Summary chapter 9 10


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Summary chapter 9 10

  1. 1. Chapter 9 In chapter nine Bernard, John, Linda and Lenina is back in London after being in the savage territory. Lenina, who found the territory very disturbing, takes Soma that will make her sleep for at least 18 hours. So she has gone on Soma holiday. Bernard can´t seem to go to sleep and in the morning he decides to go to Santa Fé and get the business and information done about his guests that he brought withhim. He there speaks to Mustapha Mond about why these people are soimportant to research. Mond agrees with Bernard and send him away to the Warden of the Reservation office where he get the papers about Linda and John. John who is new in the “other” world somehow gets the feeling that he has been left by Bernard and Lenina and breaks down. But he gets back up and goes into the room where Lenina is taking her holiday. He now gets these sexual feelings about her. He goes through her clothes and looks at the zippers of different items of clothes. She is laying there on the bed and he starts looking at her. He is reciting pieces from Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet about how her hands, lips and body looks like laying there. He is struggling toprevent himself from touching her but comes to senses when he realises that it would defile her. As this is happening Bernards helicopter is arriving back and John feels even more guilty and runs away and hides. In this part of the book John is introduced for the first time to their world, which of course is overwhelming for him. He is quite amazed by their world, thinking about it as a utopia, seeing the best parts about it, and not everything else. In this chapter morale is important. You can notice it when John is about to touch Lenina. But he comes to his senses and changes his mind. This is because he doesn’t want to defile her. This has to do with morale and with what is right and wrong. What becomes increasingly clear, is how different the two worlds are, since John struggles NOT to touch her, and anyone else would have felt that they should do it. The question is whether you are happier doing things in a slow restricted way or in a fast, non-private way.
  2. 2. Chapter 10 In chapter ten we get to go back to the factory where all the babies are being produced. The director who has decided that Bernard is to be sent to Iceland has arranged a meeting with Bernard in the Fertilizingroom. He has decided to send him away because of his behaviour and his way of going against ford and society. He describes it as “Sacrificing one individual for the greater good of the society is no great loss since the Hatchery can churn out dozens of new babies.” When Bernard arrives the director gets the attention from everyone inthe room. He then speaks openly to the Bernard colleges about why and where he is being sent away. Bernard gets one chance to say why he should stay it he takes it. He then brings in Linda and to the people in the room this is a frightening experience. Linda who looks dirty and has a crooked smile and doesn’t fit into their society terrifies them. Linda who’s had a baby with the director openly says this so everyone can hear, making them very interested since the director has broken an important rule in fathering a child. He denies this of course in front of everybody but John comes in and shouts “My father”. Everybody else in the room is now laughing about the humiliation and it’s too much for the director and he runs out with his hands pressed against his ears. Here there are both utopia and dystopia events. They sort of go into together here. Because the Director sees his purpose of keeping the perfection that is in London. He sees that the best way of doing that is to send away Bernard and then making sure that his idéas of what is right and wrong doesnt spread on to others. So here we get a glimpse of how the world should be Utopia. But we also get another view whenLinda and John comes in. Because we now get to see what could go wrong with the way they are living. This is what frightens the staff in the fertilizing room. You get to see how fragile the world of ford is.