Seven Keys By Marshall W. Northcott


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Living the Dream, Avoiding the Nightmare - The Seven Key to Business Success, by Marshall W. Northcott, Canada's Sales Expert

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Seven Keys By Marshall W. Northcott

  1. 1. Living the Dream, Avoiding the Nightmare Success in Business Presented by: Marshall W. Northcott
  2. 2. What is the Nightmare?  Start-up costs for equipment, inventory etc.  Monthly overhead – fixed operating costs.  Ramp up time required to cover expenses.  Lack of income – negative cash flow.  Lack of business skills and knowledge.  Cynical, pessimistic, bitter attitudes.  Victimized by circumstances beyond your control.  Impending financial failure – bankruptcy.
  3. 3. Question Why did you (or why do you want to) get into business for yourself?
  4. 4. What I Didn’t Want  Be the boss of nothing!  Have an open schedule that wasn’t profitable.  Invest my time into something of no value.  Get paid less than if I were an employee.  Not be able to leverage my uniqueness.  Life filled with could of, should of, would of, didn’t.  To be controlled or forced to follow someone else.  Forced to do business with people I didn’t want to.  Feel like a nobody who never did anything special.
  5. 5. and… I didn’t get into business so that I could fail!
  6. 6. Seven Keys 1. A Plan 2. Risks 3. Self- Awareness 4. Elevated Thinking 5. Mental and Emotional Resilience 6. Activity 7. Purpose
  7. 7. Key # 1 A Plan What is a plan? Let’s review…
  8. 8. A Plan Clear written vision of where you expect or desire things to go. Considers every possible detail to protect yourself and ensure that you understand what you are getting into and the tools, resources and finances required to do the job effectively. Thinking ahead towards the steps leading to the accomplishment of an ultimate goal. Prediction of the future, with measurable, predictable outcomes that look at the bigger picture. “Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” Norman Vincent Peale
  9. 9. Key # 1 A Plan Why is a plan important? Let’s review…
  10. 10. A Plan  A Plan is necessary for these reasons:  Mental and physical preparedness.  Reveals weaknesses, identifies potential obstacles and challenges.  Increased odds of more predictable outcomes and success.  Provides direction that will give you clarity and peace of mind.  Contingency planning – back-up plan.  Makes you more productive and time efficient because you will focus on what is most important.  Spells out the steps of how you are going to accomplish your goals with an execution plan.
  11. 11. Avoiding the Nightmare  A Plan  No one embarks on a business venture expecting to fail. However, as the old saying goes, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” which can often be their downfall.
  12. 12. Avoiding the Nightmare  A Plan  “Failures are divided into two classes -- those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought.” - John Charles Salak
  13. 13. Key # 2 Risks What are risks? Let’s review…
  14. 14. Risks  Calculated, educated gambles.  Chances.  Long shots.  Leaps of faith.  Shot in the dark!  Putting in all on the line.  Your money where your mouth is. “Life is a risk and reward undertaking.”
  15. 15. Key # 2 Risks Why are calculated risks important? Let’s review…
  16. 16. Risks  Risks are necessary for these reasons: Puts your theory to the test and proves to the world that you believe! Each risk taken provides a growth experience and makes the next easier. If you don’t try you’ll never know and you’ll always wonder, “what if?” Taking risks is a huge part of success in life and in the business world. The successful risks will drown out the doubters and make your critics eat their words!
  17. 17. Avoiding the Nightmare  Risks  You must allow yourself to take risks. Seldom is anything of significance ever achieved that doesn’t involve some sort of risk.
  18. 18. Key # 3 Self Awareness What is self-awareness? Let’s review…
  19. 19. Self-Awareness Knowing yourself. Understanding your strengths. Awareness of your weaknesses. Being real with yourself. Not rationalizing. “Sometimes you have to protect yourself against yourself!”
  20. 20. Key # 3 Self Awareness Why is self awareness so important? Let’s review…
  21. 21. Self Awareness  Self awareness is critical for these reasons: Utilizing your strengths and working on and fighting your weaknesses. Facing your own fears and not accepting your own excuses. Making quality choices, ducking decoys and temptations. Staying focused and maintaining balance.
  22. 22. Avoiding the Nightmare  Self-Awareness  Get real with yourself, know who you are and what you’re all about. Utilize your personal strengths and confront your weaknesses!
  23. 23. Key # 4 Elevated Thinking What is elevated thinking. Let’s review…
  24. 24. Elevated Thinking  Big picture.  Seeing it bigger.  Expanded mental faculties.  Brain power extraordinaire!  An inner strength.  Problem solving capacity. “Your mind is like a rubber band, once expanded it will never return to its original shape.”
  25. 25. Key # 4 Elevated Thinking Why is elevated thinking important? Let’s review…
  26. 26. Elevated Thinking  Elevated thinking is important because: Elevated thinking translates into decisiveness! Your original vision was enough to get you started but it is probably not big enough to press you to the next level in business. As your business develops your need for greater problem solving skills will have to expand because of the new issues that will arise. In order to successfully survive and answer the constant demands of business, you will have to learn to stretch your mind to it’s limits.
  27. 27. Albert Einstein “You cannot solve the significant problems of life, at the same level of thinking you were at when you created them.”
  28. 28. Avoiding the Nightmare  Elevated Thinking  In order to face the inevitable challenges and obstacles of a growing and thriving business you must continually raise the bar and sharpen your mind!
  29. 29. Key # 5 Mental and Emotional Resilience What is Mental and Emotional Resilience? Let’s review…
  30. 30. Mental and Emotional Resilience  Strength of mind.  Logic and reason that outweighs feelings, sensitivities and irrational thinking.  High level mental pain threshold (I can take it!).  Differentiation between what you want to do and must do and doing it. “Where will and emotions are in conflict, bet on the emotions.”
  31. 31. Key # 5 Mental and Emotional Resilience Why is mental and emotional resilience important? Let’s review…
  32. 32. Mental and Emotional Resilience  Mental and Emotional Resilience is necessary for these reasons:  Any business that is dynamic and growth oriented will face difficulties that will test your mental faculties.  So you can focus and use your mental energy in a productive and profitable manner.  To ensure you don’t fake yourself out by allowing the emotion to overshadow logic and reason.  Increased bounce back from disappointments and setbacks and greater ability to handle challenges and solve problems.  Minimizing destructive, unhealthy stress.
  33. 33. Avoiding the Nightmare  Mental and Emotional Resilience  Work for the best, prepare for the worst, insulate and mentally protect yourself against setbacks and disappointments. Learn to think and make decisions based on what will move your business forward rather than on what feels right.
  34. 34. Key # 6 Activity What is activity? Let’s review…
  35. 35. Activity Productive not busy. Rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Not doing what you want to do but whatever needs to be done! Engaging in consistent action. “Sometimes you can do all the right things and still not get the right result.”
  36. 36. Key # 6 Activity Why are “the right” activities important? Let’s review…
  37. 37. Activity Activity is important because: Creates a habit and sets a pace. It is your source of opportunity and revenue. It keeps your business moving forward. Ensures stability and financial security. Forces you to grow as an individual. Keeps you energized and excited! Gives you a sense of accomplishment. Makes you feel in control (not a victim).
  38. 38. Avoiding the Nightmare  Activity  Do something on a regular consistent basis that creates a result (income) otherwise you’re in the business of creating debt.
  39. 39. Key # 7 Purpose What is purpose? Let’s review…
  40. 40. Purpose Your passionate why! Your reason! Your focus! Your direction! Your vision and goals! Your roadmap! “When you know why you’ll figure out how.”
  41. 41. Key # 7 Purpose Why is your purpose so important? Let’s review…
  42. 42. Purpose  Your purpose is the fuel that feeds you and provides you with energy.  It drives you to work harder, to get up earlier and stay at it longer.  It insulates and protects you during the challenging and difficult times.  Your purpose forces you beyond your comfort zone to do what is necessary.  It gives you the attitude you need to make results happen!
  43. 43. Avoiding the Nightmare  Purpose  When you have a passionate purpose that is bigger than any obstacle, you can achieve the seemingly impossible!
  44. 44. Cinderella Man Know what you are fighting for!
  45. 45. My Reasons Be my own boss control my destiny! Control my life and my schedule. Build an asset of my own. Financial rewards. I’m a misfit! I didn’t want to have regrets. To lead. Pick my own customers. Serve a higher calling.
  46. 46. Live the Dream! 1. Create a Plan 2. Take Risks! 3. Be Self-Aware! 4. Elevate Your Thinking! 5. Develop Mental Toughness! 6. Get Active, Stay Active! 7. Know Your Purpose!
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