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Skype in the Classroom: Bring the World In


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Presentation on Skype for BCE TeachMeet/ICLT Showcase, Oct 2012

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Skype in the Classroom: Bring the World In

  1. Skype in the Classroom: Bring the world in Amanda Marrinan BCE South Centre TeachMeet/ICLT Showcase Oct 2012
  2. Let’s call Grandy vs Which is the more powerful?
  3. That’s great.But in the classroom?
  4. Yes!!!
  5. Why? Skype is...✴free✴easy✴relationship building✴powerful tool for collaboration and learning✴transformational✴...and fun!
  6. But how could I use it?
  7. Skype an expert
  8. Invite storytellers in
  9. Buddy/Mentor Image credit: Maria Knee
  10. Advocate
  11. Team TeachingImage credit: Maria Knee
  12. Skype Play
  13. share aboutyour cultureand place inthe world.
  14. Where can I find connections?
  16. 11008318/FrontPage
  18. project-leaders/show-n-tell
  22. What about resources?
  25. Mystery Skypes
  26. +World+With+Skype
  27. 50 Awesome Ways to use Skype in the Classroom use-skype-in-the-classroom/
  28. Are you ready? Get skyping!
  29. It can transform your classroom... and be the start of something special.
  30. Contact me: Amanda Marrinan St John Vianney’s School, Brisbane, Australia Twitter: @marragem Email: Skype: amanda.gem/prepgemsThankyou to my PLN, especially my posse and dear friends, Maria Knee and KathyCassidy. You inspire and encourage me and are the reason I connect my classroomto the world.