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Selling crafts with craftgo


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Selling online with Craftgo is a simple but powerful way to get your crafts online

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Selling crafts with craftgo

  1. 1. Selling Crafts with CraftgoPosted on August 10, 2011 by adminCraftgo selling crafts online Craftgo was developed to meet a need to allow craftpeople, artists and artisans a way to show their crafts and arts online.In developing Craftgo we were conscious of the need not to just try get craftspeople onto aneCommerce site but to give craftspeople a craft stall on our platform so that they can developtheir online presence as well as sell their products.Now products is a poor word to describe what in many cases are wonderful works of art.Craftgo uses the craft stall option on our platform to emphasize the quality and skills of ourartists and craft people.This unique approach we believe will give the craft person a space where they can not onlyshow their crafts but also a space where they can show customers how their create andinteract with other craft people.The Craftgo platform is a very simple, intuitive and easy way to set up your craft stall. Itsmany features include 1. Simple stall set with in build banner upload.
  2. 2. 2. Simple uploading of images with up to 5 thumbnail images supported on each product page 3. Use of discounts to sell stock 4. Easy to manage the back of stall with features such as stock taking, discounts, coupons etc. 5. Use of gift coupons so that craft sellers can sell vouchers as Craft gifts. 6. Most secure payment methods using PayPal. 7. Craft stall can be set up in any currency with payments made in the chosen currency.( US dollar equivalent always shown on products) 8. Simple shipping set allowing sales to all countries. 9. Keywords for product descriptions allowing traffic generation to your stall.The other important issue for Craftgo is the social media. The use of social media isimportant and more so within the craft community. Craftgo has build a large forum and blogsection which will allow constant buyer and seller interaction as well as group and individualblogs and forums.Craftgo has developed a sellers corner to showcase individual craft people. Over the coming months Craftgo news will begina series of blogs on many areas of crafts and on website use and optimization.Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a commentPosted on August 9, 2011 by adminPosted in Uncategorized | Leave a commentMarketing your Crafts onlinePosted on August 10, 2011 by adminSuccessful online marketing for Crafts with Craftgo
  3. 3. The success of selling online is a combination of factorsconnected to your craft and how you represent that craft on your Craftgo stallCraftgo stalls are designed to give crafters and artisans a way of developing themselves online to promote their works as well as themselves.Before we look at the nuts and bolts of how to get your stall prepared let’s look at the factorsinfluencing purchasing.Personal appeal of the work.This is highly subjective and is a major and sometimes defining factor in the sale of an item.The intrinsic and artistic values given to an object cannot be quantified and as such thereasons for purchases are in the eyes of the beholder.The quality of the workThe quality of the work is a vital ingredient in the purchase decision. The clear artistic valuemust be there to be seen and self evident. The work must display quality as a given withartistic value as the deciding factor. In brief quality must never be an issue.Uniqueness of the work.Uniqueness of a work or collection of works defines the successful artist against the also rans.Sameness and repetition are not saleable. Buyers want different and will pay for it.Artistic Reputation
  4. 4. The buyer will be influenced by the quality and uniqueness of an artist and will buy based onthe reputation and personal history of the artist. The profile of the artist adds to the worksappeal and buyers will purchase using their knowledge of the artist. In some cases assetappreciation is a determining factor and artist and crafters can use this factor to promotethemselves in a subtle way.Crafters and artisans with impressive qualifications and awards will add to the both thequality and uniqueness of the works.Price.All purchases are determined by price. For artists crafters and artisans how to price is veryimportant.If crafters are displayed in galleries the pricing may be higher than online prices but the directsale makes up the difference.Having too low a price may detract from its appeal as price and uniqueness are subjective soa fine line is drawn between both. Craftgo StallsTo ensure that you promote yourself online craftgo uses a different approach than normalecommerce craft sites.The use of free stalls for the crafter or artisan is a significant development in which the artistis enabled to profile themselves in a deeper way while using the site as an ecommerce vehicleto sell their work.The stall craftgo provides is capable of allowing the buyer to connect and interact with theartist.The stalls are used to upload products which are then shown on the main website whichdisplays all the products as a standard ecommerce website.
  5. 5. So what is available on the Craftgo stall?1 The stall is simple to set up with every step both intuitive and fun.2. The stall owner can design their stall to suit whatever way they wish. The feel and designis entirely up to the stall owner. The stall banner is simple to set up.3. Image uploading is simple with each product having its own page with up to 5 thumbnailimages available for each product.5. The back office side of the site is very simple to use with image uploading inventorycurrency and payments just a click away.6. The stall has powerful software such as currency, shipping and payment options.7. The website owner can organise his stall to show product categories8. The stall can be linked to other sites as well as all media outlets such as twitter or facebook.In the next blog we will talk about how to set up your site and what you require to have abasic site.We will also talk about how Craftgo uses the platform to promote your crafts online.Bye for now the Craftgo TeamPosted in Craftgo News | Leave a comment