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Come to hear ‘Courageous Women’ speakers on May 3The end of the Friends’ year is quickly coming to a     In late April, th...
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Friends of the Towson Library spring newsletter


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Friends of the Towson Library spring newsletter

  1. 1. FRIENDS of the TOWSON LIBRARYMAY 2011 VOL. 10, NO. 3Friends’ Annual BookSale Is a Big Success Customers of all ages made this year’s sale a hit!The Friends of the Towson Library (FOTL) book to pay the balance of its pledge to the which ran for four days at the library, endingSunday, April 17, grossed $13,314 in sales, which Without equivocation, the success of this year’s bookwas substantially higher than the past three years. sale is due to the hard work and long hours, sometimesIn 2010, sales were $12,590, in 2009, $10,909 and days, of a team of more than two dozen dedicated$9,035 in 2008. This year’s net after sales tax and volunteers. FOTL expresses its heart-felt thanks to Noraexpenses was $11,808. Kotula and her crew, who labored to sort books, stack sale tables and replenish tables as books were sold, staffAccording to Friends’ member Pat Fraher, more the checkout counter, and clean up after the sale. It wasthan 8,500 donated books, CDs, DVDs and tapes truly a labor of love -- love of the library and of books.were available for the sale this year. The materialsthat did not sell were donated to The Book Thing, Many volunteers were customers too, finding treasuresa free book distributor in Baltimore. for their own collections. It may seem trite to say, but is still very true, we couldn’t have done it without you andFriends’ Treasurer Susan Gillette remarked, “I all the customers who purchased books!think the rainy weather is good for library businessand book sale visits. I believe the 2009 sale was on Among the volunteers who helped throughout the yearpicture-perfect or even hot days, and 2010 weather collecting and sorting books as well as those who helpedwas more iffy. This year a drenched Saturday during the sale were: Edie Blum, Tasia Cavasapparently drove hordes to the library.” Amelia and Fay Citerone, Sue Cornish, Charles Cottrell,The good results from this year will enable FOTL Please see Volunteers, page 3
  2. 2. Nominations to the FOTL Board At the annual meeting on May 3, the FOTL will vote on the following nominations: Officers for a one year term from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012: President - Patricia Fraher 1st Vice President - Fay Citerone 2nd Vice President - Judy Gregory Secretary - James Ransom Treasurer - Susan Gillette. Renomination of present board members to a 3-year term starting July 1, 2011: Dorothy Fraquelli and Clarence Reisler. Pat Fraher presented three names to be new board members to a three-year term starting July 1, 2011: Katie McGuire, Lee Starkey, and Mary Lou Stenchly. A book sale customer has his hands full!FROM THE MANAGER OF THE TOWSON LIBRARYEarly in April we were happy to drop the curtain at our fiction wing and reveal the new layout, carpet, modernshelving and lighting for the collections housed there. We were also especially pleased to offer the new serviceof two study/conference rooms available in the old large-type area, and open to the public for two-hour timeslots. Signup is required, and is on a first-come, first-served basis. The rooms offer a more private setting thanthe other group meeting space we have upstairs on the Mezzanine.Other improvements we expect to have this fiscal year will be individual carrels with electric outlets for laptopusers, thanks to the generous Friends funding this year.Kudos to the Friends Book Sale Committee, especially to leaders Pat Fraher and Nora Kotula, for the mostsuccessful book sale ever. This October through mid-March project was the Friends’ 17th and it gets bigger andbetter every year.I hope to see you at the Annual Meeting in May.Jennifer C. Haire
  3. 3. Volunteers, from page 1 Pat Fraher, Dorothy Fraquelli, Susan Gillette, Anne Groth, Judy Gregory, Nora Kotula, Art Lynch, Eve McGovern, Marta Mills, Laura Merkle, Hannah Pickworth, Jim Ransom, Clarence Reisler, Dot Seim, Lee Starkey, D&L VanWye, Susan Ward, and E Wilbur. Many thanks also to photographers John Peige and Sally Foster for sharing their wonderful talent with us. At left, Towson University student Justen Davis carried hundreds of boxes of books to help the Friends set up for the book sale. Below, on opening night on Thursday, April 14, dozens of book lovers lined up for the first-choice books.The power of books to spark imagination‘When I was a tadpole there was really only one thing that Icollected. I had a file of newspaper and magazine articleson Frogs in Show Business. It was a small collection, but Ithink it influenced me a lot.’– Kermit (the frog) from It’s Not Easy Being Green by Jim Henson,2005, Hyperion, NewYork.
  4. 4. Come to hear ‘Courageous Women’ speakers on May 3The end of the Friends’ year is quickly coming to a In late April, the Friends’ presented four gifts of $25close. Our annual business meeting is on Tuesday, each to Towson Library volunteers at the AnnualMay 3, 2011 in the Towson Room on the ground Volunteer Luncheon. These gifts were given in lieu offloor of the library. Officers and board members the Marianne Westcott award.will be elected. At 7 p.m., hear our speakersEleanor Randrup and Katherine Kenny, authors In May, the Friends will be represented at the Ribbonof “Courageous Women of Maryland.” Copies of Cutting for the renovated Towson Library. If youtheir book will be available for purchase and the have not visited the library recently, please do so. Youauthors have agreed to inscribe copies for attendees. can admire the new meeting rooms, carpet, shelvingLight refreshments will be served. Please come and and lighting in the fiction and reading groom us close out the 2010-2011 year. FOTL has been the recipient of a number of newsAs you will read elsewhere in the newsletter, the articles in the Towson Times and in the on-lineBook Sale was a big success, grossing more than any newspaper the Towson Patch. Articles on the bookprevious book sale. It also added another data point sale, the garden and the speakers for our May meetingto the correlation of poor weather and good book have been recently results. Thanks to Nora Kotula and Pat Fraher,who chaired this year’s book sale committee, and to Thank you for your support throughout the year.all our board members and volunteers who helpedsort books, set up for the sale on Wednesday evening - Dorothy Fraquelli, FOTL Presidentand staffed the sale. Save us postage by sending us your email address! Send to Friends of the Towson Library Dorothy Fraquelli, President 320 York Road Towson, MD 21204 Marta Mills, Newsletter Editor Mission: To increase and improve the services, facilities and resources of the Towson Library.