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ITEC final project


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Published in: Education
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ITEC final project

  1. 1.  About Me  Goals for my Financial Future  It starts with….Education!  Love what you do!  Save...Save…Save!!
  2. 2. For starters, My name is Martha Alicia Villegas and I am a Sophomore here at UH! I have lived here in Houston all my life. I attended James Madison High School in the Southwest side of Houston. I began attending UH right after graduation in Fall of 08.
  3. 3. Both of my parents are from El Salvador. I have two older sisters and a Shih-Tzu named Pepper.
  4. 4. I chose the topic “I am responsible for my Financial Future” because I strongly agree with the phrase. I think every individual holds the power to their destiny...The choices we make today will affect our future. Since a young age I have felt a need to one day be financially stable…live the life I want…and help my parents financially.
  5. 5. Live debt free! Have a career that is financially rewarding! Retire happily!
  6. 6. I am majoring in Consumer Science and Merchandising and with that I hope to one day become a buyer…Visual Merchandiser…and ultimately Executive of Merchandising for a large clothing store.
  8. 8.  Streaming Audio and Video › Streaming audio or video is delivered by a streaming server, which can deliver a constant flow of audio and/or video across a network that might be slow or congested. › It is much like watching television with an antenna; you will receive only the video that you will be watching immediately. If there is interference in the transmission (i.e., network congestion), the streaming player will compensate by lowering the quality, but it will try not to stop the stream. &feature=pyv&ad=4596986911&kw=fashion
  9. 9. I believe that a career is not all about money but you must love what you do at the same time…. Whether its working with children…helping the sick…or taking care of animals…. If a career can provide you with both personal and financial fulfillment…that is a true blessing…
  10. 10. USUARIO/IMG_699/41d5a52f-ab88-43fe-8381- 299cc2a31585_633764314543498167.jpg merchandising/images/stories/slideshow/011visual-merchandising- 01.jpg 86911&kw=fashion
  11. 11. Martha Villegas