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This is the presentation about Visual Workflows that was part of the SharePoint Day 2012 London Seminar on June, 13th, 2012.

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  • Goodmorning. Mynameis Martin Schmidt.I’m a SharePoint Architect at Raona. Onbehalf of mycollegues and myself I wouldliketowelcomeyoutoourseminar.Pleasefeel free tointerrupt me at any time withanyquestionyoumighthave.DuringthisseminarI’mgoingtoexpandonhow Business ProcessAutomation can helpyourcompanyimprove and simplifyit’sbusinessprocesses and savemoney. Forthose of youwhohavebeentoourpresentations in thepast, youknowthatadvancements in workflowdesignis a recurringtopic. Lastyearwesawhowwecouldapplythepower of SharePoint tobusinessprocesses. Wecallit Business ProcessAutomation. BPA allowscompaniesto be more productivewhilereducingcosts. Wealsonoticedthatwhenthingsgot a bit tricky, SharePoint Designerwasn’tenough. While Visual Studio enabledustobasicallybuildwhateverwewanted, thecost of developmentwashigh in some cases. Plus theresult, whilesatisfying, was a workflowthatcouldn’t be modified. Or at leastnotwithoutthehelp of a professionaldeveloper.Wealsopresented a toolthatbasicallychangedthe rules of thegame: NintexWorkflow 2010. Nintexallowsustocreate and modifyverycomplexworkflowsontheflywith a simplydesign interface and without a single line of code. Thisyearwewanttofollowthattrail and gobeyond. WewanttotalkaboutwhatwecallNextGeneration of Workflows. Butfirst, I wanttoexplainwhy Business ProcessAutomationis a smartstrategy in thecurrentmarket.
  • Weallknowthatmost of Europe and theworldhavebeen in aneconomic crisis forthelast 4 years. In thiseconomicenvironment , companies can onlytightentheirbelt so much and so longbeforetheystarttofeelthepinch – theiremployees are askedtokeep up thesamelevel of service and productivitybutwithfewerresources. When a company has beenoperatinglikethisforconsecutiveyears, itbecomesthe new “normal” way of runningthebusiness and theyruntherisk of notbeingreadyforgrowthwhenthingsstarttorecover.However, if a companyiswillingtostream-line thebusinessesprocesses, thiseconomic crisis can be anopportunityforcompaniestorestructurethemanner in whichtheywork, cutoutineffeciencies and redundancies and theywill be abletobuild a betterfoundation of workprocessesthatwillenablethemtoremain agile and poisedforthefuturegrowth. I’mnotaneconomicexpert (I’m a SharePoint Developer) butif a company can make a short-terminvestment in Business ProcessAutomation, in thelong-runtheywill be betterequipedto control theirbudgetbygettingrid of inefficiencies andwill be ableto do “more withless,” will be more productive, and maybethatbeltwon’tpinch so much.
  • Thefirststep in BusinessProcessAutomationittochoosewhichprocessesshould be automated.How do we determine which processes should be automated?The most logical step is to first identify replicable processes. The more times a process is repeated, the Return On Investment multiplies exponentially.Second, we have to find those processes which output is predictable. For example, Invoice Approval or Holiday Request Approval.The current trend is to centralize all the processes in the Intranet or a single central repository to make them more accessible.Givenallthefactorsmentionedbefore, weneed a toolthatiseasy and flexible tobuildourworkflows.
  • Our experience shows that the best tool to build replicable workflows with any kind of complexity is Nintex Workflow 2010.Now I would like to show you a small introductory video about NitnexWorklfow 2010.(Nintex Workflow 2010 Overview.mp4)
  • Now, let’sreviewsome of thefeaturespresented in the video:NintexWorkflow 2010 iseasytolearn.Youdon’tneedto be anexperttocreateworkflows.A veryeasy and intuitive interface isavailabletoyoutobuildtheworkflowsfromstarttofinish, includingthedesign, contsruction and testing.Youbuildyourworkflowbyconnectingaction boxes thatrepresentdifferenttasks. The interface let’syoudrag and droptheaction boxes intothedesigner.
  • NintexWorkflow 2010 iseasyto use.Participants can interactwiththeworkflowthroughknowntoolslikeOutlook Calendar and Tasks, SharePoint Interface, LyncIntegration (forexampleNintexcouldautomaticallyrespondto a taskgivenyourLync Status)LazyApproval
  • NintexWorkflow 2010iseasyto re-useYou can build a workflow and saveit as a tamplate and re-use it as many times youwantYoumight as wellsavepart of theworkflow as a Worfkflowsnippet and use itotherworkflowsNintexWorkflow 2010 comes withbuilt in templatesthatwillhelpyoujumpstarttheautomatization of Business Processesfromday 1
  • NintexWorklfow 2010iseasyto control.Anypersonwiththeproperauthority can know at any time whatisthe status of anyworkflowwith full detail.IT oranypersonwithauthority can have a full report of theworkflows. Thereportswillhelpyouimproveyourworkflowsbyintroducingchanges in thefutureHowmanytasks a userhadHowmuch time a workflowtooktofinishEtc.
  • I wantto show younow a Demo wepreparedforyou.Twitter: DemoRaonaPW: Raona2003 CloudShareUser:Pablo.peris@raona.comPW: Raona2003Maquina: NintexDemoSitio: http://sp2010Lista: TwitterTweet
  • Now I wanttotalkabout a Case Studywepreparedforyou.Webuilt a solutionfor a companythatis a world leader in thepharmaceutical sector.Thecompanywasfounded 120 years ago.
  • Here’sthefactsabouttheproject:20 verycomplexbusinessprocesses, some of themwith more than 100 activities.Thewholesolutionisaimedtouserswith no SharePoint background. Aneasy and intuitive interface wasrequired. The interface has to be so simple thatanyonecould be ableto use itwithoutanyhelp.Once a month, a commiteeformedbypeoplefromoffices in threedifferentcountriesgettogether and makechanges in theprocesses. Thatmeansthatthesolution has to be adaptable becauseitwillchangemany times. Theproposedsolutionisvery reusable and adaptable, builtwithNintexWorkflow 2010 and a custom adaptable Silverlight Interface.The interface is so simple thatanyuser can do everythingfrom a single screen. Theuser can knowallthe time the status of theprocessformthesamescreen.Example of one oftheProcesses:Job Descriptions: Eachemployeeneeds a jobdescription in orderto do hisjob. Iftheemployeedoesn’thaveone, a remediation plan isexecuted. Each time a Job Descriptionismodified, a CertificationProcess has to be launchedforeachemployeewho has thatjobdescription.Iftheemployeeiscertifiedwiththe new Job Description, theprocessiscanceled.Iftheemployeeisn’tcertified, a RemidiationAction Plan islaunched.Thecompanywasabouttolooseit’sabilitytosellproductstothe US becausewhen Job Descriptionswheremodified, theemployeswhohadthat Job Descriptionwerenotcertifiedagain.Thisis a FDA requirement.
  • Benefits:TheendusercontrolstheprocessfromstarttofinishTheyalwaysknowwhichstep of theprocessthey’re in and whatisleftto be completedNo training isrequiredIntegratedwith SharePoint & NintexImportant:Theypassedthe FDA audittokeepselling in theamericanmarketTheusers are happywiththe new application.
  • Wedeployedthesamesolutiontoanothercompanyfromtheenergy sector. Wechangedthe interface with a HTML5 one.
  • In summary:Who can takeadvantage of thissolution? Anycompany.Whenistheright time to do it? Any time. WheneverthecompanyiswillingtorestructureitsprocessesWhat do youget?A replicable and predictable Business ProcessAutomationwith a highreturnonInvestmentHow do you do it?With top of the line workflowtoolslikeNintexWorkflows 2010 and a highlycustomized and easytouse interfaces
  • Visual Workflows - SharePoint Day 2012 London

    1. 1. WORKFLOWSPROCESS AUTOMATION How can we work more efficiently? Martin Schmidt SharePoint Architect
    2. 2. WORKFLOWS In Times of Crisis Growth Cost control Innovation Productivity
    3. 3. WORKFLOWS What processes should be automated? Replicable Predictible X Trend n Same Output To move and centralize processes in the Intranet
    4. 4. WORKFLOWS Nintex Workflow 2010 – Presentation Video
    5. 5. WORKFLOWS Next Generation of Workflows  Workflow Designer with drag & drop functionality  Optimized to do more things with less clicks and pop-ups  One single configuration window for all the workflow settings  A ribbon for all the actions  Guided design ensures the workflow is finished Easy to learn
    6. 6. WORKFLOWS Next Generation of Workflows  Lazy Approval™ allows you to perform a task by just answering an email  Easy roll-up allows you to see all the pending workflow tasks and the running workflow status Easy to use
    7. 7. WORKFLOWS Next Generation of Workflows  User defined actions  Call & control of other workflows from within the workflow  Reusable workflow templates, including own Easy to re-use
    8. 8. WORKFLOWS Next Generation of Workflows  Workflow progress  Workflow performance statistics  Step by step profiling  Complete task description  User workload  Workflows audit & status updates Easy to control
    9. 9. WORKFLOWS Next Generation of Workflows Demo Translation & Twitter Workflow
    10. 10. WORKFLOWS Case Study - The Company
    11. 11. WORKFLOWS Case Study - The requirements  To automate HR processes  Should be easy to use (Line Managers)  Adaptable
    12. 12. WORKFLOWS Case Study – Presentation video
    13. 13. WORKFLOWS Case Study - The benefits 1. The end user controls the process from start to finish 2. They always know which step of the process they’re in and what is left to be completed 3. No training required 4. Integrated with SharePoint & Nintex
    14. 14. WORKFLOWS Case Study - Reused solution 1. A company from the energy sector 2. HTML5 interface
    15. 15. WORKFLOWS Case Study - Summary 1. Who? Companies of all sizes and sectors who want to reduce costs associated with inefficiencies and increase productivity. 2. When? Any time is right, but it requires that the parties involved in the process are aware of the need to optimize it. Thus the crisis periods are adequate because everyone is aligned to that effect. 3. What? Replicable and predictable automated business processes to provide a high return on investment (ROI) 4. How? With top of the line workflows tools like Nintex Workflows 2010 and a highly customized and easy to use interface
    16. 16. WORKFLOWS Martin Schmidt SharePoint Architect