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Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams BASD2018


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Learn how bringing all four actions into a conversation can change the nature of the conversation.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams BASD2018

  1. 1. Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams Marsha Acker @marshaacker Big Apple Scrum Day 2018
  2. 2. “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw
  3. 3. What’s a work conversation you want to change? Who What’s Said? Person 1 We need these features completed and launched in 3 weeks. Person 2 We could complete 3 of these, but not all 4. Person 1 That’s not acceptable, we need them all Person 2 It’s just not possible, the fourth feature will take more time.
  4. 4. ∞ What is Structural Dynamics? ∞ What is the Four Player Model? ∞ What is my most frequent action? ∞ How do you code a conversation? ∞ How do I change the conversation I’m participating in? ∞ How can I develop this for myself and others? Agenda
  5. 5. Structural Dynamics “Tone”: The manner in which it’s said A theory of face-to-face communications developed by David Kantor.
  6. 6. Structure Determines Performance
  7. 7. Two Realities – Visible and Invisible Visible Invisible © David Kantor, Reading the Room
  8. 8. © David Kantor, Reading the Room Working with 4 levels of structure… Childhood Stories MostVisibleLeastVisible 1 2 3 4 Meaning
  9. 9. © David Kantor, Reading the Room Kantor 4-Player Model
  10. 10. Common Stuck Patterns M M M M Serial Move Courteous Compliance Point- Counterpoint Covert Opposition M F F F M O M O M F B O OM
  11. 11. What percentage of your time do you spend… % % % %
  12. 12. Time to practice coding…
  13. 13. Fields of Conversation © Otto Scharmer
  14. 14. Don’t let process get in the way of the real conversation
  15. 15. What’s the conversation you want to change?
  16. 16. When you find yourself in a stuck conversation, try this… ∞ Separate “What” from “How” ∞ Find the structural pattern ∞ What action is missing or needed in the conversation? ∞ What could you do to change the nature of the discourse?
  17. 17. Where can I learn more? • Reading the Room – By David Kantor • Where did you learn to behave like that? – By Sarah Hill • Blogs @ • The Conversation Factory Podcast st/
  18. 18. Let’s Connect! @teamcatapult2 TeamCatapult Marsha Acker @marshaacker Connect with me @ Connect with TeamCatapult