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Social issues


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Social issues

  1. 1. SOCIAL ISSUES Marta Rosales Fernández
  2. 2. TEENAGE PREGNANCIES• I think that teenage pregnancies are a more and more serious problem for society because a lot of girls abandon their studies to look after children. Nowadays, there are a lot of contraceptives to prevent teenage.
  3. 3. ABUSE DRUGS• In my opinion, to be on drugs is a problem for a lot of youths. Drugs are a very hard addiction when a lot of people are hooked. People consume soft drugs and hard drugs. Drugs also is a problem for the families.
  4. 4. RACISM• In my opinion, in society there are different social classes and different people but all have to respect because all are people.
  5. 5. GAY COMUNITATIONI think that, the situation has improved moreand more. People respect and the society isimproving.
  6. 6. HOMELESSI think that in the world a lot of people haven’t ahouse and they live in the street. For a manyfamilies is a concern and is very hard. A lot ofpeople don’t survive on the street.
  7. 7. English1r Batxillerat B