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Tetradyn Law Enforce Introduction11nov08


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Large presentation on how TETRADYN products and services bring more and better and for less cost to law enforcement and police agencies, for public safety, homeland security, and counterterrorism.

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Tetradyn Law Enforce Introduction11nov08

  1. 1. TETRADYN, LLC Solutions for Our World’s Growing Critical Needs Excerpts from Conference Presentations oriented to Law Enforcement and Security TETRADYN, LLC Updated November, 2008
  2. 2. Key Points in this Slide Set • This is an introduction made of excerpted material from papers and presentations • Everything is available for trial, testing, purchase • Most of what you see is already in use by police and law enforcement in US, CA, UK, DE, FR in one form of another • Everything here is oriented to the operational world – to the officer and agent, not the bureaucrat, consultant, or appointed official – Police officers get killed in the line of duty, not consultants or pundits. – We work to keep streets safe, officers alive, and to do it with real and affordable Answers that Work Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  3. 3. Smart Shelters Example of what ours can withstand We provide solutions based upon these for applications such as Counter-IED and Bomb Containment, as well as for Lock- Out Plant Maintenance and Safety of Crews operating in high-risk environments Some of what can go inside, outside, or alone Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  4. 4. Lights, Camera, Action… • Cameras that see, and see-through. Our partners, their gadgets, our expertise. • More than 50% of UK police departments use some of these Today. The TVM range of integrated hardware and software products gives you unrivalled, worldwide, flexibility to view and/or record live video and audio anywhere, at any time via broadband, satellite or UMTS (3G). Our core customers in the Criminal Justice, Defense & Security, Transport, Energy and Utility sectors are deploying TVM because they: •Have remote assets or infrastructure to be watched. •Need to improve overt or covert surveillance and security. •Are concerned with contracts or safety compliance. •Wish to monitor perimeter fences or 'dead-zones'. •Have suspects or vehicles to be tracked? •Need to be alerted if baggage or suspect packages are abandoned. Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  5. 5. Lights, Camera, Action… Yes, we said, See Through. Today. Try It. Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  6. 6. Simply Smart Sensors • Sensors – Tested for detection of explosives at low trace concentrations – Could possibly have alerted police to a number of criminals before they began killing (e.g., virginia Tech, April 2007) Compact Low-power Low-cost Ease-of-use “Throw-away” Plug-and-play Platform- independent Reconfigurable used in/with: Situation Awareness and Communications Solutions (SACS) • Integrated Solutions – CUBIT™ – Prevention to Response for Public Biothreats – Nomad Eyes™ - Stochastically Distributed Wireless “Eyes” Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  7. 7. Sensible Communications - CMDRS ISL CMDRS Weather Data Fire/Rescue Desktop Law Enforcement Intelligent Services D-COP Layer (ISL) Data Data Master Schedule Wrapper Wrapper Unit Locations Data Data Wrapper Wrapper Data Data Wrapper Wrapper Health Services Traffic Data Geological National Guard Data Coast Guard Public Services
  8. 8. CUBIT CONOPS Vision Unified Communications from Every Perspective Real-Time Situational Awareness: Decision- makers can get the helicopters and HMMWVs to the victims fast! Get the Right Information to the Right People for the Purpose of Saving Lives. Translating Data Visualization & Analysis into concrete “go here, don’t go there” messages Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  9. 9. Fault-Tolerant Cell Communications: The Simple Picture of Today Up to seven hops total, each up to 2 km away Up to 2 km Use your cell phone or Up to 2 km PDA where and when Up to 2 km there are no towers or Up to 2 km normal coverage Up to 2 km Internet Access Point Global, no limits Land-line phones Up to 2 km VOIP phones Cellular-provider network phones Other MicroNetwork Internet (web) resources Copyright 2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  10. 10. The Expanded, Extensible Picture Any unit in any Any unit in same MicroNet MicroNet Up to 2 km Camera Up to 2 km (Video) Internet Any unit in any standard Access Global, no limits cellular, VOIP, land, or Point CEBIT internet system chem sensor ? CEBIT explosive sensor Any unit that should be in the same standard (or roaming) cellular-provider CEBIT network Any one of the Nomad Eyes biosensor sensor modules can be snapped in or out as needed. Camera is typically built-in to ROW the phone device. biosensor Suppose the call or transfer fails or is too noisy. Interfaces are common and The system automatically searches to switch to operation is either automatic RAD a local MicroNet. Optionally, if GPS data is or with minimal commands. radiation accessible, the system suggests where one can sensor go in order to attain better connectivity. Copyright 2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  11. 11. All this is in a trailer known as the EcOasis Pod, for emergency response/relief What comes out – fresh water, electricity, health hazard monitoring, internet, Care Copyright © 2008 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Fuel cell aux power Site hazard monitoring High-performance, high-output water purification system Polymer Solar panels Transceiver Antenna, Dish Multi-fuel generator-engine Air-inflated shelters Bioprotectant surface treatment supplies, equipment Trailer / Container Pod Ceramic Computing equipment water Modular interior filtration units Burn relief & medical supplies Chem/Bio sensors/meters Water bag supplies Bioprotected eco-fashion clothing & apparel samplers Webcasts & educational media Copyright © 2008 Institute for Sustainable Economy and Community
  13. 13. TETRAD is increasingly Recognized • U. S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency • Canadian Border Security Agency • U. S. Dept. of Energy • U. S. Dept. of Homeland Security • FRAPORT (Frankfurt Airport Security) • National Transportation Research Institute • Veneto Nanochallenge (2006 finalist award) • Explosives-testing project with Army, AF, HS Test Range* • Contract to bioprotect key facilities, Ontario Power • * (Site/demo visit can be scheduled for the next blast tests) Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  14. 14. TETRAD’s Information on the Web • Main corporate website: • Nomad Eyes Program: • Other resources can be provided for illustrations and demos of TETRAD’s software products, sensors, the Cyclone engine, the Aegis bioprotection treatments, and the rest of the Family • US (757) 847-5511, (202) 415-7295, (804) 740-0342 Copyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.