eTutor Online Learning - Private online school for K through grade 12 students.


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eTutor is a part of a world-wide community of online learners. eTutor has been used by over 10,000 students throughout the United States and the world. The results being achieved by eTutor are remarkable.

• eTutor has been proven to be effective for early readers. Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois conducted documented research showing that third graders using eTutor made significant gains in reading scores over their fellow students in a single school year, resulting in improved test scores on a widely used standardized test (Gates-MacGinitie).
• Schools have demonstrated eTutor’s effectiveness as a remediation tool with slow learners and students in alternative programs. Low-performing high school students have defied predictions by using eTutor to learn to read and write with ease.
• eTutor is accredited through Advanced Education and North Central Associatiaon. The curriculum, aligned to Core Standards, consists of over 3400 lesson modules in the four major areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.
• The eTutor learning management system tracks student grades and attendance, provides communication tools, enables educators to create assignments and lesson modules, and allows students to work individually or in groups.

The program is backed by educators and parents from across the country and supported by programmers trained in the latest programming languages. eTutor has the program and capacity to help students master essential skills in learning.

The eTutor Virtual Learning Program enables students’ learning from onsite at a tutoring center, library, at home, or any other location where they have access to a computer with an Internet connection.

The original curricular content has been created exclusively for eTutor by teachers and writers throughout the country. With vibrant and interesting lesson modules, learning is available 24/7 anywhere the student has internet access.

eTutor is student centric. eTutor students take responsibility for their own learning even at the youngest level. When given a curriculum that stimulates and engages, students want to learn. Parents are partners in the teaching-learning process.

Overall, the eTutor advantage means students receive a better learning value while improving their self image and confidence. eTutor is the best online learning solution available.

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eTutor Online Learning - Private online school for K through grade 12 students.

  1. 1. eTutorThe Online School of Choice
  2. 2. eTutor Virtual Learning
  3. 3. A K-12 On-Line Learning Program Primary
  4. 4.  eTutor provides an online curriculum developed to tap the resources of the Internet for instruction. Lesson modules are based on the National Goals for Learning.
  5. 5. Students can choose from 3400 online lesson modules in 23subject areas to work at their own pace.
  6. 6. eTutor is easy to navigate. Multiple resources are available for the students and they learn quickly how to find their way around eTutor. Subject Quick Links
  7. 7. Students can choose to complete thelesson, quiz or exam. Automatic feedbackis given to students.
  8. 8. Lesson modules are written by teachers. Lesson modules are targeted to specific grade levels and include colorful graphics.
  9. 9. eTutor provides supporting information for botheducators and students in each lesson module. Lesson modules include 9 components, including vocabulary terms that link to the eTutor dictionary.
  10. 10. Aligned to National and State GoalseTutor learning goals and objectives reflect the NationalLearning Goals and Common Core Standards.
  11. 11. At the click of the mouse, students go aroundthe world to learn about concepts and skills. Lesson modules integrate links to resources on the World Wide Web.
  12. 12. Checking comprehension and understanding.Online exercises and quizzes offer automatic scoring andfeedback, including explanations of the correct answer.
  13. 13. Student Portfolios Tutors and parents can track student progress. A quick glance tells what the student has been learning. Additional resources will be suggested that correlate with the lesson.
  14. 14. Program AnalysisStudent progress reports provide information over a period of years.
  15. 15. eTutor Offers More for Students
  16. 16. eTutor offers more for Parents. CommunicateThe eTutor Parent Page Resources
  17. 17. Learning to SearchLessons Students can find lessons of interest.
  18. 18. eTutor Offers More for Tutors
  19. 19. eTutor Homepage Offers Free ResourceseTutor provides services to meet the needs of homeschooling families.
  20. 20. eTutor: A Universe of Learning