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Property Boom in Tanay, Rizal - the next Tagaytay


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Tanay will easily be the next Tagaytay - but with better infrastructures and better topography as the slopes in Tanay are gentler and with a higher buildable area. The ease of access to Tanay due to new road networks and with the MRT being extended to Antipolo and later on, all the way to Tanay, will make the area more open and easily accessible from Metro Manila.
Now is the best time to acquire land assets in Tanay while the prices are still quite low and the potential upside in your investments are very much higher especially in the 3 to 5 years basis. For more details, please see this Property Brief presentation on Tanay.

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Property Boom in Tanay, Rizal - the next Tagaytay

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE BRIEF ON A 30-HECTARE PROPERTY IN TANAY, RIZAL Located along Marcos Highway Barrio Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal Email: 10.25.13
  2. 2. • Accessible thru Marcos Highway via Antipolo City, which is part of Metro Manila • Accessible thru Manila East Road • Travel time from Metro Manila is from 1-2 hours • Proximate to major landmarks - University of Rizal System, Tanay Adventure Camp & Camp Capinpin. • The property has two frontages : – A 158-meter frontage along the all-concrete, 4-6 lane Marcos Highway. – A 500-meter frontage along a barangay road at the back of the property. AREA BACKGROUND • The property is located in Tanay, a first-class municipality in the province of Rizal • Known for cool weather and as a vacation spot and tourist area • Transient population is higher than the 100,000-population of the municipality as many middle-class and affluent people own second homes in Tanay • The property is approximately 30 hectares (expandable to 100 hectares) 1
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  4. 4. Suitability for DEVELOPMENT • Investors and developers are now gaining interest in the area for development and/or land banking because of these factors: – Accessible thru major national roads including the all concrete Marcos Highway – The expansion of the Manila East Road and Marcos Highway is expected to drive up real estate development and land prices in the area, which was previously concentrated in the northern and southern parts of the Greater Manila Area. – The development of Antipolo City has also driven land prices higher in the surrounding areas like Baras and Tanay – Housing projects are more feasible as the extension of MRT to Antipolo City by 2015 will make it easier for residents to commute to their work places in Metro Manila • Several developers have already identified this huge market potential in Tanay, with Sta. Lucia Realty allocating a portion of its additional Php6B funding for expansion projects 3
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  6. 6. • The property is titled and subject to due diligence at the appropriate time. • Current ZONAL VALUES are at around P520/sqm as of 2004, expected to increase soon. • Asking prices for properties along Marcos Highway go now for as high as P1,200/sqm. • Properties with no frontage on national roads sell for as much as P500/sqm. • Right of way and interior lots sell for as much as P1,500/sqm. • Developed residential lots go as high as P3,700/sqm as of current prices. Suitability for DEVELOPMENT 4
  7. 7. Rizal is a high-income municipality with thriving industries such as the following: Development OPPORTUNITIES Fishing and Aquatic industry - Fishing is a long thriving industry with the 90,000-hectare Laguna de Bay being the primary source of freshwater fish species and other marine life. Agriculture - Among the high- value crops that can be potentially produced in the province are Bagui vegetables such as cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, ampalaya, beans, okra, among others. For the fruits are mangoes, citruses, rambutan, avocado, santol, atis, jackfruit (langka). They are among the biggest producers of mango. The increasing demand in agricultural products for export makes this an ideal project for the property. 5
  8. 8. Development OPPORTUNITIES Livestock Production - Rizal province is one of the largest producers of livestock. The province is littered with piggeries and poultry farms that supply the local and national market demands. In fact, the largest provider of hogs in the country, Foremost Farms, is located in Rizal. It is owned by the Lucio Tan group. It is considered the biggest piggery farm in the country. Garment Industry - The wearable industry dominates the industries registered in Rizal. It comprises of textile, garments and leather goods. 6
  9. 9. Development OPPORTUNITIES Manufacturing Industry - The large tracts of land makes it an ideal place for manufacturing sites. A significant number of large and heavy manufacturing firms involved In diversified product lines are found in the province. These businesses are involved with concrete products, textiles, paint and chemicals, metal and steel products and car assembly. Food and beverage manufacturing industries are also located here, with many of the businesses involved in the export market. Roofing and Automobile spare parts manufacturers set up factories & plants in Rizal. 7
  10. 10. Development OPPORTUNITIES Mining Industry - Substantial amounts of non-metallic, mineral deposits consisting of construction materials in the form of rock aggregates and volcanic tuff, sand and gravel, limestone, marble, guano/rock phosphate also exists in the province which can fuel other potential industries and economic activities. There is also availability of red clay and the large deposits of raw materials in Antipolo City, Tanay and Baras in the form of limestone, dacite, dorite, sand and shale-sandstone used for the manufacturing of cement, a basic material in construction can also be made into terra cotta, ceramics and bricks. 8
  11. 11. Development OPPORTUNITIES Housing and Real Estate - Large expanses of land are available for housing and other real estate development projects. Well-developed residential projects ranging from exclusive to low-cost housing estates are available for a growing network and labor force. 9
  12. 12. Tanay, Rizal is home to a lot of places of interests which drives the influx of tourists to the area such as the Daraitan river, Tanay Adventure Camp, Regina Rica shrine, Army Camp Capinpin, Daranak Falls, Tanay Church, Parola Lighthouse and the scenic Sierra Madre mountains. The ease of access to Tanay due to new road networks will hike up the demand for properties in the area even more. Development OPPORTUNITIES 10 Welcome sign at Camp Capinpin. The camp has become a tourist destination in recent years, especiallyattractive to schoolsand institutionsfor their Lakbay -Aral programs. Pilgrims& tourists regularlyflock to the Regina Rica shrine to pray and be awestruck by the magnificentview of the Sierra Madre mountains.. Tanay AdventureCamp has the longest zip-lineride in the Manila-Rizalarea. DaraitanRiver, a popularsite for tourists and vacationers
  13. 13. Development OPPORTUNITIES Given these thriving industries, there are many possibilities for the Tanay Property. The most obvious would be a RESIDENTIAL OR MIXED COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT. The prices of lots in the Palo Alto subdivision of Sta. Lucia Realty are already hitting P3,700 per square meter. Some subdivisions are selling house and lot packages for P1.5 million to P2.5 million for an average area of 100 sqm for the lot with a 70 sqm floor area for the house. Images of actual houses being sold at Palo Alto Subdivision (above 2 photos) and Garden Cottage (right photo) in Tanay. Ongoing prices for 150-sqm properties sell up to P2.5 million. 11
  14. 14. Alternatively, a hotel resort could also be developed since there are many tourist spots in the area. A combination hotel/resort with a residential component could also be envisioned. A golf course with a residential component is also good because the property can be expanded from its present 30 hectares to as much as 100 to 150 hectares for housing, eco-tourism and township projects. Many resorts and adventure camps are erected in the vicinity of this Tanay property exploiting the various natural spots and the magnificent views of the Sierra Madre mountains as an additional come-on. Development OPPORTUNITIES 12 Parola , the historical lighthouse of Tanay, offers a picturesque view of Laguna de Bay as well as nearby resorts and restaurants.
  15. 15. Tanay can easily be the next Tagaytay but with better infrastructure and better topography as the slopes are gentler and with a higher buildable area. With the MRT being extended to Antipolo by 2015, and maybe later on all the way to Tanay, the area will be more accessible to the general public. Now is the best time to acquire land assets in the Tanay area while prices are still quite low and the potential upside very much higher especially on a 3 to 5 year basis. Interested parties may contact Tierra De Oro Realty at (632) 3685828 or email:, or Mr. Ernesto L. Salas at +639178300522 , email: or Mr. Jun R. Salas at +63-9178158495 , email: Development OPPORTUNITIES 13