TSB Automation pre call


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A breif information presentation regarding the coming Technology Strategy Board automation consortium project worth £2 million. Martec are still looking for more involvement from anyone interested in sharing ideas or wanting to be involved in the bid.


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TSB Automation pre call

  1. 1. Automation in Process Manufacturing High Value Manufacturing Technology Strategy Board
  2. 2. Who is the TSB?The Technology Strategy Board is working to drive UK economicgrowth by making this country a global leader in innovation.The purpose is to accelerate innovation. To help UK business toinnovate faster and more effectively than would otherwise bepossible, using expertise, connections and funding to:• Enable collaborations and partnerships between businesses, researchers and government;• and help business to create innovative products and services which will meet market needs, tackle the challenges of our time and build the economy of tomorrow.
  3. 3. Cascade from TSB 5 Strategic Focus Areas• Accelerating the journey - concept to commercialisation• Connecting the innovation landscape• Turning Government action into business opportunity• Investing in theme areas based on global potential• Continuously improving organisational capability
  4. 4. Investing in priority areas based on potential
  5. 5. UK Manufacturing in Context• Global market worth £6.3 trillion• UK in top 10 world manufacturers• GVA of £130 bn (10% UK GVA) [Manufacturing GVA by Country United Nations Statistics Division,• World #2 Aerospace Value Added by Country, US$bn, 2010]• 2 of top 6 Pharma’ companies UK based• Half of UK Exports
  6. 6. High Value ManufacturingHigh value manufacturing is the application of leading-edge technicalknowledge and expertise to the creation of products, production processes,and associated services which have strong potential to bring sustainablegrowth and high economic value to the UK. Activities may stretch from R&Dat one end to recycling at the other.
  7. 7. The Future of High Value ManufacturingThe Institute for Manufacturing identified:• most important trends influencing the changing nature of manufacturing globally• greatest challenges & opportunities to the economic competitiveness of UK manufacturing• most promising UK emerging science, engineering & management innovations to meet these challenges & opportunities / capture value for UK.
  8. 8. Cross-Cutting Strategic Themes 22 National Competencies under these
  9. 9. Competencies Landscape study identifies:-• 5 Strategic themes &• 22 Competencies HVM Strategy builds competence in selected areas
  10. 10. Technology Readiness Level
  11. 11. High Value Manufacturing Such potential is characterised by a combination of high R&D intensity and high growth
  12. 12. Investment CriteriaThe decisions to invest based on:• sector attractiveness – large global market – growth – UK R&D intensity• the 22 national competencies• technology readiness (TRL)• additionality (the potential for the Technology Strategy Board investment to make a difference
  13. 13. HVM Strategy for 2012-2015 - Summary2008 – 11:• Invested > £100m, mainly in Collaborative R&D Projects• Funded 200+ projects, over 400 companies (about 50% SME)• Impact estimated to be around 16:1 leverage2012-2015:• Budget doubled, now over £50m pa, plus related spend in other TSB areas• Core funding of HVM Catapult• Additional criteria to focus investment• Implementing tools to build competencies