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Building assets on the fly with Node.js


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Using Node.js we build JavaScript and CSS assets on the fly. In the browser we press F5 to trigger the build. No watchers needed.

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Building assets on the fly with Node.js

  1. 1. Building assets on the fly using node (no watcher) JS-Montreal Martin Drapeau 2012-08-14
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  3. 3. Current Front-End Technology Stack• Flex (ActionScript) • EOL by Adobe• Front-End Heavy • Client is +10MB (to be downloaded every time by customers) • Client contains a lot of business logic – heavy processing. A lot should be moved to the Back-End.Need to change architecture!
  4. 4. Next Gen Front-End Technology Stack Javascript Front-End - MVC architecture - Backbone JS & Underscore JS - Presentation logic - Twitter Bootstrap + Foundation Efficient Development - Stylus for CSS (preprocessor) - Zero compilation - Kendo UI for data-grid and other - Dev in the browser widgets - Re-use what’s out there Apache/PHP Node JS ServingPrivate API - Build and deployment Technologies - Serve JS/CSS assets - JS dependency management - Dynamic generation of HTML - Compilation of JS and CSS - Harness for different - Test harness (unit, environments (i.e. dev vs. prod) functional and integration) No communication between PHP and Java Java Service Layer API & Business logic & Interface to Back-End “Middleware” JBoss, JAX-RS (Jersey), JAXB (JSON)
  5. 5. Development in the browser• Objective • Make it easy to develop in the browser • F5 must be the ONLY way to build• How to do it • Harness PHP to manage assets on the fly• Technology tools • Node.js – Driver our build scripts with JS! • Snockets – Manage JS dependencies, concat and minify • Stylus – CSS preprocessor
  6. 6. Managing JavaScript AssetsSnockets• A JavaScript/CoffeeScript concatenation tool for Node.js inspired from Sprockets .• We use it to manage dependencies and compile (concat and minify) production JS assets.How to use (script-side)• Declare dependencies directly in your JS files //= require jquery.jsor //= require_tree common
  7. 7. Managing JavaScript AssetsHow to use (Node-side)• Construct dependency chain var file = ‘my_file.js’; var dependencies = []; snockets.scan(file, {sync:1}, function(err, depGraph) { dependencies = depGraph.getChain(file); });• Concatenate and minify (compilation) var file = ‘my_file.js’; snockets.getConcatenation(file, {minify:1, sync:1}, function (err, js) { fs.writeFileSync(‘my_file.min.js’, js, utf8);}); });
  8. 8. Managing CSS AssetsStylus• CSS preprocessor Expressive, dynamic, robust CSSHow to compile• Use the Node.js stylus module. var file = ‘my_file.styl’; styl = fs.readFileSync(file, utf8).replace(/r/g, ); style = stylus(styl) .set(compress, true) .set(include css, true); style.render(function (err, css) { fs.writeFileSync(.css, css, utf8); });
  9. 9. PHP – Load JS assets• Either load single minified JS file, or multiple JS files running Node.js to retrieve dependency chain function js($module) { if (USE_COMPILED_JS) { $this->view(script_include, array( url => WEB_ROOT."/javascripts/$module.min.js", content_type => text/javascript, version => VERSION )); } else { $assets = $this->getAssetsForJsModule($module); foreach ($assets as $asset) $this->view(script_include, $asset); } }
  10. 10. PHP – Load JS assets• Run Node.js $chain_script = realpath(FCPATH.../bin/js_chain.js); $cmd = node ".$chain_script." .$module; exec($cmd, $result); $chains = json_decode($result[0], TRUE);• Create SCRIPT tags <script type="<?=$type?>" src="<?=$url?>"></script>
  11. 11. PHP – Load CSS assets• If CSS files do not exist, or are stale – run Node.js to create them from Stylus files $stylus_script = realpath(FCPATH.../bin/css_compile.js); $cmd = node ".$stylus_script." --compress=true .$module; exec($cmd, $result);
  12. 12. Performance in Development Environment• JS Assets • 0.5 seconds to chain 70 dependencies (608KB raw JS)*• CSS Assets • 1.7 seconds to compile 133 Stylus files (2.8MB) into 2 CSS files• Time to Load page in Chrome With CSS Compilation 92 requests ❘ 5.24MB transferred ❘ 5.75s (onload: 4.46s, DOMContentLoaded: 4.44s) With no CSS Compilation 92 requests ❘ 5.24MB transferred ❘ 3.93s (onload: 2.57s, DOMContentLoaded: 2.55s) *Exculding 3rd party libraries jQuery and KendoUI
  13. 13. Other work in progress• Automate builds with JavaScript thanks to Node.js!• Deployment to different environments • QA, Staging, Pre-production and Production• Automate running QA tests suites • Run QA unit, functional and integration tests • Use Zombie browser
  14. 14. Questions?