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Workteam with oDesk


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short talk at CloudTW gathering 2011/11/30

Published in: Technology, Business
  • 'We want the best developers in the world', but don't hire remote? Really means 'We want the best developers in a 60 mile radius.' -- @rlph
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Workteam with oDesk

  1. 1. Workteam with oDesk - web development case study
  2. 2. Why ?Quotes from Jimmy Chen, CEO, We Need Coders/Developers, but … • the top software talents will chase the big bucks at hardware OEM companies. • top taiwan hackers are too proud to chase your dream. • the only other good talents left are the ultra-smart, hungry and talented engineering graduates who don’t have any real development experience at age of 27.
  3. 3. oDesk ?
  4. 4. Crowdsourced DevelopmentQuotes from David Feinleib, entrepreneur, • great developers treat the code and your project overall as if it were their own. • it’s one thing to have someone knock out a prototype, but another to build something scalable and maintainable. • Odds are, you will not have good success with the first developer you choose. Don’t hang on. • Treat developers well, take the time to explain the rationale for your designs or approach, and you’re far more likely to get great results in return.
  5. 5. 104case / jcase ? “Please buy this bottle first, you will enjoy the milk once we have the cow.”
  6. 6. Cut Out the Middleman
  7. 7. Hour Worked is Hour Billed / PaidThe Right for Contractor: The Right for Employer:• Get guaranteed payment for the time you work • Audit the people and hours worked• Avoid the hassle of creating invoices and time sheets • Access talent from around the world• Live where you want, work when you • Know the identity, skills and want, on the jobs you want experience of every team member• Set your own hourly rate based on your • Pay your global online team skills, experience and reputation without the hassle of payroll and• Access jobs around the world taxes• Prove and market your skills via free • Pay competitive rates worldwide online testing • Offer work online without paying a membership fee or a posting fee• Post a profile, apply, and interview for • Build your own online workteam jobs without paying a membership fee• Build your own business online
  8. 8. Job Posting
  9. 9. Job Type• HourlyPay by the hour. Verify with the Work Diary.• Fixed PricePay by the project. Requires detailedspecifications.Most employers choose hourly• Ramp hours up or down as needed.• See what work is being done. Time and screenshots are automatically logged in the Work Diary.• Control your budget with weekly limits.
  10. 10. Candidate Listing
  11. 11. Applicant
  12. 12. Hour Limits
  13. 13. Contract Created
  14. 14. Team Software
  15. 15. Work Diary #1
  16. 16. Work Diary #2
  17. 17. Status and Log Non-billed Time / Billed Time Auto Tracked / ManualDisconnected, Offline, Online, Active Over the Weekly Limit
  18. 18. Payment
  19. 19. Weekly Report
  20. 20. Dispute - WarningAny hours not disputed during the reviewperiod are deemed accepted by theemployer and cannot be disputed thereafter. Dispute - NoteThe oDesk Dispute Resolution process applies tohourly contracts only. All disputes must be filedduring the review period and will be resolvedthrough mediation within 4 business days.
  21. 21. Idle Job Notification
  22. 22. Get Started Carefully• Choosing Developers Smartly• Are You Technical Enough?• A Clear Vision• Design before Implement• Quick Specs and Iterations• Hiring bases on the Data• Managing with Tools• Scaling requires Many People• Timezone Challenge
  23. 23. Web Development Cycle• Requirements• Specifications• Visual Design• Testing• Debug• I18n & Localization• Database Integration• System Deployment
  24. 24. To Outsource Or Not To ?• Confidential?• Detailed Specs?• Tight Schedule?• When to Scale? It’s by no means linear• Complex Project?• Manageable Tradeoffs?