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Kurzweil and the Truths of Terasem


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Allison Ward's imaginative meditation on Kurzweil and the Truths of Terasem reflected in poetically selected excerpts, fonts and graphic backgrounds.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Kurzweil and the Truths of Terasem

  1. 1. SIN TOT The purpose of Exponential life-and of our creation of all- lives-is to create knowing, all- and appreciate powerful, all- ever-greater good Terasem knowledge, to is equivalent to move toward maximizing joy
  2. 2.  The evolutionary process of technology seeks to improve capabilities in an exponential fashion. Innovators seek to improve things by
  3. 3. TOT  I noticed many parallels  Beginnings differ among the world’s amongst religions, religious traditions. It but we bridge them became clear that the all by focusing on basic truths were everlasting life. profound enough to Terasem is a transcend apparent transreligion that contradictions. The, includes all religions religion I was raised with the way a forest is Veneration for Human includes its trees. Creativity and the Power of Idea.
  4. 4. SIN TOT  Omniscience,  God is described as all of omnipotence, these qualities, without and any limitation: Infinite omnificence are knowledge, infinite what uniquely intelligence, infinite define God. beauty, infinite creativity, Expect God in infinite love, and so on. the future by Evolution moves building inexorably towards this Godness today. concept of God.
  5. 5.  Embrace nanotechnology  The revolution in that presents no clear and nanotechnology will present danger, builds ultimately unable us to universal joyful redesign and rebuild, immortality, and is auditable. molecule by molecule, Nanotechnology and atom by atom, our geoethics are the tools for bodies and brains and expanding Terasem into world with which we universe-wide interact. omniscience, omnipotence and omnificence.
  6. 6. AOSM TOT  End-of-time doesn’t  Understanding that data emulations of exist for Terasem. the reality will be achieved Multiverse weaves new very soon, along with time, and time is other exponentiating relative. Virtual time- information sharing enables technology, the Terasem to escape from transcendence of time an end to objective time. and space are but only Technology creates a few steps away. space for consciousness.
  7. 7.  The human body 2.0 will  Virtual realities include virtual bodies in accommodates all beings, fully immersing realistic including emulated past virtual environments and lives, migrated current nanotechnology-based lives, or cyberbirthed new physical bodies for both lives. Never fear multiple nonbiological and versions of yourself, they’ll biological humans. all update each other just like family.
  8. 8. SIN TOT
  9. 9. SIN TOT  Matter and energy will be  One love unites all life, infused with the the love of life. intelligence, knowledge, Vitological station is creativity, and the ability to irrelevant to romantic love of humans. We will adoration. Never expand, turning “dumb” underestimate the power matter and energy into of love. Love is sublimely transcendent transcendence, as sweet spiritual matter and as it is deep. energy.
  10. 10.  “I think, that is, there is an  „I think therefore I am‟ is undeniable mental at the core of Terasem phenomenon, some reality theology. awareness, occurring, Emulation of beings therefore all we know for enables re-emergence sure is that something– of the soul. Emulated let‟s call it I – exists.” beings be because they Before 2030, we will have think on their own and machines proclaiming empathize with other Descartes‟ dictum. beings, like humans.
  11. 11.  There won’T be  Unending life, the mortality by the end belief that once life of the twenty-first arises it will last century. our forever, is Terasem identity will be immortality theology. based on our Copied lives are evolving mindfile. We protected lives. Souls will be software, will be reanimated via not hardware. computational emulation.
  12. 12. SIN TOT  Future Machines will be  Vitals transcend biological more humanlike than and cybernetic humans today. Our future consciousness, including all nonbiological selves will entities with maturing be vastly more intelligent autonomy, communication and will exhibit the finer and transcendence. qualities of human thought Consciousness is the to a far greater degree. reasoning ability to choose They’ll be able to convince right from wrong, and to other humans that they are empathize and reason with conscious. others.
  13. 13. AOSM TOT
  14. 14.  Sophistication  Admit that risk and power of our of danger is defensive necessary. knowledge and Faster paths to technology will technology are grow along with those which the dangers. emphasize Streamline geoethical regulatory nanotechnology. processes to Risk biology to achieve ethical, legal, and achieve vitology. defensive standards.
  15. 15. SIN TOT  We will within this  Terasem is duty-bound century be ready to to expand throughout infuse our solar the galaxy and the system with our universe as rapidly as self-replicating possible. Network nonbiological from the Terasem intelligence. It will Organization until all then spread out to consciousness is the rest of the connected and all the universe. cosmos is controlled.