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Poster SEO & SMO, by Martha Gabriel (90x120 cm, 217 Kb)


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Poster about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), winner of the "Best of Track Award" at HighEdWeb2008, US.

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Poster SEO & SMO, by Martha Gabriel (90x120 cm, 217 Kb)

  1. 1. by martha gabriel by martha B f t ti the ti i ti is to k li i l i b t hi h t be ti i d d Before starting th optimization, it i necessary t make a preliminary analysis about which pages must b optimized and 1. 1 Strategic Analysis 1. Strategic Analysis l also about the need of creating ad dditional specific pages with relevant content to your website business business. a) Determine the objectives for the optimization (traffic subscriptions sells downloads etc ) (traffic, subscriptions, sells, downloads, etc.) b) ) Check your pages context, bu y p g , gy p g , usiness area, determining your competitors websites rank in the search engines c) Check your pages and your coompetitors relevance d) Make comparative analysis ) e) Check Landing Pages – m k ti and d i analysis f Ch k your L di P marketing d design l i focusing i th b i i in the business objectives bj ti Keywords are the most important part of a SEO strategy (in O Keywords x Ranking: 2. d 2 Keywords 2. Keywords p d links gy ll) sponsored li k strategy as well). • • Ke ord freq enc Keyword frequency h Where the k h keywords appear in the page ( d URL, b d domain name) ) d h (code, body, y p yp g Search always starts with a person typing a keywor y rd! • Which tags use them (title, h1, img/alt, etc.) • How they are positioned on the page compared with other words (top middle bottom) (top, middle, Marketing + Business + IT need to research to fin out which nd keywords are really used b th t k d ll d by the target audience t fi d you. t di to find Keywords x Conversion: • Generic Keywords tend to attract more traffic traffic. Quality keywords = quality traffic Q li y k y d q li y ffi • S ifi K Specific Keywords d i t d t attract conversion. tend to tt t 3. On‐page Opt i at o 3. On‐page Optimization (si ulta eously ith off page opti i atio 3 O page Optimization ((simultaneously with off‐page optimization)) O ti ti P g C d Page Code I t ‐Internal Links l Li k ‐Dynamic Content y • the anchor text must c ude t e ey o d e ated to t e t e a c o te t ust t include the keyword  related to the  t • dynamic pages, created on the fly, usually can not be  dynamic pages created on the fly usually can not be linked page. linked page searchable by search engines by search engines. ‐ URL ‐K Keyword Frequency dF • i h i d ’ create strategies where important pages don’t get  each page must be created with the main keywords appearing each page must be created with the main keywords appearing  lost inside the databases. • very important criter y p ria for page ranking. p g g i it URL in its URL. • keywords must  be re keywords must be re epeated the most possible, WITHOUT  epeated the most possible WITHOUT ‐ CMS ‐ Meta Tags Meta Tags spamming the search spamming the search engines and GUARATEEING the text h engines and GUARATEEING the text  h • CMS th t t h i f i dl URL use CMSs that creates search engine friendly URLs,  meta‐tags are considered by several search engines specially: meta‐tags are considered by several search engines, specially: meaning.  i individual pages meta‐tags, compiles pages (instead  • meta tag Keywords – the more words in the tag the less meta‐tag Keywords the more words in the tag, the less  • frequencies betweenn 3% and 8% are relatively safe. of creating them on the fly), allows creating internal  g y), g each word is worthy. h di h g p • meta‐tag Description – determine the text that is shown  Scripts in the Page ‐ Scripts in the Page links and template pages manually. links and template pages manually.  • use external script files ( js for example) use  external script files (.js, for example)  for your page in the search results. for your page in the search results. ‐ Title Tag Title Tag ‐ Navigation Menus g Website Structure Website Structure • avoid  javascript or o avoid javascript or oother code for creating navigation that  other code for creating navigation that • must BE the keyword or at least contain the main  can not be understoo can not be understoo by the search engine crawlers od by the search engine crawlers.  od important keyword of the page. p y p g • the keyword must be in the beginning of the title text. the keyword must be in the beginning of the title text ‐ D i & St t Design & Structure • page depth  isolated pages are less worthy than  page depth ‐ isolated pages are less worthy than ‐ S b titl T Sub‐title Tags: <h1><h2><h3>… <h1><h2><h3> Page Content Page Content pages that link to other pages (outbound links) pages that link to other pages (outbound links). • y g the keywords must be in the sub‐title tags and as near of  • navigation between pages must favor crawlers visit. navigation between pages must favor crawlers visit the beginning of the phrase as possible. the beginning of the phrase as possible. • heavy images must be avoided. h i tb id d • Keywords in the tag <h1> is more worthy than in <h2>,  Keywords in the tag <h1> is more worthy than in <h2> ‐ Relevance Relevance  • configure properly the robots.txt file. that orth more than in <h3> and so on that worth more than in <h3>, and so on. • To be relevant, be re elevant! • y p g submit your sitemap to the search engines. ‐ Img Tag g g • Bad content is poorly p y , y written, with no keywords, no  y , ‐ Age and Updating Age and Updating • texts in the  alt parameter is considered page content texts in the “alt” parameter is considered page content. update, no relevance update, no relevancee. • the older a page, the more trustable it tends to be  • the keywords must appear in the “alt” text when possible the keywords must appear in the “alt” text when possible. ‐W3C Standards W3C Standards time favors ranking. g ‐ Top of the Page p g • p g p y g W3C standards usually are search  pages complying to W y • the page updating pace affects the search engine page updating pace affects the search engine  • it is a privileged place and considered important by the  it is a privileged place and considered important by the engine friendly engine friendly crawlers visit pace crawlers visit pace. search engines. search engines ‐ Flash Content Flash Content ‐ W b it I di id l P Website versus Individual Pages • ti t tk d t t th t most important keywords must appear as near to the top  • Google “sees” all flas sh content, therefore Flash files must  • search engines classify each page individually but search engines classify each page individually but  of the page as possible. be optimized too. p also use their internal links and keywords to classify use their internal links and keywords to classify  and categorize the whole website and categorize the whole website. 4. Off page Optimization  i lt neously with off page optimization) 4. Off‐page O i i i 4 Off page Optimization ((simultaneously with off‐page optimization)) l ith ff ti i ti ‐ Sponsored Links Sponsored Links Link Baits are based on 5 types of hooks: a) news; b)  opposition; c) attack; d) resources; e) humor.  Link Baits are based on 5 types of hooks: a) news; b) opposition; c) attack; d) resources; e) humor • sponsored  links go where SEO can not:  l k h o Testing the best keywords before SEO optimization Ideas for Link Baits Ideas for Link Baits o Optimizing for Mistyping  and Misspelling • ( Make a valuable resource (lists, special reports, history  , p p , y • Make an interesting picture gp o Temporary Advertisement / Campaigns of, how , , w to, etc.) ) • Be the first to research and document something g o Optimizing for many keywords  at once (millions) • view (e‐mail/phone) prominent people and  )p Interv p p ( /p • Make a theme, plug‐in or piece of software p ,p g o Quickness – the results start just after starting the campaign p publissh it. • Make a tool that others can put on their sites but that  p o Highly demanded keywords • Build aan useful tool y links to you ‐ Link Building Link Building • Write an interesting article g • j p Make a joke about a known person • Run a newsworthy ‘event’ such as a contest y • Make a resource that is just in time for a major event j j • The more high ranked inbound links are, the better. The more high ranked inbound links are the better • Test soomething new that has not been done before g • g Write an outrageous theory and back it up with logics y p g • Legal methods for getting links PONTING to your page : L l th d f tti li k PONTING t • Be the g g e first in doing something on the internet • Write useful comments on something that is happening pp g g o Press Releases • Write something controversial g • Give something valuable for free o Affiliated Programs • Be thee first to write the latest news in your niche y • Coin a new acronym in your niche and get people to talk  o l d h dd f Be listed in human managed directories‐, for example l • Be thee first to expose a scammer about it o WOMM ( d f h k) (Word of Mouth Mkt), SMM ( l d k )& (Social Media Mkt) & SMO • Disagr ree with an authority • Become an expert in your niche and write valuable  ( i l di (Social Media Optimization) – i i i i i i ) increasing presence in social  i l • Write some funny humor information networks links, Digg, YouTube, etc. k li k D l i i Di Y T b o Link Baits (see frame on the right) Li k B i ( f h i h) ( bait/ Source: Jim Westergren (http://www jimwestergren com/link‐bait/ Source: Jim  5. Measurement M i i , Control & Adjustments 5. Measurement, Monitoring, Control & Adjustments 5 MMeasurement, Monitoring C l Adj Measurement and monitoring of the f ll i g f d i l for rolling h p i i i p i i g f h following factors are essential f contr lli g the optimization process to get the d i d results and also f g h desired l d l for adjusting the plan when needed The main parameters for measuring are: a) page views x unique visits; b) rejection rate; c)which crawlers needed. visited the pages and when; d) how many visits each search engine drove to your pages; e) which keywords brought access to your pages. by Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel  by b Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel h bi l / th @ th b / th b Copyright 2008 Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel All Rights Reserved Get this poster!