Birthday card


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A nonsense-card, made for a very special friend

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Birthday card

  1. 1. Heya Marte!
  2. 2. the story of Marte's birthday is Fiske Yodel
  3. 3. Since Norwegians are supposed to have a dark side. We sure know how to kill a good time.
  4. 4. Could I just pretend not to be a Norwegian, but an alien instead? One from outer space with a message from Cheesus, who says everything is going to be allright as long as we all pay our bills?
  5. 6. Wait a minute .. I could also be Super Duper Helga , or Superhelga tout court ..
  6. 7. She would be a senior member of the Nuclear Fun Club. Hey, no one messes with Superhelga!
  7. 8. But right now, I am hungry. Anyone else for lutefisk ? Or maybe some delicious lefske ? And how about some kvitsøyball ? And I want a really huge piece of fyrstekake for my birthday! With some kransekake on the side.
  8. 9. So. Where were we? Being a hypochondric Norwegian ... well, today I'm not. It's time to boogy!
  9. 10. How high will you jump next year?
  10. 11. So ..
  11. 12. So, I wish you a
  12. 13. And remember: you have a friend in Cheesus.