Parma 3 a oit e twin


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The town of Parma described by students

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Parma 3 a oit e twin

  1. 2. Its Province Parma eTwinning Lab Exploiting web 2.0
  2. 3. THE CATHEDRAL’S SQUARE In front of the cathedral there is the square, where you can meet your friends! In summer, sometimes the square is changed into an open-air stage for concert or events. This is the Battistero”, the most famous monument of Parma, it is our town’s symbol for excellence. It is in the Cathedral square. On the left you can see the “Duomo” which is our Cathedral, here you can pray and look at the beautiful paintings. This is the Catholic heart of Parma because here you can find the Duomo (main Cathedral), the Baptistery and the Bishop’S palace. The Baptistery dates back to the Roman age. Visiting this place could be interesting for people who study art, because it is full of paintings, statues and pictures
  3. 4. In this square you can lie on grass and in summer you can see film in an open air cinema, which is built just for sometime (summer) as a project for young people. A little park where you can sit, or lie down here, in Summer, you can relax and get a suntan. “ I feel that this is the most comfortable and relaxing place in Parma. In my opinion it is one of the best places in Parma. I often go there on Saturday, I with and my friends, we agree, and each of us brings traditional food from home and we organize a kind of picnic, this great "park" is our favourite place PILOTTA SQUARE
  4. 5. PILOTTA SQUARE The Pilotta’s Park is close to “the Regio Theatre”. Is a very big green area where, when it’s sunny, many people get a suntan. It was built on order of Maria Luigia the Duchess. It’s cute to visit it because here people play football, have fun, some of them study or eat an ice cream. Here you can get a free Internet connection if you have your laptop. On the right you can see the the monument dedicated to "GIUSEPPE VERDI". Ten years ago, before the square restyling works, it was in the center of the aquare, but then it was moved to one side of it!
  5. 6. The “ Barilla Center” is in Parma, it is very popular among young guys because here there are many shops and there is a Warner Village cinema. This is the Barilla center is a place where you can find several shops and bars BARILLA CENTER
  6. 7. This is the square Garibaldi where you can stroll and do shopping. It is a square of roman origin. You can see the two main streets crossing, it’s almost the same from the time, the square was a roman campsite “ This place is called “Piazza Garibaldi” here I meet every Saturday night my friends. “ GARIBALDI SQUARE
  7. 8. This is the main entrance of the “Cittadella Park”, where you can do jogging. Inside here, there is a large children playground and a football ground. Who wants to be fit, particularly likes this park and enjoy large spaces. In this area, cars are not allowed and you can see lots of bicycles This is the main entrance of the “Cittadella ”, one of the most beloved parks in Parma. It has a very unusual plan CITTADELLA
  8. 9. This is the lake of Parco Ducale, the largest park of Parma. In summer, when it’s hot, it’s very pleasant to sit here and meet friends. This is the Parco Ducale, one of the many places, where you can meet your friends, relax yourself, get suntan, play or have a walk through the park. DUCAL PARK
  9. 10. Inside here you can find Marie Louise (Napoleon’s second wife) Museum where you can see her clothes and her personal belongings. MARIE LOUISE MUSEUM
  10. 11. This is the main theatre in Parma. It is situated in the city center. In this theatre were exhibited the most famous lyric singer. I think it’s important to visit it because it is one of our cultural heritage. In the past, famous components and actors started their career in this theatre. “ This is the Regio Theatre. I chose this image because in this theater I danced and it was my first experience and I get excited every time I look at it.” REGIO THEATER
  11. 12. <ul><li>PONTETARO </li></ul>This is a little square where there is a second war memorial. There is also a chessboard on the floor, here in summer old and young people play chess This is a little square where there are apartments and shops THE PROVINCE OF PARMA
  12. 13. <ul><li>S. ILARIO D’ENZA </li></ul>This is a monument in the square of my country, dedicated to the fallen of first word war This is the park where meet kids and children usually
  13. 14. <ul><li>BORETTO </li></ul>The river Po and Lido Po where young people spend time together. There are a restaurant, stands, kaimano a dance place where people dance in the open and where there are concerts in the summer. At the Lido Po you can relax on the ferryboat and sail to the mouth of the river and back again. The bell tower of S. Mark’s with the lion. In the background the municipal hall.