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Toronto Fashion Cluster


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Toronto Fashion Cluster

  1. 1. THE TORONTO FASHION CLUSTER Creative designers, trend-setting retailers and innovative member gather to work together in the GTA, making it one of the most fashionable city. The cluster is becoming a booming industry and is influential globally.
  2. 2. TORONTO FASHION CLUSTER… Toronto Fashion District, once known as the Garment  District still exists today Highly innovative and resourceful  Has more than 550 apparel manufacturers  Wholesale shipments totaling nearly $1.4 billion  annually More than 4,600 Toronto fashion retail stores generate  annual sales of $2.6 billion
  3. 3. TORONTO FASHION CLUSTER… Employs nearly 50,000  people  Learning centre for the industry  Elite, Ford and Giovanni (model agencies) have offices in Toronto  Becoming more internationally exposed
  4. 4. CLUSTER MEMBERS Many Canadian companies are being Recognized  in the Fashion Industry These companies include, Danier Leather, Holt  Renfrew, Roots, Lida Baday, David Dixon, Franco Mirabelli, Pink Tartan, and Sunny Choi Manufacturers [They produce fashion based on the designers vision]  Danier Leather, McGregor, Weston Apparel, Coco  International, Macmor, Vikeda Industries
  5. 5. CLUSTER MEMBERS Retailers [They buy fashion from wholesalers and in turn sell them to the  end users] Holt Renfrew, Roots, Harry Rosen, Reitmans, Bata  Shoes Media They consistently link the consumers to the fashion industry  Fashion Television (CityTV) & Fashion Television Channel  Fashion File (CBC)  Elle Canada Magazine & Website  Fashion Quarterly Magazine  Flare Magazine & Website  The Look Magazine 
  6. 6. CLUSTER MEMBERS Education [They produce the future innovators] 
  7. 7. CLUSTER SUPPORTERS Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI)  Helps innovative small businesses, and supports and  nurture new fashion businesses/ entrepreneurs, by offering them opportunities to show their talents and innovations.  They give a platform for new designers to Fashion Industry Liaison Committee (FILC)  Recognized importance of fashion industry   Include representatives from design, education, wholesale, retail & manufacturing  focuses on issues and needs for the industry
  8. 8. CLUSTER SUPPORTERS L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week,  Happens semi-annually   Showcases ready-to-wear collections by Canadian designers to the global media Apparel Industry Development Council (AIDC)  develops training programs to enhance and diversify  the skills of garment-industry workers
  9. 9. FASHION EVENTS AND EXPOSURE L’Oreal Fashion Week  One of a Kind Show  Toronto AlternativeWeek  The Belle Ball  100% Fresh Show  Elle Opening Night  Canada’s Next Top Model 
  11. 11. LYON, FRANCE Lyon Vision Mode concept, Greater Lyon aims to  federate all involved in the Lyon fashion and design industry, and trigger group dynamics.  394 Establishments with 2,328 jobs Segments include textile, clothes, jewelry, cosmetology,  design, leather & furniture Main players:  Clothes: Habillement Rhône-Alpes, Espace Mode  Textile: Espace Textile, Première Vision, Musée des Tissus  Jewelry: Print'Or show, Les Poinçons Lyonnais  Cosmetology: European Dermocosmetology  Center Design: Rhône-Alpes Design Center  Leather: Leather Technical Center  Art and crafts: Métiers d'Art, Comité Bellecour 
  13. 13. NEW YORK CLUSTER Much larger than Toronto Cluster   Employs over 122,000 people  3 times as much as expected from National Level Pattern Employment  3 main fashion sub-clusters Apparel Manufacturing   Apparel Wholesaling  Jewelry and Miscellaneous Goods Showcase most prestigious fashion shows by top  designers  World’s largest producer of Fashion Events  Top international Modeling agency
  14. 14. BE A SUPPORTER OF OUR CLUSTER The Toronto Fashion Cluster plays an important role in our economic success.