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Marta kulczycka

Pomoc dla dzieci w nauce języka angielskiego. Jest to prezentacja nawigacyjna.

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Marta kulczycka

  1. 1. Click on North America
  2. 2. VERY GOOD!
  4. 4. Click on The United States ofAmerica
  5. 5. VERY GOOD!
  7. 7. Welcome toUnited Statesof America!You’ve succesfullyfound U.S.A.CONGRATULATIONS!Find on map redstar. This is NewYork, the largestcity in U.S.A and11th largest city inthe world.Today you willhave a trip to NewYork.Enjoy!EXPLORE NEW YORK CITY
  8. 8. Choose a topicStatue of Liberty- See animals ingift from France Bronx ZooCome to see Check difficultairports in New York vocabularyCity
  9. 9. AIRPORTWelcome to New York! There are threemajor airports in New York: JFK, NewarkLiberty and LaGuardia.
  10. 10. The plane lands in New York. There are manysigns. Where do you go first? Put thes signs inorder. Then check your anwers.PassportcontrolBaggageclaimExit
  11. 11. You are leaving New York. Look at lis ofdepartures. Answer the questionsDEPARTURESDESTINATION FLIGHT TIME GATE STATUSBOSTON 210 2:48 PM 12 DelayedCHICAGO 445 3:15 PM 22 BoardingSEATTLE 56 3:45 PM 19 CancelledLOS ANGELES 13 4:10 PM 8 On time1) You need to go to Chicago. Where do you go?Exit Gate 445 Customs Gates 15- 302) Your friend go to Seattle. What is the flight status?On time Cancelled Boarding Delayed3) There is a flight leaving at ten past four. Where is it going?Boston Chicago Seattle Los Angeles
  12. 12. The Statue of Liberty!The Statue of Liberty is asymbol of New York Cityand America. „LadyLiberty” was a gift to theUnited States fromFrance. President GloverCleaveland dedicated thestatue in 1886.
  13. 13. Statue StatisticsThe statue of Liberty index fingeris 2.44 metres long! She stands92.99 metres tall, from the groundto the top of the torch. Her noseis 1.37 metres long and her mouthis 3.91 wide. The statue contains28.120 kilograms of copper and113.400 kilograms of steel! Nearlysix milion people visit the Statueof Liberty. The Statue is onLiberty Island in New YorkHarbor. Is it open every day from9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Visitors take aferry from Manhattan to arrive atLiberty Island. The ferry costs10$.Anwser the questions:1) Which is longer : the statue’snose or her index finger?The is longer than the.2) How much copper is in the Statueof Liberty?There are kilograms ofcopper in Statue of Liberty3) The Statue of Liberty is on islandTrue False4) What is ferry?Indexfingernose28 120
  14. 14. The Bronx ZooThe Bronx Zoo is located in Bronx, a bouroughof New York City north of Manhattan. It is oneof the mos famous zoos in the world and have4000 animals!You will need a whole day to see everything.You can walk in african rainforest or watch theanimal keepers feed fresh fish to the seals andpenguins. If you’re afraid of the dark don’t goto the World of Darkness. It’s very dark andfull of flying foxes and bats!
  15. 15. SoundsRead the sentences and look at pictures. Click onpictures to hear sound. Use the words tocomplete sentences.He’s very loud! That’s funny! When he’s angry,It She helike a . like a . like a ..roars hissessnake laughshiena lion
  16. 16. Patterns and colours.Match words „spots” and „stripes” withpictures.stripes Spots Spots stripes
  17. 17. VocabularySign- znakdepartures- odlotyTo board- lądowaćIndex finger- palec wskazujący
  18. 18. Steel- stalRainforest- las tropikalny/dżunglaSeal- foka

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Pomoc dla dzieci w nauce języka angielskiego. Jest to prezentacja nawigacyjna.


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