Panaca’s Task


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Panaca’s Task

  1. 1.  Caballos: Horses: eich-ou-ar-es-i-es Vaca: Cow: ci-ou-dabliu-es Perros: Dogs: di-ou-yi-es Cerdos: Pigs: pi-ai-yi-es Pavo real: Peacock: pi-i-ei-ci-ou-ci-k Gallinas: Hens: eich-i-en-es Patos: Duck: di-iu-ci-kei Ovejas: Sheeps: es-eich-i-i-pi-es Cabras: Goats: ji-ou-ei-ti-es
  2. 2. Llamas: Calls: ef-el-ei-em-i-es Buey: Ox: ou-ex Conejo: Rabbit: ar-ei-bi-bi-ei-tiHamster: Hamster: eich-ei-em-es-ti-i-arToros: Bullfighting: bi-iu-el-el-ef-ai-yi eich-ti-ai-en-yiGallos: Roosters: ar-ou-ou-es-ti-i-ar-esPavo: Turkey: ti-iu-ar-kei-i-yiCaracol: Snail: es-en-ei-ai-el
  3. 3. The horse is very tall. It is much pretty. Ithas long hair. It is much intelligent andmuch astute.
  4. 4.  The cow is very fat and tall. It is black and white.
  5. 5.  The dogs have large eyes. It is hairy. It has a large face. They are Brown.
  6. 6.  The pig is fat. It is ugly. The pig is pink. It has shorth hair. It has a baby.
  7. 7.  The peacock is very coloring. It is pretty. It was alone. It is from Asia.
  8. 8.  The hen is a domestic bird. It is short. It is brown. It is from Asia. It is a bird. It can not fly.
  9. 9.  The duck is an aquatic bird. It eats insects. Its beack is wide in the punt. It drinks water of a lake.It is not alone.
  10. 10.  The ruminant mammal sheep has the body covered with thick wool and flexible. It is usually white or black. Its advantages are especially the wool, meat and milk.
  11. 11.  The goat is a thin animal and it is medium size. The hair is short. It gives milk.
  12. 12.  The rabbits are very clean animals. It is a nocturnal animal. They are silent but when frightened or injured emit loud cries.
  13. 13.  Horse: There were twenty stables . There were forty horses of diferent races. Cow: There were thirty stables. There were fifty cows. Dog: There were fifty channels. There were in each one, one different dog. Pigs: There were ten coachiman . There were four pigs. Peacock: There were two yards. There was one peacock , and ten hens.
  14. 14.  Hen: There were five yards. There were twenty hens in a cage. Duck: There were two ponds. Sheep: There were four yards. There were six sheeps and four goats. Goat: There were four yards. There were four goats and sixt sheep.
  15. 15.  I didn´t like a horse because he had long hair. I didn´t like a pig because he was too fat and ugly. I didn´t like a pig because it was very hairy and almost bites me. I didn´t like a turkey because it had a head like a brain. I didn´t like a pig that was so big and ugly and smelled bad.
  16. 16.  I liked the variety of dogs. I liked the colorful peacock. I liked give food to the goats. I liked the variety of horses. I liked the show oof the horses.