Netflix Digital Strategy for Hemlock Grove


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Netflix Digital Strategy for Hemlock Grove

  1. 1. a netflix digital strategy by martin navarrete@juliancole skillshare assignment @martin_nav
  2. 2. insightsNetflix is changing the original content paradigm with alineup of exciting programs, previously the domain of TV andCable networks.
  3. 3. insightsA new landscapeNetflix is the dominant player with 1/3 of all internet streamingtraffic in North America.Netflix is triple the size of the #2 competitor: Netflix (40,699,640UV) vs. Hulu (12,640,986).
  4. 4. insightsAlgorithmic ProgrammingAnalyzing viewing habits of their 33 mil consumers helps Netflixgauge interest for future shows. Although time will tell if this isthe future of programming, the formula worked quite well forHouse of Cards.
  5. 5. insightsShifting viewer habitsNetflix raises the bar for original content. House of Cards is the moststreamed content in US and in 40 global markets. Over 10% ofNetflix subscribers have streamed House of Cards to date.Binging reaches a new level. In launch week, viewers watched anaverage of 6 episodes. Does it ruin the surprise or fuel interest?Netflix has altered the water cooler effect ... “what episode are youon?” replaces “have you seen it?” in the cultural zeitgeist.
  6. 6. insightsNetflix’s initial success sets the stagefor the launch of Hemlock Grove
  7. 7. the briefChallengeThe media storm around the success of House of Cards has fueledconsumer interest in Netflix’s upcoming lineup of high-profile originalcontent. Despite this, there is very low awareness for HemlockGrove. Although Netflix is off to a great start, each show willultimately be judged on it’s own merit.
  8. 8. the briefGoalThe objective is to grow Netflix’s subscriber base, particularly with ayounger audience. The goal is to attract 650k new subscribersthrough a successful launch of Hemlock Grove.
  9. 9. the briefTimingThe heavy up period is March-May 2013. A sustaining effort willsupport the campaign throughout 2013.Budget$300k.
  10. 10. the briefConsumerThe primary target for Hemlock Grove are young adults 18-24, with aslight female skew. They are the main audience for content in thehorror/vampire genre and have fueled hit shows like True Blood onHBO.They are a culturally and digitally savvy audience especially in thesocial media space. These young social media users share thehappenings in their lives freely. They actively stream video forentertainment purposes and are quick to express their thoughts viatheir Facebook posts.This is a younger audience than Netflix’s core of females 25-34 and35-44; they represent a key consumer segment to expand theirsubscriber base.
  11. 11. the briefPropositionWith Netflix, you can establish a personal relationship with theHemlock Grove actors.
  12. 12. the briefReasons to believeNetflix knows what their audience likes and has a strong track recordof creating hit programming.The success of House of Cards has consumers eagerly anticipatingupcoming shows like Hemlock Grove.Viewers are binging entire seasons of streamed shows in recordtime...... however, this compressed viewing timeframe doesn’t allow corefans a long time to get to know the characters very well.
  13. 13. the idea
  14. 14. the ideaNetflix will create a unique way
  15. 15. the ideaNetflix will create a unique wayfor fans to connect with the Hemlock Grove characters
  16. 16. the ideaNetflix will create a unique wayfor fans to connect with the Hemlock Grove charactersthrough live
  17. 17. the ideaNetflix will create a unique wayfor fans to connect with the Hemlock Grove charactersthrough livepersonal
  18. 18. the ideaNetflix will create a unique wayfor fans to connect with the Hemlock Grove charactersthrough livepersonalconversations.
  19. 19. the ideaImagine spending quality time with the Hemlock Grove character of your choice...
  20. 20. how it worksWatch all 13 Hemlock Grove episodes for a chance to have a free,live, private chat with your favorite character. Once you finishstreaming episode 13, Netflix will provide you with an opportunity fora once in a lifetime chat with your favorite Hemlock Grove actor.
  21. 21. how it worksNetflix will partner with, the platform that providespersonal phone and video conversations with your favoritecelebrities. This will be the first partnership with the entire cast of ahit show. The program will be fully integrated through all relevantsocial media channels. Greenroom chat Photo Opp with Social Media Share your new BFF Integration “Just chatted with @FamkeJanssen” #hemlockgrovegreenroom
  22. 22. communications framework CURRENT CONSUMER BEHAVIOR DESIRED RESPONSE FEMALE 18-24 NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION Facebook Metacafe Netflix 4/19/13 word of mouth LAUNCH HBO Rotten Tomatoes Hulu AWARENESS RESEARCH PURCHASECREATIVE “Netflix is highlight show exclusively on Netflix, launching a new concept, genre and first episode free, original show” talent meet the actors MEDIA MEDIA MEDIAMEDIA banners banners rich media rich media rich media social social social activation
  23. 23. Hemlock Grove: campaign activity2013 mar april may jun july aug sept oct nov dec launch green room paid media: digital, social earned media
  24. 24. Hemlock Grove: suggested measurement AWARENESS PURCHASEGoogle Search Volume Facebook Likes & Shares New subscribers - overall & target audienceWebsite Traffic Social MonitoringYoutube Views Number of Trials (view free - Trailer episode)Twitter Followers
  25. 25. Hemlock Grove: projected KPIs Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Retention+10% Inc. +10% Inc. Positive consumer 500k new 25% of viewersSearch Volume qualified site sentiment via subscribers watch entire(Launch-Dec). visits. social (Female, 18-24 series. monitoring. demo).50 mil 50k/week 15% of seriesimpressions: Facebook likes & 1 mil free trial of 650k new viewersBanners/Rich 5% engagement episode 1 (new subscribers participate inMedia/FB Ads. level via shares subs). (all demos). greenroom chat. (Launch-Dec).5 mil 10% trial amongTrailer Views existing(YouTube & subscribers.Netflix).5kTwitterFollowers.
  26. 26. thank youby martin navarrete @martin_nav