Venture lab telemedicine


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Venture lab telemedicine

  1. 1. “Doctor Click” Members: Alessandra Formica Carmen María González Irma Aguado Javier Vicente Marta Navarrete Neska Husar
  2. 2. 1. Naming: “Doctor Click”. Why?We deliver non-life-threatening medical advice and treatment in the comfort of your own home at yourconvenience. You just need a laptop or to ordera prescription or to buy medicines.So we have joined bothconcepts: online and medicine. Those are patent in Docor Click.
  3. 3. 2. Storyboard – Spot “Doctor Click” There are two versions: Informative and emotional. We did this just to see which one could express better our service.
  4. 4. Version 1: Informative
  5. 5. Version 1: Informative
  6. 6. Version 1: Informative
  7. 7. Version 2: EmotionalSITUATION 1: HEADACHE She is complaining She stands up and loosk for a She turns around and sees a Suddenly the doctor gives her about her headache medicine in her medicine doctor joining her breakfast. the prescription smiling. while she is having cupboard. But there’s nothing that breakfast. can relieve her pain.Off voice: I have a huge Off voice: Let me see if I have any Off voice: AW! Off voice: Good morning. Here is yourheadache… Ibuprophen. No.. I don’t. I will have to prescription. arrange an appointment with the doctor just to ask for a prescription.
  8. 8. Version 2: Emotional SITUATION 2: CHRONICAL ILLNESSHe is wondering He is waiting on the sofa He stands up and goes to Suddenly the doctor smiles towhether he could avoid close to the telephone. But the door to see who it is. him and asks him if she canvisiting the doctor just suddenly the bell rings. When he open the door, a come in. She sees ask for a prescription doctor is on the other side.for his chronical illness.Off voice: I am running Off voice: Well, I will have to call Off voice: Who is coming now? Off voice: Here you are your receipt Iout of my medicines for my son to take me to the doctor. I’ll see. think you already know how to use chronical illness. I just Doctor: Good morning may Ineed a prescription. Hope come in?I could have a doctorright here because I don’twant to bother anyone.
  9. 9. Version 2: Emotional SITUATION 3: IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY She tries to explain whatA woman is living in a foreign she needs but she can’ and she needs to go She wonders whether she She finally decides to go back the doctor. When she gets could speak to a doctor She switches on her laptop and a The doctor sends her thethere, she can’t undertand who could understand doctor who speaks her language prescription. She orders itwhat he is trying to tell her. what she is saying. appears on the screen and asks her directly from the online what she needs exactly. pharmacy. Off voice: I can’t Off voice: I don’t know how to Off voice: Doctor says: Good Off voice: Here is your prescription I’ll understand a word of explain what I need. I wish morning, how can I help you (in add it to tour account. what he is saying… there was a doctor that speaks her language). Girl: Thank you so much! my language so I wouldn’t have any problem.
  10. 10. 3. Design of the websiteThe way the patients can access to this service is via our website. There they cancall their doctor or their pharmacist. So we have worked in a design of how thewebsite could be. There we add some news of what we do, and many other usefulinformation.
  11. 11. 4. Design of the LogoEvery service must have a logo so we have worked on its design. It express the workthat Doctor Click does all over the world.