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2011 GMC Yukon For Sale In Marshfield WI | Wheelers Automotive


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2011 GMC Yukon brochure provided by Wheelers Automotive in Marshfield, WI. Find the 2011 GMC Yukon for sale in Wisconsin. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (715) 502-4350.

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2011 GMC Yukon For Sale In Marshfield WI | Wheelers Automotive

  1. 1. 2011 yUKON 2011 GMC yukon Wheelers Automotive 2701 S Maple Ave Marshfield, WI 54449 (715) 502-4350
  4. 4. POWERTRAIN CONTROLLERHyBRID TECHNOLOGyTHE MOST SCIENCE IN ITS CLASS. V A R I A B L E V A LV E TIMING (VVT)yukon Hybrid is the first full-size SUV to offer two-mode hybrid drive. Together with yukon Denali Hybrid, To give you maximumthey use the breakthrough technology of the Power Control Management System that seamlessly power over the widesttransitions between fuel and electric power. The result is a 33 percent improvement in EPA-estimated range of engine speeds,fuel economy during city driving over the non-hybrid model. Just as impressive is the 6200-lb 1 VVT changes the engine’strailering capacity, along with undiminished interior cargo volume and passenger seating capacity. 2 performance profile to match the driving situa-FIGURE 1: THE FIRST FULL-SIzE HyBRID SUV tion. In city driving, VVT gives you a smooth idle and quick response at low speeds. On the open road, VVT changes your engine to a bold, high- performance V-8 with horsepower to spare.At low speeds and light loads, yukon Hybrid can reduce fuel consumption by shutting off the engineand operating on electric power alone. It can also run on engine power alone, or a combination of both N i M H B AT T E R y P O W E Rgas and electric. In the city, this technology offers an EPA-estimated 20 mpg, the best in its class.3 yukon Hybrid packs a lot of power in a small space, thanks to its 300- volt Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack. ItsWith the advanced technology of Active Fuel Management (see below) at highway speeds, yukon can technology stores poweruse its 6.0L V-8 VVT engine in either V-4 or V-8 operation—sometimes with an extra boost of electric so efficiently that thepower—as conditions warrant. Full V-8 power is available for trailer towing, passing or pulling on a complete battery packlong, steep grade. In other words, you have all the power you need, when you need it, while still main- fits under the second-rowtaining excellent fuel economy—an EPA-estimated 23 mpg on the highway. seat between the strong steel frame rails, leavingR E G E N E R AT I V E B R A K I N G your passenger and cargoDuring normal stops, regenerative braking uses the motors in the hybrid transmission as generators volume decelerate the vehicle by applying resistance in the motors rather than brake friction. At the sametime, the motors are capturing that energy as electricity in the 300-volt battery pack, electricity EPA-estimated city mpg—Yukon Hybrid 1 20 compared to 15 non-Hybrid Yukonthat is available for the next acceleration cycle. with standard 5.3L V-8. 2Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculatedACTIVE FUEL MANAGEMENT (AFM) assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating,In situations where extra power isn’t needed, such as cruising at highway speeds, AFM deactivates plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo willfour of the eight cylinders to become a V-4. For passing, trailering or hilly terrain, pressing the reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your GMC dealer foraccelerator can reactivate all eight cylinders in milliseconds. For even greater power when necessary, additional details. 3Based on 2010 GMthe electric drive system can automatically engage for extra torque. Large Utility segment. 6 . 0 L V- 8 V V T W I T H A C T I V E FUEL MANAGEMENT (AFM)2
  6. 6. V O RT E C V- 8 P O W E R / 6 - S P E E D A U T O ENGINEERED TO EXCEL. 6 - S P E E D A U T O M AT I C All 5.3L and 6.2L yukon The Vortec V-8 engine family is designed to deliver power without compromise. Each engine uses models are equipped with premium materials and advanced technology that give you impressive overall refinement and a 6-speed automatic trans- efficiency.1 In fact, when yukon is equipped with the 5.3L V-8 VVT, it offers an EPA-estimated mission engineered to ex- highway mpg rating of 21, better than any competitor in its class.2 tract optimum performance FIGURE 2: POWER WITHOUT SACRIFICE TO ECONOMy from the Vortec engine. Standard with all 6-speed automatics is Driver Shift Control (DSC), which lets you manually shift gears to suit driving conditions. Shift to the “M” position and DSC will also allow you At 403 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque, the Vortec 6.2L V-8 VVT engine that is standard in yukon to shift gears up and down Denali and yukon XL Denali offers the most horsepower and torque in its class. Thanks to this with the +/- tap shift selec- engine’s uncompromised engineering, its bold acceleration and passing capability are also matched tor. All yukon models also with a smooth idle and progressive low-speed response rarely found in V-8s of similar performance. feature Tow/Haul mode and automatic Grade Braking O N S TA R V E H I C L E D I A G N O S T I C S ( O V D ) (see page 14 for details). To keep your engine performing at its best, you can monitor its operation and many of your yukon’s other vital functions with OnStar3 Vehicle Diagnostics (OVD). With OVD, your vehicle can run E85 FLEXFUEL through a series of checks for your engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, then e-mail C A PA B I L I T y you a summary of the results every month. If you choose, you can press the OnStar button and To reduce emissions and ask your Advisor to perform a complete system check as you drive. give you more choices when you fill up, all yukon mod- F I G U R E 3 : R E S P O N S E AT A N y S P E E D els except yukon ¾-ton, yukon Hybrid and yukon Denali Hybrid are FlexFuel capable. This means they can use E85 ethanol,4 a blend of 85 percent ethanol produced from mostly do- mestic renewable resources, and 15 percent regular unleaded gasoline. E85’s To give you immediate acceleration with strong reserve response at almost any speed, the standard high-octane rating can also Vortec 5.3L V-8 VVT with Active Fuel Management (AFM) is tuned to deliver its power across a wide help improve your engine RPM range. This engine also offers the best highway fuel economy of any conventional gas V-8 in performance, increasing its class, an EPA-estimated 21 mpg hwy. both power and torque.1 EPA-estimated city/hwy mpg: Yukon with Vortec 5.3L V-8, 15/21; Yukon XL with Vortec 5.3L V-8, 15/21; Yukon Hybrid with Vortec 6.0L V-8, 20/23; Yukon Denali with Vortec 6.2L V-8, 14/18. 2Based on 2010 GM Large Utility segment. 3Visit for details and system limitations. 4E85 is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Visit /e85 to see if there is an E85 station near you. vorteC 5.3L V-8 VVT ENGINE 4
  8. 8. yUKON DENALI INTERIORTHE INSIDE CONNECTION. T R I - z O N E C L I M AT E C O N T R O L yukon takes an uncompromisedIn a world that is increasingly defined by communication technology, staying approach to individual comfort.connected is vital to everything you do. To this goal, yukon Denali is Tri-zone climate control isengineered to keep you safely in touch, informed and on the right path to standard in all models to giveyour destination. the driver, front-seat passengerFIGURE 4: BOSE® CENTERPOINT® SURROUND SOUND SySTEM and second-row occupants the option of their own individual temperature adjustments. HELP WHEN yOU NEED IT Every yukon has a six-month trial subscription to OnStar5 Directions & Connections plan, which includes Turn-By-Turn Navigation. Just push the OnStar button to tell the Advisor where you wantFor a surround-sound experience from stereo CD recordings, just press play. to go, and turn-by-turn directionsThe Denali’s standard 10-speaker Bose Centerpoint surround sound system are downloaded to your vehicle.uses digital amplification to make music sound full, detailed and free of OnStar eNav lets you plan desti-distortion. SurroundStage™ signal processing circuitry puts you in the center nations on andof the performance, while Bose AudioPilot® noise-compensation technology Google Maps® and store them in TMcontinuously monitors ambient cabin noise and adjusts continually to hold your vehicle so you can call themthe sound at a consistent level without resetting the volume controls. up with a simple voice command. OnStar Destination Download letsS T A N D A R D O N D E N A L I : D V D T O U C H - S C R E E N N A V I G AT I O N you contact your Advisor andThe DVD-based Touch-Screen Navigation System1 combines superb audio then download directions toperformance with mapping capabilities from a variety of sources. Featuring a your screen-based navigation6.5-inch diagonal display with touch-screen control, it allows you to choose system. OnStar can even use GPSeither 2-D or 3-D views. This advanced system can also incorporate driving technology to locate your vehicledirections from OnStar Directions & Connections. Included with the system if you report it stolen, and helpis a 3-month trial subscription to XM NavTraffic (3 years standard on yukon police recover it quickly.5Hybrid and yukon Denali Hybrid).2 Map coverage for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands avail- 1CONNECT WITH BLUETOOTH® AND USB able on separate disc. Coverage not available for portions of Canada. 2Required XM Radio and XM NavTrafficyukon makes it easy to stay in the touch thanks to built-in Bluetooth technol- monthly subscriptions sold separately by XM after the trialogy. Simply activate your Bluetooth-enabled phone, and you can synchronize period. XM NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit 3Goits functions with the vehicle’s built-in hands-free calling system.3 you can to to find out which Bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 4Not compatible with allalso monitor and operate MP3 music players with the audio system controls devices. 5Go to for coverage maps, detailsby using the built-in USB connection.4 and system limitations. Services vary with conditions.6
  9. 9. yuKon interior/FleXibility FiGure 5: 12- anD 10 - w a y p o w e r s e at i n G easy to enjoy. comfortable to use. yukon is designed to give you impressive space and easy access to help you use it. with easily configured luxury seating, beautifully crafted touches and premium-quality materials, yukon’s interior combines atten- 12 - w a y tion to detail with a practical, organized layout that makes it a refined traveling companion for your busy life. s e at i n G c o n F i G u r at i o n s standard on yukon Denali are perforated leather-appointed seating surfaces for the first and second rows. shown at left is the Denali’s standard seven- passenger seating configuration, with full-feature front buckets and luxurious second-row captain’s chairs. For added capacity, a three-passenger second row is available to bring total seating capacity to eight passengers. 10 - w a y FiGure 6: easy thirD-row access all yukon Denali models come standard with leather- appointed 12-way power heated and cooled front bucket seats, featuring per- using the extra passenger capacity of the third-row seating is easy, thanks forated inserts that circulate to a Gm-exclusive power fold-and-tumble second-row seat. this feature is cooled air between you and available for second-row captain’s chairs or the available three-passenger the seating surface in warm second-row bench seat. each seat automatically unlatches, folds and weather. on all slt models, tumbles out of the way with an easy one-hand operation. in addition to the standard leather-appointed 10-way D v D r e a r - s e at e n t e r t a i n m e n t s y s t e m power heated front bucket the available DvD rear-seat entertainment system features an 8-inch seats, 10-way power heated diagonal lcD screen that drops down from the headliner behind the front- and cooled seats are also row passengers for a vibrant picture. in yukon Xl and yukon Xl Denali available for added comfort. models, an optional second screen can bring third-row passengers closer to (ten-way power seats are not the action. this system is also designed to be compatible with most video available on yukon hybrid.) gaming systems for long-distance entertainment.yukon denali ebony interior shown with available equipment
  10. 10. yuKon FleXibility anD Functionality the capacity for change. life has many dimensions. so does Gmc yukon. From the spacious yukon, to yukon Xl that offers the most cargo room of any suv, their most impressive feature is their flexibility. they are engineered to anticipate your changing demands and accommodate whatever combination of cargo and passengers the situation demands or you desire. F i G u r e 7 : s pa c e F o r e v e ry t h i n G yukon and yukon Xl can open up a number of possibilities for you and your passengers. by folding all the seats behind the driver’s row, you can access class-leading cargo capacity that rises to 108.9 cu. ft. for yukon and 137.4 cu. ft. for yukon Xl,1 unmatched by any competitor. F i G u r e 8 : s e v e n , e i G h t o r n i n e pa s s e n G e r s yukon Denali models feature standard second-row captain’s chairs to accommo- date up to seven passengers. For eight-passenger seating, a 60/40 second-row split-folding bench seat is standard in sle and slt models, and available in Denali. For nine-passenger capacity, sle models are standard with a 40/20/40 front bench seat. s ta rt s w i t h a t o u c h before you leave, your yukon can be ready to go. with the remote start feature, one touch of your electronic key fob can start the engine and begin heating or cooling your cabin. it’s standard on Denali, slt models and all hybrids, and available on sle models. F i G u r e 9 : p o w e r l i F t G at e in addition to its impressive passenger and cargo capacity, yukon is also easy to load. with the available power liftgate, you can open and close it with the touch of a button. it’s great for those times when you need another hand. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 1yukon xl slt ebony interior shown with available equipment
  11. 11. riDe anD hanDlinGevery response is carefully refined. FiGure 10: eXtra braKinG a s s i s ta n c eyukon’s poise shows the moment you take it on the road.with its strong frame and rigid body structure, it can easilysoak up and shake off the jolts and bumps. with advancedsafety and ride technology, it offers you the confidence tomatch its capabilities.tuneD For a quality riDeFor a smooth, stable ride under a variety of conditions, theyukon is engineered with coil-over-shock front and five-linkcoil spring rear suspensions. premium smooth ride tuningkeeps road harshness out while preserving responsive han-dling under both light-load and heavy-load conditions.real-time controlthe autoride real-time damping system is engineered toeliminate the compromise between a smooth ride andprecise control. it is standard in yukon Denali and yukonXl Denali and available on slt models. this system variesshock absorber settings in real time to respond to changingdriving conditions.u lt r a - l u X u r y r i D ethe yukon Denali hybrid features the remarkable capabilityof magnetic ride control. its sensors monitor and measure the large, high-capacityroad surface up to 1000 times per second, instantly adjusting four-wheel disc brakesfor maximum comfort and control. the result is premium ride with abs are engi-smoothness without sacrifice to Denali hybrid’s agility. neered into every yukon model fort h e c o n t r o l o F s ta b i l i t r a K confident stops, timestabilitrak helps to heighten your safety on most road after time. For extraconditions, even during emergency maneuvers. the system assistance, the systemuses sensors that feed real-time data on the position of offers brake assist thatyour steering wheel, brake pressure, lateral acceleration can sense a suddenand turning rate to an onboard computer. if your yukon stop and apply full-is not responding adequately to your steering input, the pedal pressure to helpcomputer adjusts engine torque and/or brake pressure to stop or slow your yukonany individual wheel to help you stay on track. stabilitrak as quickly as possiblecan also help to mitigate the chance of a rollover. for the conditions.12
  12. 12. yukon xl denali in onyx black shown with available equipment
  13. 13. yukon traileringTHE TRAILERING LEADER. F i g u r e 12: e at o n ® l o c k i n g rear DiFFerentialthe challenges of real life bring out the best in yukon. For work, recreationor somewhere in between, we went beyond the sheer capacity to not only helpyou shoulder the load but to enjoy the experience. From the confident powerof the vortec engine family to the advanced stability control systems, yukonis engineered from the ground up for trailering, ready for any challenge andcomfortable in any situation. For greater traction on poor orF i g u r e 1 1 : m a x i m u m t r a i l e r i n g c a pa c i t y 1 uneven road surfaces, yukon is equipped with the fully automatic eaton locking rear Differential. when it senses one wheel slipping more than another, it lockswith available seating for up to nine or best-in-class 137.4 cu. ft. of cargo both to turn at the samevolume,2 yukon xl is the choice for maximum passenger and cargo capacity. speed for extra traction. nothe yukon xl features a ¾-ton model not offered by any competitor. this other competitor in its classprovides a trailer weight rating of 9600 lbs1 and a best-in-class maximum offers this type of traction-payload of up to 2454 lbs.3 enhancing technology.extra control For traileringbecause using yukon’s capacity shouldn’t test your limits, the 6-speed automatic Figure 13:has two standard assists. First is the tow/haul mode, which works to reduce s e e w h at ’ s b e h i n D y o uexcess shifting when towing or carrying a heavy load. it also automaticallyengages the second feature, called grade braking. this changes the timing of gearshifts to use the engine and the transmission to slow the vehicle, to reduce demandon the brakes and help to produce confident descents.i n t e g r at e D t r a i l e r b r a k e c o n t r o l l e r yukon’s available rearviewno other competitor offers the confidence of yukon’s available trailer brake camera system includes acontroller. it is completely integrated with the yukon’s electrical and abs built-in camera mounted nearsystems, allowing your trailer brakes to operate simultaneously with your the license plate. when youvehicle brakes. to suit changing conditions, this system also allows you to shift into reverse, the imageadjust the trailer brake force (or “gain”) from the controller switch located is displayed in your rear-on your lower left instrument panel. view mirror or the available 6.5-inch nav screen, just1 Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the thing for backing up to a the rating, plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your GMC dealer for more information. 2Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and trailer or negotiating a tight distribution. 3Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment and cargo. parking situation.14
  14. 14. yukon xl ¾ -ton slt in pure silver metallic shown with available equipment
  15. 15. yukon slt in pure silver metallic shown with available equipment
  16. 16. yukon security anD saFetyCONFIDENCE COMES FROM WITHIN. a u t o m at i c c r a s h response3From your first drive, you can tell yukon is solidly in your corner. it is engineered now, you can get the helpwith multiple safety features that help you before, during and, thanks to you need even if you can’tonstar, even after a collision. yukon’s active safety systems help you avoid ask for it. in the event oftrouble, while its passive systems protect you if a crash occurs. it all works a crash, sensors aroundtogether to give you the security you need to use its capabilities to the fullest. your vehicle can auto- matically send an alert to onstar. an onstar advisorsiDe blinD Zone alert is immediately connected to your vehicle to see ifin addition to standard safety systems such as stabilitrak and antilock brakes, you need help. if you areyukon is available with side blind Zone alert (sbZa). it uses alternating unable to respond, theradar beams to sweep adjacent traffic lanes, covering a zone approximately advisor will use gps tech-one lane over from each side of the vehicle.1 a dedicated amber icon next nology to pinpoint yourto the outside rearview mirror’s turn-signal display lights up any time there exact location to directis a vehicle in the blind spot and flashes if you activate the turn signal. emergency help — even in areas of limited cellularFigure 14: yukon air bag Deployment2 reception. the advisor canyukon is engineered with dual-stage front air bags that feature the passenger also relay critical crashsensing system. the system uses a sensor within the front passenger seat information to emergencyto detect the weight and position of an occupant. Depending on its readings, responders, such as theit can automatically deactivate the air bag, or choose the proper low- or severity and type of crash,high-level deployment to help reduce the risk of air-bag-induced injury. so the responders are bet- ter equipped to treat you at the scene. Before making a lane change, always check 1 the SBZA display. Check the side and inside rear mirrors, look over your shoulder for vehicles and hazards and start the turn signal. 2Air bag inflation can cause severe injury or death to anyone too close to the air bag when it deploys. Always use safety belts and the correct restraint for your child’s ageto help protect you in a rollover or side-impact crash, yukon has head curtain and size. Even in vehicles equipped withside-impact air bags with rollover protection. they function like a protective the Passenger Sensing System, children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat incurtain, unfolding from the roof rail on each side. activated by side-impact the appropriate infant, child or booster seat.and rollover sensors, each curtain includes air bag sections for all outboard Never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with apassengers. all models except yukon hybrid (but including the yukon Denali passenger air bag. See the Owner’s Manualhybrid) also include side-impact air bags to provide thorax (chest) and pelvic and child safety seat instructions for more safety information. 3Visit for(hip) protection for both the driver and front seat passenger. details and system limitations.18
  17. 17. Standard and available FeatureS / yukon Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid denali denali denali denali denali denali Sle Sle Sle Slt Slt SltTrim LeveLs Trim LeveLs Autoride suspension Package. Bi-state variable — A s — — Slt CHrome PaCkage includes chrome door — A — — — meCHaniCal shock dampening and rear air-assisted load-leveling, handles, chrome mirror caps, polished exhaustalternator 160-amp. requires snow Plow Prep s s s — — includes automatic air-level control. Not available on tips, chrome recovery hooks, chrome grille, out-Package on ¾-ton XL models. ¾-ton models. side heated power-adjustable, power-folding and driver-side auto-dimming body-color mirrors145-amp, ¾-ton XL models s s — — — Z71 Off-road suspension Package. Available A A — — — and 20" polished aluminum wheels. Not availablebattery Heavy-duty maintenance-free with — — — s s only on Yukon sLe and sLT 4WD and ½ -ton XL with Off-road suspension Package.730 cold-cranking amps and rundown protection 4WD models. includes skid Plate Package, P265 / Slt-2 equiPment PaCkage includes 10-way power — A — — — 70r17 on- /off-road, blackwall tires and high-battery PaCk 300-volt hybrid, located under — — — s s leather-appointed heated front bucket seats, heated capacity air cleaner on all models. Not availablesecond-row seat cushion second-row seats, second-row power seat release, with sLT Chrome Package. rear power liftgate and outside heated power-adjust-brakeS 4-wheel Antilock Brake system (ABs), s s s s s tranSmiSSion 6-speed automatic, heavy-duty, s s s — — able, power-folding mirrors and memory feature4-wheel disc electronically controlled with overdrive, Tow/Haul Snow Plow PreP PaCkage includes instrument A A — — —drivetrain 2WD s s s s s mode and tap up/tap down shifting panel switch, roof beacon wiring, forward lamp4WD. single-speed active transfer case s s — — — 2-mode strong hybrid automatic electronic with — — — s s wiring and torsion bar (¾-ton XL models only)4WD. Active 2-speed transfer case with rotary A A — s s Tow/Haul mode built in to the software Sun, entertainment & deStination PaCkage — A A — —controls. included with Heavy-Duty Trailering traileringTrailer Brake Controller, integrated. A A A — — includes power sunroof, inside rearview auto-Package. On sLe and sLT, requires Heavy-Duty Trailering dimming mirror, audio system with rear-seatAll-Wheel Drive (AWD). electronic automatic — — A — — Package. entertainment and navigation and rear-seat DvDsystem; includes AWD transfer case. Trailering equipment. includes hitch platform s s s s s entertainment system. On sLT models, notengineS vortec 5.3L v-8 vvT FlexFuel with s s — — — with 2" trailering receiver and 7-wire harness available with Am/Fm stereo with CD player andActive Fuel management (AFm), e85 capable with independent fused trailering circuits mated mP3 playback, audio system with rear-seat enter- to a 7-way sealed connector. tainment or audio system with navigation. Onvortec 6.0L v-8 vvT Hybrid with AFm — — — s s sLe models, not available with the audio systemvortec 6.0L v-8 vvT, requires ¾-ton models s s — — — PaCkageS with navigation.vortec 6.2L v-8 vvT with AFm, e85 capable — — s — — texaS edition includes regional value Package — A — — — ConvenienCe PaCkage includes power-adjustable A — — — — A A A — — features plus Texas edition badgeengine bloCk Heater pedals, remote vehicle start, rear Parking Assist,external engine oil Cooler Heavy-duty A A s — — inside rearview mirror with rear camera display Seatingair-to-oil, integral to radiator. requires Heavy- and rearview Camera systemDuty Trailering Package on ½-ton Yukon and Heavy-duty trailering PaCkage includes trailer A A — — — SeatS 40/20/40 front split-bench, 3-passenger A — — — —XL models. standard on ¾-ton XL models. brake controller, auxiliary external transmission oil with Premium Cloth. includes 6-way power driverHeavy-duty automatiC loCking rear diFFerential s s s s s cooler and external engine oil cooler. includes 3.42 seat adjuster, driver and front passenger manual rear axle ratio and requires vortec 5.3L v-8 FlexFuel reclining, center fold-down armrest with storage,HigH-voltage management Power electronics — — — s s engine with AFm. Not available on ¾-ton XL models. lockable storage compartments in seat cushionmodule includes 2-speed AutoTrac on 4WD models. (includes auxiliary power outlet), outboard adjust-regenerative braking — — — s s able head restraints and storage pockets. Heavy-Duty Handling / Trailering suspension s s — — —Stabilitrak stability control system and traction s s s s s Package. ¾-ton XL models only. Front buckets. includes 6-way power driver and s s — s —control passenger seat adjuster, outboard adjustable head regional value PaCkage includes outside heated — A — — —Steering Power. On Hybrid models, includes s s s s s power-adjustable, power-folding and driver-side restraints, floor console and rear storage pockets.42-volt electric power. auto-dimming mirrors, 1 year of Xm radio service,1 Leather-appointed seats on sLT and Hybrid.SuSPenSion Front independent coil-over-shock s s s s s 20" polished-aluminum wheels, Trailering Package Leather-appointed seats on the first and second — A — — —with stabilizer bar. ½-ton models only. and sLT Chrome edition. Not available with sun, rows. includes front bucket seats with 10-way power entertainment and Destinations Package, sLT driver and front-passenger seat adjusters, includingFront independent with torsion bar. ¾-ton XL s s — — — Chrome edition or 20" chrome-clad wheels. power lumbar control, heated seat cushion and seat-models only. backs, 2-position driver memory, adjustable head Skid Plate PaCkage includes front underbody A A — — —rear multilink with coil springs. Leaf springs s s s s s restraints, storage pockets and floor console. shield. requires 4WD models and Off-road sus-on ¾-ton XL models. Heated and cooled perforated leather-appointed — A s — s pension Package. standard on ¾-ton XL models.Automatic rear Level Control, air. ½-ton — A s — s seats on first and second rows. includes front bucket Sle exterior aPPearanCe PaCkage includes front A — — — —models only. seats with 10-way power driver and front-passenger fog lamps, front recovery hooks and luggage rackmagnetic ride Control, road sensing, — — — — s center rails seat adjusters (12-way on Denali models), includingelectronically controlled shock absorbers power lumbar control, heated and cooled seat cushion and seatbacks, 2-position driver memory, adjustablePremium smooth ride suspension Package s s — s — head restraints, storage pockets and floor console.A-Available S-Standard — -Not Available
  18. 18. Standard and available FeatureS / yukon Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid denali denali denali denali denali denali Sle Sle Sle Slt Slt SltTrim LeveLs60/40 second-row split-folding 3-passenger s — — — — Tri-zone automatic air conditioning, includes s s s s s On Yukon Hybrid and Yukon Denali Hybrid,bench in Premium Cloth, with center armrest individual climate settings for driver and right- includes Hybrid power flow display.and storage tray front passenger. On sLe, not available with rear-Seat entertainment SyStem includes DvD A A A A A60/40 second-row split-folding 3-passenger — s A s s optional 40/20/40 front split-bench seating. player with remote control, overhead display, 2 setsleather-appointed bench with center armrest rear auxiliary heater and air conditioner with s s s s s of 2-channel wireless infrared headphones andand storage tray rear-passenger heating and air ducts auxiliary audio/video input jacks. requires Am/FmLeather-appointed second-row reclining captain’s — A s — — Defogger, rear-window electric s s s s s stereo with mP3-compatible CD/DvD player orchairs. On Denali, includes heated cushions. Am/Fm stereo with mP3-compatible CD/DvD player ConSoleS Overhead mini with map lights s s s s s and DvD-based Navigation.4Heated second-row seat cushions. Outboard posi- — A s — s Floor with storage area, cupholders and integrated s s s s stions only with bench seats. rear audio SyStem ControlS With 2 headphone s s s s s second-row audio and HvAC controls. included jacks (headphones not included), power outlet andFlip and fold power second-row seat release for — A s — — and only available with front bucket seats. controls for volume, station selection and mediacaptain’s chairs or bench seat. requires front bucket storage bin behind driver-side rear quarter panel s s s s sseats with leather-appointed seating surfaces. audio 6-speaker system included with bench seat A — — — — CuP HolderS Front seating area, rear floor con- s s s s s 10-speaker Bose® sound system with subwoofer s s — s —50/50 third-row split-bench seats with Premium s — — — — sole, third-row outboard side trimCloth, 3-passenger, removable, all belts-to-seat in center console. Not available with optional mirror Auto-dimming rearview A A s s s bench seat.50/50 third-row split-bench seats, 3-passenger, — s s s sremovable, all belts-to-seat outletS 12-volt power, 5 s s s s s 10-speaker Bose Centerpoint® surround — — s — s Padded viSorS and armeStS s s s s s sound system inStrumentation and ControlS Power Programmable door loCkS s s s s s Premium aCouStiCal inSulation PaCkage — — s — s Power windowS With driver express-down and s s s s s dual-SCreen entertainment SyStem Adds A A A — —inStrumentation Analog cluster with speedo- s s s s s lockout protection second screen for third-row passengers.meter, odometer/trip odometer, fuel level, voltmeter, includes 2 additional sets of headphones.engine temperature, oil pressure and tachometer. remote Starter SyStem With keyless entry. A s s s s Available on XL models only.Full-function Driver information Center including On sLe, requires Convenience Package.temperature and compass. Hybrid models include onStar six months of Directions & Connections s s s s s SunrooF Power, tilt-sliding with express-open and A A A A Aefficiency gauge. plan.5 see page 25 for details. -close and wind deflectorPower-adjuStable PedalS On sLe models, in- A s s s s xm radio 13 trial months included. see page s s s s s univerSal Home remote includes garage door — s s s scluded and only available with Convenience Package 25 for details. opener, programmable. Deleted on XL modelsrearview Camera With auto-dimming inside A s — — — when snow Plow Prep Package is ordered. xm navtraFFiC 6 3 trial months included. 3 years — A s s srearview mirror display included on Hybrid models. included and only available with Touch-screen Navigation. seeWith NAv-screen display. requires Touch-screen — A s s s entertainment / CommuniCation / navigation page 25 for details.Navigation. audio SyStem Am/Fm stereo with CD player and s s — — — bluetootH® For PHone7 Personal cell-phone s s s s sSteering wHeel Leather-wrapped, with controls s s s s s mP3 playback, seek-and-scan, digital clock, connectivityfor audio, cruise control and Driver information auto-tone control, radio Data system (rDs),2Center located on instrument panel, plus tilt- speed-compensated volume, TheftLock, auxiliaryadjustable column with brake/transmission shift exterior Styling and FunCtionality input jack and UsB port3interlock. Heated steering wheel with power-tilt aSSiSt StePS Black s s — s — audio SyStem witH rear-Seat entertainment A A — — —on Denali. Deluxe leather-wrapped with power-tilt Am/Fm stereo with mP3 compatible CD/DvD player, Body-color with chrome inserts — — s — son Denali Hybrid. seek-and-scan, digital clock, auto-tone control, rDs,2 Power-retractable. requires Autoride suspension — A A — —tow / Haul mode SeleCtor Built-in automatic on s s s s s speed-compensated volume, TheftLock and UsB port3Hybrid models Package. On sLT models, requires sLT-2 equip- audio SyStem witH navigation 4 Am/Fm stereo — A s s s ment Package. Not available on ¾-ton XL modelsultraSoniC rear Parking aSSiSt With A s s s s with mP3-compatible CD player and Touch- or warning. On sLe models, included screen Navigation, auxiliary input jack, seek-and only available with Convenience Package. glaSS solar-ray deep-tinted. All windows except s s s s s and-scan, digital clock, auto-tone control, rDs,2 light-tinted glass on windshield and driver- and speed-compensated volume, TheftLock, UsB front-passenger-side glass. interior detailS and ConvenienCe FeatureS port 3 and voice recognition. On Yukon Hybrid and Yukon Denali Hybrid, includes HybridCarPet Color-keyed with removable carpeted s s s s s power flow display.floor mats for first and second rows audio SyStem witH rear-Seat entertainment — A A A A XM Radio requires a subscription, sold separately by XM after the first 90 days. XM Radio U.S. service only 1Climate Control Tri-zone manual air conditioning. A — — — — and navigation 4 Am/Fm stereo with mP3-compat- available in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. For more information, visitAvailable on sLe models with bench seat. 2RDS functions only where stations broadcast RDS information. 3Not compatible with all ible CD/DvD player and DvD-based Touch-screen devices. 4Map coverage for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands available on separate disc. Coverage not Navigation, seek-and-scan, digital clock, auto-tone available for portions of Canada. 5Visit for details and system limitations. 6Required XM control, rDs,2 speed-compensated volume, Radio and XM NavTraffic monthly subscriptions sold separately by XM after trial period. XM NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit 7Go to TheftLock, UsB port3 and voice recognition. to find out which Bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle.
  19. 19. Standard and available FeatureS / yukon yukon / yukon x l / yukon denali / yukon xl denali / SPeCiFiCationS Hybrid Hybrid denali denali Sle SltTrim LeveLs LmG LC9 L96 L94 LZ1 HYBriD engine vorteC 5.3l v-8 vvt vorteC 5.3l v-8 vvt vorteC 6.0l v-8 vvt vorteC 6.2l v-8 vvt vorteC 6.0l v-8 exterior Styling and FunCtionality CONT’D HP @ rPm sWB: 320 @ 5400 — — sWB: 403 @ 5700 sWB: 332@ 5100ligHtSDual halogen composite headlamps with s s s s s LWB: 320 @ 5400 LW B: 320 @ 5400 LWB: 352 @ 5400 LWB: 403 @ 5700 —automatic exterior lamp control and flash-to-pass lb-Ft torque @ rPm sWB: 335 @ 40 0 0 — — sWB : 417 @ 4300 sWB : 367 @ 4100Halogen front fog lamps, round A s s s s LWB: 335 @ 40 0 0 LWB: 335 @ 40 0 0 LWB : 382 @ 4200 LWB : 417 @ 4300 —luggage raCk roof-mounted side rails, black; s s s — s aCtive Fuel management included included — included includedbright accent on Yukon Denali and Denali e85- CaPable included included — included —Hybrid models ePa-eStimated City/Hwy mPg 15/21 GAs 15/21 GAs 10/16 GAs (2WD) 14/18 GAs (2WD) 20/23 GAsLuggage rack center rails. On sLe, requires A s s — s 11/16 e85 11/16 e85 10/15 e85 (2WD)exterior Appearance Package. 10/15 GAs (4WD) 13/18 GAs (AWD)outSide mirrorS Heated, power-adjustable, s s — — — 9/14 e85 (AWD)manual-folding, body-color Standard YUKON YUKON XL 4WD YUKON XL ¾-TON YUKON DeNALi YUKON HYBriD YUKON XL 2WD YUKON XL DeNALi YUKON DeNALi HYBriDHeated power-folding, power-adjustable, driver- — A s s sside auto-dimming, body-color mirrors withintegrated turn-signal indicators, ground illumination model drivetrain / tranSmiSSionand curb-tilt. On sLT models, requires sLT-2 yukon / yukon xl ½ - TON 2WD or 4WD / Hydra-matic 6-speed electronically controlled automatic with Driver shift Control and Tow / Haul modeequipment Package. yukon / yukon xl ¾ - TON 2WD or 4WD / Hydra-matic 6-speed electronically controlled automatic with Driver shift Control and Tow / Haul modevertical camper, heated, power-adjustable, A A — — — yukon denali 2WD or 4WD / Hydra-matic 6-speed electronically controlled automatic with Driver shift Control and Tow / Haul modemanual-folding, includes integrated turn-signalindicators (¾-ton XL models only) yukon Hybrid 2WD or 4WD / electronically controlled automatic with built-in Tow /Haul mode yukon denali Hybrid 2WD or 4WD / electronically controlled automatic with built-in Tow /Haul modePower liFtgateOn sLT, requires sLT-2 equip- — A s — sment Package. Not available with snow PlowPrep Package on XL models. 2WD 4WD 2WD 4WDreCovery HookS 2 front, frame-mounted. A s s — s meaSurementS / CaPaCi tieS yukon yukon yukon xl yukon xl yukon denali yukon xl ½ -TON / ¾ -TON denalistandard on all 4WD models, ¾-ton XLmodels and on all Yukon Denali models. turning diameter 39.0 39.0 43.0 / 45.3 43.0 / 45.3 39.0 43.0 curb to curb, f t.On 2WD and ½-ton 2WD XL models,included and only available with exterior wHeelbaSe in. 116.0 116.0 130.0 130.0 116.0 130.0Appearance Package. ma ximum Cargo volume2 cu. f t. 108.9 108.9 137.4 137.4 108.9 137.4wiPerS Front intermittent wet-arm with s s s s s overall lengtH in. 202.0 202.0 222.4 222.4 202.0 222.4flat blade and pulse washers overall widtH in. 79.0 79.0 79.1 79.1 79.0 79.1rear intermittent with washer s s s s s HeigHt in. 76.9 76.9 76.8 76.8 77.0 77.1 Fuel tank CaPaCit y 26.0 (25.0 Hybrid) 26.0 (25.0 Hybrid) 31.0 / 39.0 31.0 / 39.0 26.0 (25.0 Hybrid) 31.0 approx. gallons SaFety and SeCurityair bagS1Dual-stage frontal with Passenger s s s s s maximum trailer weigHt ratingS3 YUKON DeNALi/ YUKON HYBriD/sensing system model YUKON YUKON XL YUKON XL YUKON XL DeNALi YUKON DeNALi HYBriDFront and rear head curtain side-impact air s s s s s vorteC 5.3l vorteC 5.3l vorteC 6.0l vorteC 6.2l vorteC 6.0l Hybridbags for first- and second-row outboard seating mAX. TrAiLer mAX. TrAiLer mAX. TrAiLer mAX. TrAiLer mAX. TrAiLerpositions with rollover sensor. includes third-row AXLe rATiO WeiGHT LBs AXLe rATiO WeiGHT LBs AXLe rATiO WeiGHT LBs AXLe rATiO WeiGHT LBs AXLe rATiO WeiGHT LBsseating positions with 3-passenger third-row 1500 2wd 3.08 / 3.42 5500 / 8500 3.08 / 3.42 5100 / 810050 /50 split-bench seat. 1500 4wd 3.08 / 3.42 5200 / 8200 3.08 / 3.42 5000 / 8000Front-seat-mounted side-impact air bags s s s — s 2500 2wd 3.73 9600Side blind Zone alertOn sLT models, — A A — A 2500 4wd 3.73 9400requires sLT-2 equipment Package denali 2wd 3.42 8300 / 7900tire PreSSure monitoring SyStem s s s s s denali awd 3.42 8100 / 7800(Does not monitor spare) yukon HybridveHiCle tHeFt-deterrent SyStem PAss-Key iii s s s s s 2wd/4wd 3.08/3.08 6200 / 5900 yukon denali Hybrid 2wd/4wd 3.08/3.08 6000 / 5700A-Available S-Standard — -Not Available For Yukon Hybrid and Yukon Denali Hybrid trailering specifications, see page 8.