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Swedish analysis of the results


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Swedish analysis of the results

  1. 1. Results of the surveyResults of the survey Meeting in Biella Adrian Lindberg Swedish results:Swedish results:
  2. 2. Students that answered theStudents that answered the surveysurvey 126 students 16-17 Males: 108 – 86% Females: 18 – 14%
  3. 3. GenderGender Big difference in Sweden More guys than girls Catalan school
  4. 4. AgeAge Freshmen Majority 16 Second 15
  5. 5. Sweden - School subjectsSweden - School subjects Math, Natural Science, Computer studies, Physical Education, History Social science and Handicraft Native language, Foreign language and Religion Computer studies
  6. 6. The other schools - SchoolThe other schools - School SubjectsSubjects Very similar Like Math, Natural science, Physical Education, Handicraft and History.
  7. 7. Sweden - Spare timeSweden - Spare time Doing sports, computer games, social medias and spending time with friends. Dislike writing, drawing and reading.
  8. 8. The other schools - Spare timeThe other schools - Spare time Very similar, exception computer games.
  9. 9. Sweden - Reading habitsSweden - Reading habits Computer and newspaper Fantasy and crime 15-30 min per day In bed or TV Audiobook
  10. 10. The other schools - Reading habitsThe other schools - Reading habits Newspaper and computer Fantasy and Adventure 3 novels School assignments & for fun Audio book