />Receives a specified amount of extra pay for the the large amount of overtime he is expected to work<br />Health benefits such as fee-for-service plans as well as HMO plans.<br />An agent can retire at age 50 with 20 years of service or at any age with 25 years of service.<br />Vacation time starts for agents with fewer than three years of service at four hours earned per pay period up to 13 days per year.<br />An agent with more than 15 years of service receives eight hours off per pay period, or 26 days per year. An Fbi agent also receives 13 sick days per year as well as 10 paid holidays.<br />The FBI strives to provide flexible work life programs for agents<br />Most agents expense for commuting through public transportation is paid by the department<br />Fulfills a fundamental need to serve people.<br />Excitement and variations in activities<br />Federal jobs such as being an FBI agent also are perceived as being less prone to layoffs.<br /> <br />
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