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Lesson plan2


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Lesson plan2

  1. 1. Heidi MiedeckeBeatriz SarabiaAlma VacaMartha VasquezGeography 300January 24, 2013Lesson Plan 2Fourth GradeTopic: Planning a trip for Christopher ColumbusObjective: To use three different math skills; sorting, graphing, and measuringin order to complete a Geography project. The student’s are going to learn about distance, typeof people, leaving styles and diversity between Europe and America.Materials: pencils, erasers, map, pencils, graph paper, markers, butcher paper, clay, glue,Popsicle sticks, paper, toothpicks and short YouTube video( knowledge: Discovery of The Americas. Basic information about Christopher Columbusand his discovery. Information about America and Europe.Description: The students will construct a ship for Columbus for a trip that will take 30 days.They can use Popsicle sticks, paper, pencils, map pencils, markers, glue and clay only. Beforethey begin building their ship they need to draw a model of their ship showing the differentcompartments where they will store animals and food, cook, eat, etc. They will design a model ofthe ship using information about what things will be needed to be carried aboard for theirsurvival. They will then present the model of the ship they designed and built as well as graphsshowing the quantity of the products they will need to take on this 30 day trip. The ship can onlymeasure 6inches wide and 12 inches long.Procedure: Show the students a short video ( Separate the class in groups of 4 to 5 students. Students will work cooperatively to come up with up to 10 different kinds of supplies needed to make a one month trip with 50 passengers. Students will draw a model of a ship with enough compartments to store the supplies, and the 50 passengers.
  2. 2. After approval from teacher, students will begin using Popsicle sticks, clay and glue tobuild the ship using (can also use toothpicks, straws and paper) using their drawing forreference.Students will write a list of how much food and water people will need for survival. Theyshould consider that the animals aboard will also need food.Students will classify the supplies, provide a storage place built into the ship for them,and label each compartment.Finally students are going to draw or white about Christopher Columbus journey distancebetween Europe and America, type of people, leaving styles and diversity.Students are going to share their drawing or their writing to the entire class.