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Rotary e club presentation ghana


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Eye Foundation of America and Rotary

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Rotary e club presentation ghana

  1. 1. GHANA OUTREACH PROJECT Eye Foundation of America and Rotary
  2. 2. Ghana eye care statistics • Independence in 1957 • Less than 100 ophthalmologists for a country of 23 million (1 for every 230,000) • 10 retina specialists to treat over 93,000 diabetics • Majority of the ophthalmologists live in the south and the NW and West are largely underserved • In comparison the US has almost 24,000 ophthalmologists for 323 million (1 for every 13,500)
  3. 3. Kumasi and Tamale In conjunction with Project Theia – focused on oculoplastics service and teaching in underserved parts of the world
  4. 4. • We have partnered with a fellow Rotarian Dr. Seth Wanye and Eric Owusu of Kog Krationz to help with the screening of patients in the underserved West and NW regions
  5. 5. • Many patients traveled over 4 hours by bus with children • Many of the patients had cataracts that only allowed them to see light or their hand moving in front of their face
  6. 6. • Many of the patients seen were children with –these issues need to be addressed within the first couple years of life • Cataracts • Droopy lids • Crossed eyes Fixing any one of these problems can help prevent blindness and give a child up to 75 years of life
  7. 7. Friends Eye Center in Tamale
  8. 8. EFA, Friends Eye Center, Kog Krationz, and Project Theia team COLLABORATION has to be the solution – we make the greatest impact
  10. 10. Morgantown Rotary president Dr.Indira Majumder and Vijayawada Rotary president C.Bhagavantha Rao Along with PDGs Dr.Ranjit Majumder and Dr.Pattabhi Ramaiah preside over the an award to recognize Srinu Maddula for his dedication to preventing childhood blindness
  11. 11. • In conjunction with Rotary club of Morgantown and the Rotary club of Vijayawada, Eye Foundation of America was part of the first Prevention of Blindness in Childhood and Beyond Symposium in in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh • Our chief guest was recent past RI past president KR Ravindran