Warm up


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Warm up

  1. 1. WARM UPBy: Marta Calero de Ory
  2. 2. What are the benefits of a warm up? When you warm up you increase speed of contraction and relaction of warmed muscles. It facilitate oxygen utilization by warmed muscles. It increase blood flow through active tissues as local vascular beds dilate, increasing metabolism and muscle temperatures. It allows the heart rate get to a workable rate for beginning exercise. And it’s a mentally focused on the training or competition.
  3. 3. What’s a warm up? A warm up it’s a group of exercises that you do before doing an activity. When you warm up you do a joint mobility exercise, you strech and then you are prepare to do you’re activity.
  4. 4. Parts of a warm up: Join movility Activation Games
  5. 5. Join movility Rotate ankles
  6. 6. Join movility Rotate knees
  7. 7. Join movility Move you’re legs to one side to the other
  8. 8. Join movility Rotate hips
  9. 9. Join movility Rotate shoulders
  10. 10. Join movility Move you’re shoulders like if you were swimming
  11. 11. Join movility Move you’re elbows
  12. 12. Join movility Rotate wrist
  13. 13. Join movility Move your neck slowly side to side
  14. 14. Activation We do the activation to avoid injures, and improve results. Doing the activation we can do differents activities, but always running.
  15. 15. Activation We can run in different ways. Running backwards, touching our bottom with the legs, jumping, looking side to side, very fast...
  16. 16. Games To finish the warm up we can do some games. The games have to be running all the time because our body temperature has to continuous been high.
  17. 17. Games One example of a game, is one called “el gavilan” Everybody must be on one part of the court, except one that is called “Gavilan” The Gavilan has to be on one line on the middle of the court, and when he wants he says “Gavilan” and everyone has to go to the other part of the court. But the Gavilan has to catch the people when they pass through the line. When the Gavilan catches someone, this person is going to be the Gavilan too. The game ends when everyone is the Gavilan.
  18. 18. The end