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How can business profit from online communities and cocreation for developing new products and services

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  1. 1. Co-creation: innovation with your customers MarketeerCongres, 8th of May 2008 Martijn Staal Online: +31 6 519 162 37
  2. 2. Co-creation is HOT! “Inhabitants co-create Eindhoven” P2P foundation, 13th December 2007 “Internet users design their own car” Emerce, 10th April 2008 “Citizen journalism site Skoeps stops” De Telegraaf, 5th May 2008 “Nokia involves consumers in product development” Nokia Morph, Emerce, 18th March 2008 Concept Lounge “Innovative building in Opeinde (Friesland)”, 15th April 2008 What is the impact of co-creation for marketeers?
  3. 3. The ‘passive consumer’ becomes active; participation becomes the key Ranking Personalisation Links Search Rating Tags Tips
  4. 4. Before.. End user participation can increase the After.. Interaction: Interaction: success of the innovations www, email, Mass media IM, blogs INPUT Technology Market push Resources: knowledge, money,….. pull Length: Length: hrs, Internal External months, yrs weeks Idea Market Concept Implemen- Evalu selection & intro- & testing tation -ation Analysis duction Input: reports, Input: requests, focus groups user input OUTPUT Promotion: Promotion: one way Resources: ideas, knowledge, patents, viral, UGC products/services Closed, formal, Open, adhoc, patents Internal External informal,
  5. 5. Co-creation during Idea generation & selection Cambrian House Innocentive
  6. 6. Co-creation during concept & testing: gain insight into what (future) customers really want (Second life) 230+ employees 6 islands $10M investments
  7. 7. Co-creation during implementation: users finish the product how they want it (Nike ID)
  8. 8. Co-creation during market introduction: gain insight into customer experiences before introduction (Buzzer)
  9. 9. Many Youtube movies buzzers in radioshow buzzers launch website buzzers reviews on well-visited blogs 400 buzzers major event & onsite buzz
  10. 10. Co-creation during evaluation: improving current operations for businesses (KLM) •Share ideas and suggestions •Discuss with KLM employees Results in 4 months •10.000 companies were invited, 1.000 responses •800+ ideas •40 directly involved employees participate in discussions
  11. 11. Co-creation must fit into the corporate strategy; some companies should not make use of it “Den Haag stops in Second Life” AD, 10th April 2008 “Apple’s products do not fit into co-creation with customers”, 28th April 2008 “PCM and Talpa abort Skoeps” Telecompaper, 4th May 2008 •Think about the goals that you want to achieve by co-creation thoroughly! •Co-creation may take more time to develop than expected •Co-creation is not free and risks may be greater than the benefits •What are the benefits for your company? (financially as well as non-financially)
  12. 12. Co-creation helps you to get to know your customer and make innovation successful! • Thank you for your attention! Questions? Martijn Staal Online: +31 6 519 162 37
  13. 13. Appendix
  14. 14. The five core areas of TNO TNO TNO Quality of Science and TNO TNO Industry Life Defence, Built Security and TNO Environment Safety Information and Geosciences Communication Technology FACTSHEET Annual turnover 830 M$ Founded in 1932 4700 employees Largest independent contract research company in Netherlands 60% MSc / PhD TNO ICT: 350 research specialists Mission: to make scientific knowledge applicable Top 10 favorite Dutch employer
  15. 15. ICT and profit Usability Business impact analysis Innovation and VoIP Corporates SME implementation Operators Mobile services ICT users Security and ICT providers Customer reliability End-to-end Experience Government Quality of Service Service providers RFI/RFQ Vision and strategy ICT performance All-IP, Multiplay assistance Our mission: Home networks Billing & CRM Making ICT knowledge Core & Acces Business modelling applicable DOCSIS, CMTS networks e-Government Fixed Mobile convergence System e-Learning integrators Society, UMTS, Wifi, Technology ICT policy ICT policy WiMax, RFID ICT suppliers & Innovation makers Spectral management Public Key Infra’s Vendors Government IMS, i-mode (PKI) Radio planning Defense and ICT Service architecture e-Health Wireless Java design
  16. 16. On-site labs make scientific knowledge practical ON-SITE LABS Multimedia Lab IP (VoIP) Lab Digital Home Lab Billing Lab Service Experience lab PKI Lab Usability Lab Lab for mobile terminal and portal performance measurements Idea creation lab Access lab Lab for voice controlled services
  17. 17. CLIENTS HOME TNO ICT LABS CLIENTS TNO delivers value worldwide • Applied scientific knowledge • European market insights CLIENTS