Utilities/Monitoring   Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, Snort, Tripwire, PartImage, other HIDS and NIDS
Media Software         Sony Ve...
•   Managed data center and office IT operations for 24/7 website and business
    •   Created Systems baseline and scalab...
Technical Environment: Gentoo, Trustix, Redhat Linux; Resin, Java, heavy encryption technologies
including custom encrypti...
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Walden Recruiting Sample Resume Makeover Cc License No Derivs


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Sample resume makeover done by Marsh Sutherland of Walden Recruiting http://waldenrecruiting.com

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Walden Recruiting Sample Resume Makeover Cc License No Derivs

  1. 1. WALDEN RECRUITINGSM SAMPLE RESUME Address Town, MA Zip CANDIDATE NAME email@email.com mobile: XXX-XXX-XXXX Target Job Title Dynamic technologist with an 18-year history of leading technology organizations through start-up and aggressive growth phases, with an entrepreneurial, hands-on approach to both leadership and technology, possessing excellent problem solving skills and operating effectively in high pressure environments. Leadership Achievements Increased site-wide scalability and performance driving a 400% increase in subscription revenues and doubling the total number of site members while increasing session time and page views through usage-driven optimization to become the 2nd ‘stickiest’ Web site in the world Negotiated and implemented crucial outsource relationships with Doubleclick and SilverPOP providing a platform for the sales team to increase sales volume by 200% - translating to an increase of 15% revenue to the company’s bottom line Created and managed the High Availability Initiative and the Scalability Initiative for the systems and networking platform to scale to 10 million users which improved availability from 85% to 99.9% and expanded usage capacity by over 300% utilizing only 10% more capital budget Drove a micro-payments company through the highest level of PCI Credit Card security audit with 100% compliance in aggressive 60 day window (20% of the average time usually taken by payment processing companies) using only existing staff and maintaining existing development imperatives Original discoverer and analyst leading to the apprehension of the ‘hacker’ group responsible for the LexisNexis ID thefts, remained liaison to the Secret Service Led developers to improve the performance of a predictive price modeling system, saving $750,000 in additional hardware costs Areas of Expertise • Web Software Architecture • Budget Management • Scalable Systems and Network Design • Data Center Management • Systems Development • Infrastructure Design & Implementation • Organizational Development • Software Development • Process Improvement & Best Practices • Project Management • Business Intelligence • Product Management • Strategic & Business Planning • Business Analysis • Contract Negotiations & Management Technical Skills Languages Python, Perl, Java, PHP, Bash, XML, HTML Daemons/Services Apache, Zend Server, BIND, djbdns, Sendmail, Postfix, Resin, JBoss, WebLogic, SSH, Sphinx Search, IIS, Exchange Databases: MySQL, Oracle 8 & 9i Operating Systems Linux (Redhat, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian, Trustix), Solaris, Macintosh OS X, Windows NT/2000/XP Dev Platforms: Eclipse, ©2009 – 2010 Walden Recruiting™. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Utilities/Monitoring Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, Snort, Tripwire, PartImage, other HIDS and NIDS Media Software Sony Vegas, Premiere and Avid video editing suites, Cubase, Logic audio recording software, Photoshop, Quark DTP applications. Security Products OpenSSL, SSH, Cisco Pix Firewalls, NESSUS, SAINT and many other common security packages for Unix/Linux/*BSD, 2 factor authentication devices Networking Ethernet, TCP/IP, Cisco, Dell, 3Com routers, hubs, switches and firewalls Professional Experience Employer Name, Cambridge MA 2005 – 2009 Description of the company and what you did in your role with high level accomplishments. During my tenure the company was in the “fun” business phase and poised for rapid growth. Personal responsibility description… was hired to implement industry best practices within the Technology department and build a technology infrastructure to keep up with the company’s needs. This led to spearheading a complete overhaul of the company’s Technology infrastructure from soup to nuts, educating the management team and getting buy-in from all departments. Chief Technology Officer 2006 – 2009 Application Design: • New platform created in SOA fashion to allow rapid application “mash-up” approach to new businesses. • Completely re-written code using latest LAMP stack - MySQL 5.x, PHP 5, etc. • Redesign of all critical application parts theoretically allowing for up to 10x the scale. • New architecture also allows for multiple geographically diverse datacenters. • Designed application from business and technical side, working alongside software architect. • Massive user migration of 4 million profiles including all profile, personal mail and billing information. • Full internationalization project on the new platform, implementation of global location model including GIS information. Business Management: • Tech team grown from 3 -> 22 staff. • Educated the business and created: QA, Database team (architecture and administration), Data analysis and reporting, project management and SDLC. • Implemented change control, bug triage, specification definition, technical documentation, internationalization, data warehousing / analysis, creation of product management group. • Formulated company’s business strategy and was the architect of a company re-organization with the creation of an executive team, and turn-over of the then-current senior management team • Collaborated with the CEO and owners to evaluate and hire new CMO and CFO roles • Managed $6 million budget for all technology needs company-wide • Planned and recruited Data Analysis group, optimizing the company’s data reporting structure and, alongside the CMO, educated the business on the value of using KPIs to influence decision making company-wide Metrics: • Application scaled from 5500 concurrent to 65,000 concurrent over 3 years; 40 minute session time average, 120 page views per visit. • Increases came from new network architecture, efficient systems design and configuration, refactoring PHP code. • Server count: 13 linux boxes (8 web, 5 database) to over 200 servers. • Project managed hundreds of releases and upgrades over a 4 year period including two data center moves, one office move, 3 major releases and over 50 point releases. Manager of Systems Engineering 2005 – 2006 ©2009 – 2010 Walden Recruiting™. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. • Managed data center and office IT operations for 24/7 website and business • Created Systems baseline and scalable, secure network architecture • Implemented rudimentary build and release process, stood up QA and Development environments and software development workflows • Automated multiple maintenance processes to ensure system stability and integrity • Supervisory role with 6 direct reports across Systems and Help Desk/IT • Evaluated technology resource needs and presented findings to Senior Management and company owners leading to the creation of QA and Database teams • Created initial baselines and procedures for Database and QA teams • Provided senior management team education on many diverse subjects including product development lifecycle, software development best practices, corporate security models, quality assurance standards • Spearheaded customer communications policy regarding technology issues, working alongside Customer Service. The implemented policy cut customer complaints related to service outages by 80% • Managed company’s CISP/PCI credit card security compliance project • Developed back-up and data-retention strategies • Implemented log analysis for marketing reporting • Acting Director of Technology when the role was vacated for 3 month period, managing day to day operations, setting schedules, taking a lead role in product development and setting department with 15 direct reports Other Info: Promoted 4 times, received 6 performance based raises, 3 spot bonuses. In 4 years doubled salary and earned another year’s worth in performance bonuses due to extreme work effort and milestone achieving results. Technical Environment: MySQL 4 and 5. PHP 4 and 5, Apache 2, RedHat Linux, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Foundry and Cisco network switches, Foundry load balancers, Cisco firewalls, EMC and Dell storage arrays, DNS, Sendmail, Postfix, NFS, Bash, Perl , Python, Resin, Java, Zend Server/Platform, Sharepoint, Exchange, Active Directory, various SAN technologies, Java, standard LAMP stack, Ruby, GIS software, Sphinx search engine. Former Employer, Waltham MA 2003 – 2005 Company description… used heavy encryption techniques and probability based mathematics to aggregate high volume low cost sales, in effect cutting transaction costs by 90% on items with a unit cost under a couple of dollars. Pesonal responsibilities description… to own the systems, production and development networks and provide level 3 technical support to staff. Owned responsibility for all servers and technology, created development and QA platforms and networks for the engineering team and managed day to day operations. Systems Architect/Manager (Senior Systems Engineer) • Designed systems architecture, very heavily focused on performance/scalability and security requiring multiple secured zones at the systems, network and application layer. • Took company through the highest level CISP security-audit successfully, completing the requirements in less than 60 days (20% of the average time usually taken by payment processing companies). Personally commended by the auditing firm for the security architecture • Developed and maintained 3 production networks, providing high volume payments system to customers using Redhat Enterprise Linux, Gentoo and Trustix Linux • Configured and maintained Apache, OpenSSL, JBoss, Resin, MySQL and Oracle to build high transaction, secure web-application environment. • Configured and administrated Pix firewalls, Cisco and Dell switches and Coyote Point Load- balancing devices ©2009 – 2010 Walden Recruiting™. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Technical Environment: Gentoo, Trustix, Redhat Linux; Resin, Java, heavy encryption technologies including custom encryption hardware, lots of RSA based software (The R in RSA is Rivest), Cisco firewalls and switches, Coyote point load balancers. Consultant 2002 – 2003 Provided consulting services to clients in the technology and hospitality industries, providing systems and network architecture, including Starwood Hotels and Resorts. • Worked with developers to improve the performance of a predictive price modeling system, saving $750,000 in additional hardware costs • Maintained 20 NT servers and a Sun e10k server running Oracle 8i • Optimized utility scripts for use by business analysts to interact with modeling system Education • Attended Bournemouth and Poole College in Music Performance and Composition 1990 - 1991 • 5-Day Agile Project Management course from ASPE 2007 • Java Programming for Non-Developers from Sun Microsystems 2000 • BEA WebLogic Administration course from BEA 2002 Affiliations • Co-founder, Anonymous networking group • Member, Anonymous networking group Personal Interests and Hobbies USPA A-Licensed Skydiver 2004 – Present • USPA member with over 50 jumps Competitive Cowboy Action Shooter 2005 – Present Professional Wrestler and Manager 2003 – 2005 • Editor for weekly internet television shows, shooting and editing multiple camera shoots, creating interview segments, music videos, bumpers, commercials and live action using Sony Vegas, Logic Audio and Photoshop • Creator/Producer for NECW Wrestling television, the first weekly independent wrestling internet show watched in over 120 countries with more than 10,000 viewers. • Recognized as New England Manager of the year 2004 and 2005 by the New England Independent website • Graduate of Killer Kowalski’s School of Professional Wrestling 2002 • Co-founder of Eastern Pro Wrestling, organized and planned bi-weekly shows throughout RI and MA 2005 Musician 1989 – Present • Studied guitar for 20 years, playing in bands in Europe and in the US. • Most recently played for 3 years with Bayou Gator blues band and now in an untitled Rock band. • Have a home studio and have written music commercially and for TV, short films and on spec. • Owned my own music store at 18 selling instruments. ©2009 – 2010 Walden Recruiting™. All rights reserved.