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Rapid prototyping & product innovation at startups and large companies


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Presentation at ProductCamp LA on Rapid prototyping & product innovation at startups and large companies focused on personal discovery and focused on web and mobile projects

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Rapid prototyping & product innovation at startups and large companies

  1. 1. R a p id P rot ot ypi n g & P ro d u c t In n ova t io n at S t art U p s an d Bi g C o m pan ies Martin Price @martinprice
  2. 2. 
  3. 3. About me product management, UX, ‣ 14+ years as Product Executive leadinglarge corporations & startdesign, content & operations teams for ups, also entrepreneur and startup founder @ OpenX experienced ‣ Currently Sr Director Mobile Products with CEO and exec teams at leading product strategy and working Yahoo! (8 Yrs), IAC, & top tier VC investors (Shasta, Clearstone+) at Geodelic experience for ‣ Experience building compelling consumerglobal markets web, mobile & tablet devices and launching in building successful scalable ad ‣ Experience scale & integrating with partnerstech products and API services at industry globally ‣ Industry speaker & panelist on mobile at Mobile World Congress, Techcrunch Disrupt, VentureBeat Mobile Summit (invite only), CTIA, MobileBeat, AppNation, AppsWorld, Silicon Beach Fest + more !3
  4. 4. Some wins rollouts of products in 24+ markets Yahoo! both ‣ Lead globalspace ( homepage, my y! at toolbar) in Ad tech space Consumer & & (video ad products & rich media) incl. patents granted for Toolbar innovations at Yahoo! ! innovation startup ‣ Created a mobile cloud services and productwith 0 funding up Productsy from $0 to $1m revenue in 1 year ! one of first local mobile advertising platforms in the ‣ Builtlaunched with Pandora as top 10 network in 2010 industry at IAC and ! release multiple ‣ Lead thethis weekofthe Nativeproduct innovations at OpenX incl. newatSDK’s, Video & O|X exchange in Barcelona this week MWC !4
  5. 5. 
 Product innovation tips & tricks
  6. 6. Product lessons learned new stuff done every ‣ Start to innovate - Getyou well 3-6-9 months single day, push things fwd, do things that will position out, not just parity work as a person ‣ Your jobit's to productbest ideaistonot to necessarily come up with the best idea yourself, pick the action and move it fwd great relationships and listen team and ‣ Build athem incross functional information & feedback is to youralways  try to involve everything, more better hard and ‣ Givecreate stuffthem new stuff to developers quickly and let them play, hack and help do this faster and more aligned with industry you people, ‣ What’s the maximumreducecould learn with moreyou need access to tools and partners?  Then down to the minimum to do to learn what you want to learn?  not the other way round…. you ‣ A/B and multi variate test (always) useful ifmorewant to prove something, otherwise can be busy work I.e. Squeeze juice from lemon - optimization and minor improvements are not innovation, but they are part of core product management !6
  7. 7. Create/Hack build stuff yourself yourself ‣ Createetc, - create your own designs, concepts wires & code describe ‣ Build a mock,yourself anything a webpage towith peoplethe idea, a dummy app and then work to make it better show to 10-20 people ‣ Get feedback quickly, recorditreactions etc. and comments feedback, ‣ Use tools as needed to get more info, user testing, and at your ideas, try to gain ‣ Buy traffic how point itclickwhatbuy/try/test/opt into beta reactions, many to ‣ Create a fake product and take it to a conference e.g. TC Disrupt ! !7
  8. 8. and slide social bar, as an HTML/JS ‣ Yahoo! Toolbar with appswith customers usingstarted Iteration Testing & prototype we iterated on Rapid Evaluation (RITE) process - patents granted ! ‣ At Productsy weinbuilt & iterated prototype apps 6-8 weeks from concept to an app you could play with and show to friends ! built an prototype we could ‣ At Geodelic weto demoappsmall businesses and run on an iPad to iterate faster on based on feedback, then we put into stores to learn more !8
  9. 9. Driving Success with Teams - Get new ‣ Where to start to innovate from teamsstuff truly on a innovative products come working common goal in high level of detail collaboratively not to prove a point or personal objective of evangelist, visionary ‣ Your a mix needs to get done and and janitor, with everything buck stops you, your job is to make things move faster in the right direction boss or exec ‣ Work with your slow approvalteam to reduceenable overheads and processes to fast decision making change you ‣ Be the permission want to see - ask for forgiveness not for !9
  10. 10. 
 Product Strategy
  11. 11. A product strategy process Market & position Opportunities & threats Product analysis Look at market as a whole Opportunities in the market Metrics - Biz goals + existing product Where does product fit in today? Competitive threats traction Industry trends Macro changes e.g. market Product - functionality and traction vs Company goals vs industry changes or complexities to exploit competitors, functionality, team, plan growth rates etc. etc. Feedback - Interview partners, developers, customers, influencers Analyze, test & iterate on product strategy !11
  12. 12. Validate, test & iterate with users 1 Strategize 2 Design 2 3 Develop 1 6 3 4 Test 5 Analyze 5 4 6 Iterate Work with users to develop, test and iterate new products with features and ability to scale to faster !12
  13. 13. Build lite product business cases Opportunity in $ Rev = (equals) Estimated $ in market that can be made - (minus) Cost of internal resources / (divided by) Potential risks & Time to market !13
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  15. 15. Mobile team @ OpenX ! ‣We think differently ‣Start up within a start up, well funded start-up ‣High collaboration & ownership ‣Create our own product marketing ‣Hiring now for product! ‣Launching innovative products! !15
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 Its going to get weird & awesome
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  18. 18. Q&A