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Major Dr. Deepak Rao Rank Award Indian Army


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Major Dr. Deepak Rao Rank Award Indian Army

  1. 1. Prof. Dr. Deepak RaoMD, PhD, DSc (Mili Sc) CLET (usa) INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Prof. Dr. Rao was inspired by Chanakya who stated “High Class individuals strive for honour, for them money and fame are secondary interests”• Prof Dr. Deepak Rao age 47 years spent his life by giving his expertise & talents in training Indian Army and Indian Forces.• He trained almost every elite Indian force in modern Close Quarter Combat for 17 years without accepting any compensation, as a Selfless service to the Nation.
  3. 3. CQB – Close Quarter Battle• Close Quarter Battle is the art of fighting the enemy at close quarters. It is relatively new area having greater significance in present era.• It consists of unarmed and armed combat, Reflex shooting and Small team tactics.• Prof. Rao spent his life researching and developing various CQB skills for the use of his country’s forces. As Guest Instructor, he was called by various Service & Force Chiefs to impart modern CQB training.
  4. 4. Modern Reflex Shooting• Based on his experience in training Indian forces, Prof. Dr. Rao developed an indigenous method of Reflex Shooting which was found to be very useful by Indian forces. As Guest Trainer for Indian Army, he was instrumental in imparting this training to various formations
  5. 5. • He is responsible for pioneering modern CQB training, helping change outdated world war II methodology and spreading CQB training all over the country.
  6. 6. CREDENTIALSProf. Dr. Rao is a• Reflex Shooting Instructor,• 8th deg Blackbelt in Military Martial arts,• PADI-SCUBA Deep Sea Diving Instructor,• Offensive Driving Instructor, &related combat skills.• Asias only Law Enforcement Trainer certified by ASLET – American Society of Law Enforcement Training• He is also a qualified Doctor in Medicine.• He has been a Guest Instructor in CQB for Indian Forces under invitation.
  7. 7. CONTRIBUTIONS Beyond The Call Of Duty• First Indian to specialize in Close Quarter Battle Training (CQB) and give this expertise for 17 years to train about 15000 soldiers from various Indian forces.• Played an important role in modernizing Close Quarter Battle Training for Indian Army Commands.• Under directive of Home Ministry, imparted modern CQB training to various Indian State Police forces.
  8. 8. Home Ministry Appreciation
  9. 9. HOME MINISTRY APPOINTMENTProf. Dr. Rao was approved as Official CQB TrainingResource persons by Ministry of Home Affairs.The Home Ministry has recommended Dr. Raos CQBtraining to DGPs of all State Police Forces and DGs ofParamilitary CPOs.
  10. 10. FORCES TRAINEDAlmost all elite forces of India have been trainedby Dr.Rao• Infantry Battalions, Divisions, Corps & Commands• Indian Army - Commando Wing, Para & Special Forces• Indian Navy - Marine Commandos• Indian Air Force - Garud Special Forces• National Security Guard - Black Cats• Academies - Army Officers Training Academy & National Police Academy• Central Police Orgs - ITBP, BSF,• State & City Police Forces –all major states &cities
  11. 11. AUTHOR• Authored the first Encyclopedia on Close Quarter Battle Training in the world. This book was found useful by the FBI, INTERPOL & SWAT and the book found its place in FBI, INTERPOL & Police Libraries all over the world. This book was also distributed by Hon. P Chidambaram Home Minister to various Indian Forces.• Wrote the first book on Military Unarmed combat in the world “Commando Manual of Unarmed Combat” which was distributed by current Army Chief to relevant Army formations.
  12. 12. AUTHOR• Authored the first Indian Textbook on “World Terrorism”, which was distributed by Home Ministry to Indian Forces• All the above books were solely produced for the Indian forces, without being sold commercially, using the lifes earnings of Prof. Dr. Rao. No money was accepted from the Indian forces and thousands of copies were gifted free to the govt.
  13. 13. AWARDS• First Indian to get World Peace Award at World Peace Congress in Malaysia, for his work for country in 2008.• Outstanding Law Enforcement Instructor Award from US Martial arts Hall of Fame in 2009• Felicitated by current Army Chief Citation at Ministry of Defence in 2010
  14. 14. CITATIONS• Army Chief Appreciation 2001,• Army Chief Appreciation 2005,• Army Commanders Appreciation 2007,• Army Commanders Appreciation 2008,• Home Ministers Appreciation 2009,• Army Chief Appreciation 2010
  15. 15. Army Chief Appreciation
  16. 16. FOUNDER OF NGO UCCAProf.Dr. Rao founded an organization UCCA whosegoal is researching, innovating and imparting modernCQB training to Indian forces only. The UCCA is madeof few retired service officers and other expertInstructors. It is unique in the sense it accepts nodonations, no sponsorship and no grants fromanybody. It works with meager earnings of Prof. Dr.Rao. But via this org Prof. Dr. Rao has spread modernCQB training to every nook and corner of Indianforces.
  17. 17. COMMISSION IN PARA REGT-TAAlong with eminent sportsmen MS Dhoni & Bindra,Deepak Rao was awarded Hon. commission into theParachute Regt of TA, Indian ArmyThe Ministry of Defence stated Rao was the Pioneerof Close Quarter battle training in India.Major Rao was pipped with honour by Indian ArmyChief & Col Commandant of Para Regt Lt Gen VinodBhatia.Major Rao became Brand Ambassador of TA-IndianArmy