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Instagram Video: 5 Things Brands Should Know


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Five things brands need to know about Instagram Video.

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Instagram Video: 5 Things Brands Should Know

  1. Things Brands Need to KnowAbout Instagram Video5
  2. With over 130M passionate users alreadysharing, video usage will explode over night.Built In Community1
  3. 2 Product Feature EvolutionCompetitors will evolve their productsquickly, leading to better video sharingplatforms across the board.
  4. 3 With over 13 unique filters and up to 15seconds of video, brands have a wholenew platform to tell their stories.Better Creative
  5. 4 Innovative experiences have been createdusing only images, imagine the possibiliteswith video.Innovative API Usage
  6. 5 Videos will play natively in Facebook,opening new opportunities for adplatforms and sponsored posts.Seamless Facebook Integration
  7. Want to talkInstagram Video?Marshall WrightContact:Social Media