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Martin & macarthur is the fine furniture maker


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Looking for Hawaiian furniture? Find the widest selection of Hawaiian furniture, home accessories, and Koa jewelry gifts made in Hawaii by award-winning craftsmen at Get limited addition of Kao wood watches today at Martin and Macarthur

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Martin & macarthur is the fine furniture maker

  1. 1. BY Martin & Macarthur Is The Fine Furniture Maker Of Hawaii
  2. 2. At a time when many classic furniture companies across America have closed shop or sent all production to China, there is one company in Hawaii that is expanding and continues to make all of its fine furniture in Hawaii. Martin & MacArthur employs a team of 30 craftsmen in its Furniture Workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii. For over 52 years, the company has been the leader in fine furniture crafted in Hawaii with Koa, the beautiful wood that grows only in Hawaii. The company has created the magnificent Koa furniture in many iconic locations throughout the islands. All the Koa furniture in historic hotels such as the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the Moana Surfrider was made by Martin & MacArthur. The company has also made the Koa furniture at the finest resorts in Hawaii, including the Princeville-St. Regis, the Grand Hyatt Kauai, the Marriott Ihilani, the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, and the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.
  3. 3. Martin & MacArthur has the distinction of holding the title “fine furniture maker of „Iolani Palace” where the Hawaiian monarchs once resided. In modern times, the company has crafted the enormous Koa desk that the Governor of the State of Hawaiiuses for all ceremonial occasions. In the past four years, when most of the country was embroiled in the Great Recession, Martin & MacArthur expanded its retail locations from two to 11, on all four major Hawaii islands. Today, the company is at the forefront of replanting Koa trees in the Big Island in order to perpetuate the tradition of beautiful Koa furniture in Hawaii. Find out more about this company at