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Examples of marketing material I developed while employed at Butte Community Bank, Chico, CA.

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Marquesa Versola - BCB Portfolio

  1. 1. MARQUESA VERSOLA PROJECT PORTFOLIO Butte Community Bank October 2004 – November 2007 CONTENTS Postcards Print Ads Newsletters
  2. 2. When friends and family are looking for advice about mort- gage lending, they come to you! And you know that you can refer them with confi- dence to someone you trust to take special care of them. Bruce Taylor Mortgage Consultant with Butte Community Bank, is that person. When you talk people listen! Uxáà j|á{xá You’ve taken a big leap! I’d love to help you when you’re ready to take the next big step - Purchasing your first home! Bruce Taylor Butte 900 Mangrove Avenue Community Chico, CA 95926 Bank 530-891-9000 x3709 btaylor@buttecommunity
  3. 3. _ÉtÇá Home Butte Community Bank I’ll be with you from start to finish Do you know ? what your payments will be? Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage is nearing the end of its term, and you may end up paying more than you want to. Now is a good time to consider refinancing into a fixed rate loan!
  4. 4. A Perfect Place r Visit ou Immaculate Brand New Home | 8471 Skyway, Paradise Please ouse Open H y Saturda h 19t Mayto 4pm 9am Pleasantly Priced at $359,950 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Nestled in the arms of mature trees and conifers, 2218 Sq. Feet this beautifully crafted .51 Acre Lot home is the perfect place Granite Kitchen Counters to start your new life Stainless Appliances together. This home Tile Entry, Kitchen & Bath Floors features a spacious, open Hardwood and Carpet Floors floor plan with lots of natural light and all the 2 Car Garage modern design features Gas Fireplace in Master and Living you expect in a designer Room home. Don’t miss this Jacuzzi Tub in Master Bath opportunity as it will sell 3% Broker Co-Op Available fast! For More Info Please Call: Lee Brown 530-518-2769 No Payments for up to 6 Months!* *Borrower must qualify for buyer bonus program to receive 6 months no payment.
  5. 5. Come Home to Serenity Immaculate Brand New Home Built in 2007 8481 Skyway, Paradise ur Visit o Please se ou Open H ay Saturd th 19 May to 4pm 11am Priced at $359,950 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths 2218 Sq. Feet .51 Acre Lot YOUR PRIVATE RETREAT Granite Kitchen Counters Nestled in the arms of mature trees Stainless Appliances and conifers, this beautifully crafted Beautiful Tile Entry, Kitchen & Bath Floors home will feel like your own private Hardwood and Carpet Floors retreat. Spacious open floor plan with 2 Car Garage all the modern design features you Gas Fireplace in Master and Living Room expect in a designer home. Don’t miss Jacuzzi Tub in Master Bath this opportunity as it will sell fast! 3% Broker Co-Op For More Information Please Call: Lee Brown 530-566-1059 No Payments for up to 6 Months!* *Borrower must qualify for buyer bonus program to receive 6 months no payment.
  6. 6. Butte Community BRUCE TAYLOR’S Bank MORTGAGE Newsletter PROTECTING Financing Your REMODELING PROJECT Your So you’ve been visiting home and garden shows and scouring the pages of remodeling magazines and you feel like you finally want to tackle the large project of remodeling your kitchen and bath, or maybe you’re planning an additional bedroom or office, either way Smile you’ve got the plan to update your 70’s style kitchen for a more modern streamlined look, Great! You’ve got the plan and the color scheme picked out but you still have to consider how to pay for your project. And although choosing stainless appliances over tradi- tional white seems easier that choosing how to finance your project, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few things to consider: Summer credit -- is the best way to go if you don't 1. How much will this project cost? Be- projects and those you can pay off quickly. have sufficient cash to pay for your project. fore you borrow anything, have a firm idea of Dentists say that the most important part of tooth care happens at home. Brushing and flossing Home Tip properly, along with eating healthfully and regular dental checkups, can help prevent tooth decay and Here's how they work: how much you'll need. Use contractor bids as With both of these loan types, your interest gum disease. your basic estimate, then add 10% to 20% for payments will be tax deductible if you itemize. Begin big projects Cash-out refinancing. With this type of fi- potential overruns. BRUSH TWICE DAILY EAT WELL nancing, you replace your existing mortgage I believe that when you are well informed you The Summer months are Dentists say that the minimum time you should Eating sugar is a major cause of tooth decay. with a larger one and use the extra cash to 2. Can I afford this? If you're considering a make better choices! I am available to discuss perfect for big do-it- spend brushing your teeth is 2 minutes twice a Reduce eating sugary foods and drinking sodas pay for improvements and repairs. This could home equity loan or line of credit but you your financing options when you’re ready to yourself projects, since day. Gently brush teeth focusing on gumline and frequently throughout the day. Brush or rinse have less than 20% equity in your home you'll be a good choice if: take the next big leap! daylight lingers long be- molars. mouth out after eating sugary treats. wind up paying higher interest rates and seri- yond the end of the work- ously depleting an important financial cushion Interest rates have dropped since you got FLOSS EVERYDAY SEE YOUR DENTIST 2 TIMES A YEAR for emergencies. If the project itself isn't an day. If you have the confi- your current mortgage Flossing everyday is crucial to keep gums Visit your dentist every 6 months for a dental emergency repair, you may want to put it off dence to redo a bathroom, healthy and reduce the chance of decay because examination, and a professional The goal is to You'll be in the home long enough to re- until your finances are in better shape. add a shed to your prop- brushing alone won't remove plaque and parti- prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other coup your refinancing costs erty, or build a deck, begin cles of food between your teeth, under the gum- disorders that put the health of your teeth and 3. What are my other financial obliga- Your project adds lasting value to your the project now. Be sure to line, or under braces. mouth at risk. tions? Before you schedule any non-essential home get necessary building home project, make sure your other financial bases are covered: you're saving enough for permits. Home-equity line of credit. These work retirement and college, you've paid off all Local Events something like credit cards: you borrow credit-card debt and you have at least three money as you need it and pay a variable in- months' expenses saved in an emergency terest rate. Rates are usually zero to two per- fund, for example. centage points over the prime rate. MAY JUNE JULY 4. Will this project add value? Repairs You can usually establish a HELOC without don't add value -- they simply preserve what paying any fees. These are good for smaller Slice of Chico 2007 Silver Dollar Fair Garden Tour & Plants you've got. Many home improvements add Starts: July 14 2007 Starts: May 23 2007 Starts: June 2 2007 some value, although you generally won't Ends: July 14 2007 Ends: May 28 2007 Ends: June 3 2007 recoup more than 50% to 75% of what you Cash-Out Refinance Home Equity Financing spend. The less value you're adding, the more Your existing mortgage is refinanced for a higher 2007 Silver Dollar Fair. Fun in- Presented by Paradise Garden The Downtown Chico Business you should consider waiting until you can pay overall amount using some of the accumulated You can borrow all or just part of your home's equity cluding Concerts, Pro Rodeo, Club. They will be holding their Association presents, Slice of cash -- unless, again, you're facing an emer- equity in your home. Races, Special Exhibits-All six annual Garden Tour Saturday Chico a Semi-annual Sidewalk gency repair. You can choose between a lump sum loan or a revolv- days, with daily grounds act and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sale that features all of your fa- One loan and one loan payment ing line of credit. Carnival Rides. There will be four and Sunday noon to 4:00 p.m. vorite downtown businesses. You 5. It’s a Great Time to Lock into A Fixed Loans have fixed-rate interest, and lines of credit days of Pay-One-Price Carnival This is a self-guided tour of six are sure to find something you’ll Choose from fixed or variable interest rate loans. Rate Mortgage. Today's adjustable rates have variable-rate interest. days. There will be 14,000+ com- outstanding Paradise gardens. A love while perusing through fine have almost nowhere to go but up. Consider a A home equity loan can offer the flexibility of a petitive exhibits and livestock. plant sale, demos, a drawing and home ware, clothing and gifts. stable fixed-rate loan instead. Get cash and spread the payments out over a shorter term to help to build equity faster because What could be better than hot Fair Hours: Wed. 5pm-11pm, refreshments will be offered at longer term. you can pay the loan off sooner OR reduced monthly summer savings while enjoying Thurs. 5pm-11pm, Fri. 2pm- individual gardens along the way. payments by spreading the cost over a longer term. Borrowing against equity free ice-cold watermelon? This is 11pm, Sat. 10am-11pm, Sun. Proceeds go to support the Para- You can borrow up to 100% of the value of your Generally, borrowing against the equity in MEMBER a great event for the entire fam- 10am-11pm, Mon. 10am-9pm. dise Garden. Tour Hours: Lower interest rate than home equity financing home. With a line of credit, you only pay interest on your home -- with a cash-out refinance, a FDIC For more information please call 10:00am - 4:00pm. For more ily! Savings start early at 9AM may be available. the money you actually use, and you can access it home equity loan or a home equity line of whenever you want without having to reapply. 895-4666. information: 876-8876 and continue until 5pm. Contact Bruce Taylor Your Mortgage Consultant For Life! • Phone: 530-891-9000 x3709 • E-mail: Summer 2007 Bruce Taylor’s Mortgage Monthly
  7. 7. BRUCE TAYLOR’S Two Beautiful Brand New Homes For Sale in Paradise Priced to Sell $359,950 MORTGAGE 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Newsletter 2,218 Square Feet, .51 Acre Lot Granite Kitchen Counters Stainless Appliances Kitchen Pantry Tile in Entry, Kitchen and Baths Hardwood & Carpet Floors Your source for mortgage lending news and home and health tips Summer 2007 2 Car Garage Your loan is in Central Heat and Air Landscaped Front Yard DID YOU KNOW: Large Backyard Good Hands Gas Fireplace in Master Bedroom and Living Room Jacuzzi Tub in Master Bath Contact Bruce Taylor Dual Head Shower in Master Bath TODAY There is a high volume of houses for sale on the Chico MLS in our area, and lots of great Huge Walk-in Closet 530-891-9000 properties to choose from. It’s certainly a buyers market again and a great time to purchase RV Storage Possible Ext 3079 a bigger house for your growing family, or a second vacation or investment property! I can discuss all of the financing options available to you even if you have a lower credit score or don’t want to put money down! btaylor @ 3% Broker Co-Op I’ve built my business on referrals from clients like you, and I am so thankful for each and Special Financing Available These two, bank owned homes are conveniently located at 8471 & every one. If you were happy with the service you received, please pass my name along to 8481 Skyway, in Paradise. Mortgage Pre-qualification Form anyone you know in need of my services. And if there is any other way I can assist you, don’t For More Information, or to hesitate to call. You can reach me by dialing 530-891-9000 x3709 or drop by and visit me in Schedule a Showing Both have great open floor plans with many design features and up- Our online Mortgage Pre-qualification the office located at 900 Mangrove Avenue. Your referrals help make my business Please Call Me Today! grades like granite counter tops, stainless appliances, a Jacuzzi tub, Form was created to be much easier successful! dual head shower, gas fireplace, and huge walk-in closet in the Mas- and faster than your typical mortgage 530-891-9000 x3709 ter Bedroom. questionnaire. This simple 22-question Thanks for your continued patronage, form is designed to get a quick idea of your borrowing ability and the type of home loan that would best suit your BRUCE TAYLOR needs. Give it a try. It only takes about Bruce Taylor, Your Mortgage Consultant for LIFE! five minutes to complete, and there's absolutely no obligation. Butte Community Bank Home Sales in Your Neighborhood 900 Mangrove Avenue Chico, CA 95926 forms/form_prequal.htm Address Town Price BR/BA SQ. FT 10 Oak Manor Court Chico $950,000.00 4/ 2.5 3815 Real Estate Loan Rates 1436 Oleander Ave. Chico $385,000.00 3/ 1 1324 956 Moss Ave. Chico $332,500.00 3/ 1.5 1380 We offer dozens of different loan prod- ucts to fit your needs. To get the latest 3 Hillsboro Circle Chico $278,000.00 3/ 1.5 1288 rate quotes give me a call at 530-899- 1114 Nord Ave. #14 Chico $195,000.00 3/ 2 960 7100 extension 3709. I am happy to explain all of the new loan options. 8948 Aguas Frias Rd. Durham $549,000.00 2/ 1 1032 Here are a few of the programs we 13605 Babson Court Magalia $258,000.00 3/ 2 1438 currently offer: 14503 Colter Way Magalia $255,000.00 2/ 1 864 Fixed Rate Mortgages (FRMs) 151 Worthy Ave. Oroville $340,000.00 4/ 1.5 2070 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) 1943 Mountain Vista Dr. Oroville $200,000.00 5/ 2 1481 Conventional Loans 785 Bird St. Oroville $187,500.00 2/ 1 1361 Nonconforming Loans 2143 Fort Wayne St. Oroville $142,000.00 2/ 1 946 Low or No Down Payment Loans Butte Marginal Credit Loans 2173 Demille Rd. Paradise $450,000.00 3/ 2 2030 Interest Only Loans Community 1007 Thomasson Lane Paradise $300,000.00 2/ 1 1127 Bank 5895 Oakmore Dr. Paradise $232,000.00 2/ 2 1179 MEMBER FDIC 5911 Oliver Rd. Paradise $183,000.00 2/ 1 1110 MEMBER FDIC Contact Bruce Taylor Your Mortgage Consultant For Life! • Phone: 530-891-9000 x3709 • E-mail:
  8. 8. Butte Community BRUCE TAYLOR’S Bank MORTGAGE Happy Holidays Newsletter SAFEKEEPING MEMORIES GivingGET IN THE SPIRIT OF FROM THE HEART Archiving your digital photos We all know the holiday season is the season of giving, but Digital cameras make it easy to snap lots of pictures, and you can quickly find yourself with a hard drive full of photos that it’s easy to get carried away buying gifts for your spouse & can be gone in a flash. Your pictures could accidentally be deleted in a few mouse-clicks, or your hard drive could crash. So kids, extended family, coworker’s, neighbors, and giving donations to your church and local charities. Every year you don't take chances with priceless memories. Archive your photos to make sure they'll be around for a long time. Both Apple might find yourself thinking, “Why do I get so wrapped up in and Windows XP makes archiving easy by burning your files to CD-R or DVD. Make sure to make more than one copy for gift giving?” Well you’re not alone, according to the National yourself, and possibly an extra to keep at a location other than your house. Make sure to label the CD clearly and store it in Retail Federation, Americans are predicated to spend a safe place. Put monthly reminders in your organizer to back up photos. This way, you're not likely to forget. If your pho- upwards $474.5 Billion dollars this holiday season. On average families will spend $816.69 on gifts, over-extending tos are really important to you, don't just rely only on CDs or DVD’s. They scratch easily. Also, studies have shown that their budget and in some cases creating long-term debt. some recordable CDs deteriorate in a few years. Giving a gift should signify to those you care about most just how much you love them. So this year Here are some pointers to help with the process of archiving photos: consider giving them thoughtful and creative gifts you make by hand. It is easier and cheaper that you might first think, and the person receiving the gift usually appreciates the time and love you put into the gift. Here are some crafts or creations you can make yourself, and who knows, you might just find Online Photo Storage Sites such as Kodak EasyShare Gallery ( and Winter yourself connecting to the spirit of the season when you give from the heart! Shutterfly ( offer unlimited uploads and storage. This provides you a way to have a backup of photos away from your home and computer, and both sites offer addi- BE CREATIVE BE ARTISTIC BE DARING tional features like ordering prints, creating mugs, cards, calendars and more! Handmade Cards Build a Birdhouse Write a Poem or Story When the bold branches Handmade Soaps or Candles Bake Cookies Write a Song Bid farewell to rainbow Personalized Stationary Sew/Knit/Crochet Make Fun & Silly Coupons Buy an External Hard Drive with large storage capacity. New drives are rela- Beaded Jewelry Make a Scrapbook Make a Movie or Skit leaves - tively cheap. Prices range from about 50 cents to $1 per gigabyte, and you can Paint/Draw Original Art Make a Mobile Welcome wool sweaters. store any type of file, and take it with you in most cases to use on another Compile a Recipe Book Frame a Memorable Picture computer. ~B. Cybrill Printing Your Photos & Ordering Prints Online is a good idea. But re- member that any photograph is subject to deterioration. Prints made with Local Events a regular printer are more susceptible than traditional photographs. The lifespan of home-printed photos is subject to debate. Costco has an online photo store run by Shutterfly, that is really convenient and you NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY can add borders, captions, and edit you photos. You simply upload photos, pick which ones you would like to print, submit order, and pick 9th Annual Snow Goose Festival Miracle on 34th Street Breakfast with Santa up at your local Costco. No credit card information is entered, you pay Starts: January 25 2008 Chico Theater Co. Starts: December 8 2007 when you pick your prints up. Ends: January 27 2008 Starts: November 23 2007 Ends: December 8 2007 Time: 8:00am Ends: December 15 2007 Time: 8:00am - 11:00am Store Printed Photos in archival boxes or albums. Keep photos in a Time: 7:30pm cool, dry place. If you hang them on the wall, put them under UV- The Snow Goose Festival’s mis- Guess who's coming to town? It's protected glass. And keep them out of direct light — the biggest The Chico Theater Company sion is to increase public aware- Santa! Join him and his elves for presents, Miracle on 34th Street, cause of deterioration. ness, understanding, appreciation a morning of fun. Mrs. Claus will a hilarious, tender and charming and conservation of the diverse be serving pancakes, the elves Christmas classic. It’s great for wildlife and unique habitats of the will be making crafts with the Keeping photos organized makes archiving easier. Ensure you back the entire family... The produc- northern Sacramento Valley. children, and Santa will be hand- up new photos, not previously archived ones. Store photos in clearly tion will run Nov, 23rd to Dec. Their goals is to provide fun, edu- ing out small gifts. $5 per person. named folders. And don't forget to give the files descriptive names. 15th with Sun. Matinees on Dec. cational and recreational experi- There are three seatings for 2nd & Dec. 9th at 2:00pm, regu- ences. For More Information Call: breakfast 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 Software Organization Google's free Picasa 2 ( lar nights Thurs., Fri. & Sat. at 530 345-1865 or send an email to at the CARD Community Center. will help organize photos plus back them up. It keeps a record of pre- 7:30pm For Tickets and info con- Pre registration is required, this tact the Box Office: 530-894- viously archived photos. Roxio's PhotoSuite 7 (; $30) event does sell out. 3282 and Adobe's Photoshop album (; $50) will also organize For More Info Call: 530-895-4707 and back up your photos. MEMBER Contact Bruce Taylor Your Mortgage Consultant For Life! • Phone: 530-891-9000 x3709 • E-mail: Winter 2007 Bruce Taylor’s Mortgage Newsletter FDIC
  9. 9. BRUCE TAYLOR BRUCE TAYLOR’S Butte Community Bank 900 Mangrove Avenue MORTGAGE Chico, CA 95926 Newsletter Your source for mortgage lending news and home tips Winter 2007 APPLY ONLINE: Your loan is in Good Hands Butte Community Contact Bruce Taylor DID YOU KNOW: You can now apply for home financing online! In most cases you can receive an instant approval, and once approved, you can easily print out a prequalification TODAY Bank letter. Our newly launched Mortgage Application makes applying easy! Simply visit 530-891-9000, to learn more, sign up for our RATE WATCH email, or Ext 3079 Butte click the “Apply Now” icon to apply instantly. Navigation is a breeze, it’s completely secure, Sign up for RATE WATCH and the best part about using our website - You can apply ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ONLINE! Community btaylor Bank If you haven’t checked lately, rates are still low, and home values are holding. It’s an @ Our new online application is helping excellent time to refinance and consolidate your bills, or to draw on your equity to complete a our customers to get a mortgage MEMBER project you’ve been planning. If you or anyone you know have been thinking about applying FDIC FAST! If you are looking for a specific for financing give me a call to discuss your options today! You can reach me by dialing rate, sign up for our RATE WATCH 530-891-9000 x3709 or drop by and visit me in the office located at 900 Mangrove Avenue. email. If the market reaches your Remember, your business and referrals help make my business successful! desired rate, you receive a convenient update in your inbox! Thanks for your trust, continued patronage, & referrals, Greek Pasta Penne VISIT Bruce Taylor, Your Mortgage Consultant for LIFE! Real Estate Loan Products This quick and easy dish is really tasty, and you can make it with stuff usually stocked in your pantry. Alone Home Sales in Your Neighborhood this pasta is a great light meal or serve it with garlic bread and a side dish for a filling feast. Alterations can We offer dozens of different loan prod- be made to add even more Greek flair. Try adding eggplant, black or kalamata olives, chicken or lamb. ucts to fit your needs. To get the latest Address Town Price BR/BA SQ. FT rate quotes give me a call at 530-899- Burlingame Dr Chico $595,000 4/ 3 2795 INGREDIENTS 7100 extension 3709. I am happy to explain all of the new loan options. 331 Weymouth Way Chico $349,000 3/ 2 1543 atoes lian-style diced tom Here are a few of the programs we 2 14 oz. cans Ita 1178 Hill View Way Chico Chico $325,000 2/ 1 1253 d and rinsed currently offer: lloni beans, draine 1 19 oz. can canne 81 Lexington Dr Chico $260,000 3/ 1.5 1208 ped washed and chop ch, 10 oz. fresh spina Fixed Rate Mortgages (FRMs) 66 Oak Dr Chico $244,500 3/ 1 1140 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) 8 oz. penne pasta 1106 W 8th Ave #11 Chico $187,500 3/ 2 985 a cheese Conventional Loans 1/2 c. crumbled fet Nonconforming Loans 8916 Stanford Ln Durham $555,000 6/ 4 3004 Low or No Down Payment Loans 5686 Royal Drift Way Forest Ranch $205,000 2/ 1 576 DIRECTIONS Marginal Credit Loans 6497 Perry Rd Magalia $337,000 3/ 2 2080 1. Cook the pasta Interest Only Loans in a large pot of boiling salted wa 2. Meanwhile, com 2267 Park Ave Oroville $145,000 3/ 1 996 ter until al dente. bine tomatoes and beans in a large Bring to a boil ove non-stick skillet r medium-high hea 7260 Pentz Rd Paradise $591,000 2/ 2.5 3710 . t. Reduce heat, and minutes. simmer 10 625 Scott Dr Paradise $224,000 2/ 2 1092 3. Add spinach to MEMBER the sauce; cook FDIC for 2 minutes or stirring constantly until spinach wil 1852 Fruitland Ln Paradise $202,000 2/ 1.5 1216 . ts, 4. Serve sauce ove r pasta, and sprink 17199 Manzanita St Stirling City $144,000 3/ 1 1048 le with feta. Contact Bruce Taylor Your Mortgage Consultant For Life! • Phone: 530-891-9000 x3709 • E-mail: