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Beat the tricks ppt


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Beat the tricks ppt

  1. 1. Beat the Tricks Netsmartz Safety Lesson
  2. 2. Someone tells you, “Your mom wanted me to pick you up.”
  3. 3. Someone says, “You are so gorgeous that you should come with me so I can take pictures of you and make you a star!”
  4. 4. A person says, “If you come with me, I’ll take you out for some ice cream.”
  5. 5. A person tells you, “Your house is on fire, and I am supposed to take you to your mom or dad.”
  6. 6. Someone says, “Will you help me carry my groceries to my car.”
  7. 7. A person shows you a badge that looks like a police officer badge and says, “Come with me because you’ve done something bad and your parents are angry and don’t want you anymore.”
  8. 8. Someone shows up at your doorstep when your parents aren’t home. This person says, “I have an important delivery to make and I want you to open the door so I can bring it inside.”
  9. 9. A person says, “Come with me to my house so I can show you my really cool kitten.”
  10. 10. Someone says, “Come with me to my car and I will give you your favorite candy.”
  11. 11. A person says, “Your dad wanted me to pick you up today because he’s really sick and had to go to the doctor. I will drive you over to see him.”
  12. 12. Someone says, “Will you come with me so you can show me how to get to the closest park?”
  13. 13. Someone says, “Will you let me in your house so I can use your phone?” But your parents are not home.