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William Shakespeare


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William Shakespeare

  1. 1. William Shakespeare
  2. 2. Family • Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564 in Stratford. • Shakespeare was the 3rd of eight children. • Shakespeare’s dad was a shoemaker and sometimes served as a justice of the peace.
  3. 3. Family •Anne Hathaway was the wife of William Shakespeare. •Hathaway married Shakespeare in November 1582 while pregnant with the couple's first child, to whom she gave birth six months later. •Hathaway was 26/27 years of age, Shakespeare was only 18.
  4. 4. Family •Three children were born to Anne. •Namely Susanna in 1583, and the twins Hamnet and Judith in 1585. •Hamnet died at 11 years old and was buried in Stratford on August 11, 1596.
  5. 5. Theatrical career •He was a charter member of the theatrical company called Lord Chamberlains Men, which later become The Kings Men. •The Kings Men were supported by King James
  6. 6. Theatrical career •In 1599 the Globe Theatre was built, where Shakespeare’s many plays were performed. •The Globe was built as a large, round, open air theatre. •There was a roof around the circumference which covered the seating area, leaving the theatre looking like a doughnut from above.
  7. 7. Theatrical career •Shakespeare penned his first play, Henry VI, Part One at the age of 25. •He went on to write 37 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime. •Shakespeare wrote in 3 different genres; Tragedy (Romeo & Juliet), Comedy (Twelfth Night), and History (Julius Caesar).
  8. 8. Interesting facts about Shakespeare •Hamlet is arguably Shakespeare’s most famous play. •Romeo and Juliet was based on a true story. •All women’s parts were played by boys. Juliet would have been played by a boy.
  9. 9. Interesting facts about Shakespeare •Never attended a University •There are 157 million pages referring to him on Google. 132 million for God, 2.7 million for Elvis Presley, George W Bush with 14.7 million.
  10. 10. Interesting facts about Shakespeare •Shakespeare's works contain first-ever recordings of 2,035 English words, including: critical, frugal, excellent, barefa ced, assassination, and countless. •Shakespeare is the second most quoted writer in the English language – after the various writers of the Bible.