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How to write a successful business plan by chew mark

  1. 1. How to Write a Successful Business Plan• Open Your Mind• Create a Winning Strategy• Produce That Persuasive Plan• Plus Bonus Videos to Learn Proven Methods toBreak Free from the Rat Race of Life Done by: Chew Mark Author of Discover Your Leadership Style, Business Developer, and Leadership Coach5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 1
  2. 2. Why Learn How to Write a Business Plan?1. If you believe that vision is first needed in achieving great results, then by writing your business plan, you’ve taken the first steps to reaching your dreams and goals.2. Let me show you what I mean by first having vision . . . (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 2 World Wide
  3. 3. Do you believe me if I said that a Buildingwas Built with Blueprint and Hard work? VISION ACTION
  4. 4. RESULTS
  5. 5. VISION ACTION RESULTS1. Results are Output2. Vision is the Input3. Action is the bridge that BRINGS your vision to reality.
  6. 6. Why Learn How to Write a Business Plan?3. These slides are therefore meant to lead you through writing your own business plans and to be accountable for your business.4. While it is fine to get someone else to write it for you, nothing beats the fact that the owner of the dream owns this intellectual property – and that is YOU!5. Now, business plans are usually written to raise finance for a new venture, sell a business, or even to provide a blueprint for management. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 6 World Wide
  7. 7. Why Learn How to Write a Business Plan?6. Therefore, who you are writing this business plan for is very important. a. For potential investors? b. For fellow partners? c. For your boss?7. By standing on the shoulders of giants, one can learn much faster. a. As a business developer, I’ve written countless of business proposals and while some have seen the light of day, many have not! b. I’m also able to use my experience in leadership coaching to determine if a company can make or break, just by looking at a few factors. i. To me, management is a key area. The success of a company depends on the management which is otherwise known as the Corporate HQ (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 7 World Wide
  8. 8. Why Learn How to Write a Business Plan?8. Hence I’m sharing with you how to write a business plan so that you can succeed in your work and be the best that you are meant to be!9. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. So schedule your time wisely to finish writing this, and you would be convinced that your new business can go, grow, glow!10. In the next slide, the “Scope” would show you the typical chapters found in any professional business plans.11. Thereafter, I would show you a sample business plan that I’ve specially created for a friend WRT the Health and Wellness Industry. a. He had decided to sell Protein Shakes Vending Machines in selected outlets (PSVM). So let’s see what the PSVM Business Plan is all about!5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 8
  9. 9. TYPICAL SCOPE IN A BUSINESS PLAN1. Executive Summary2. Business Background3. The Market4. Operations5. Management6. Proposal7. Forecast8. Financial Information9. Risks10.Questions (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 9 World Wide
  10. 10. 1. Executive Summary (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 10 World Wide
  11. 11. 1. Executive Summary1. Essentially, this chapter is done last.2. I liken this chapter to a book synopsis .3. Only the key points from chapters 2 to 9 are placed here so that potential investors or business partners may screen through this chapter first.4. Therefore I’ll not cover this part as critically as the other chapters. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 11 World Wide
  12. 12. 2. Business Background (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 12 World Wide
  13. 13. 2. Business Background1. This chapter is for you to describe your current company structure if any. Healthy Holdings2. After all, nobody would back anything that they don’t understand. Educate your readers quickly. HVM Pte Ltd HFS Pte Ltd Health Health vending Fitness3. Outline what this business is all about machines System a. What is it, what does it do? Pte Ltd Pte Ltd b. How was it established? Example of a Company c. By whom? Structure d. Why? e. Has it been successful? (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 13 World Wide
  14. 14. 2. Business Background1. Do note that if you decide to set up a Holdings, LLP or Pte Ltd, I would highly suggest a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) or lawyer to go through the details with you.2. For those who wish to set up companies in Singapore, while you may be able to set up a company online via the ACRA website, or you would need a proper set of annual accounting documents that only the CPA (it’s their rice bowl after all) professionals can help.3. For those who wish to set up companies in Singapore, feel free to contact me, because I have a business partner who owns her own CPA firm since 1975. I am currently helping her in her website development. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 14 World Wide
  15. 15. 3. The Market (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 15 World Wide
  16. 16. 3. The Market1. The ideas in this chapter are not exhaustive, because there are indeed many aspects of market that need to be covered in your plan2. Briefly outline what the market you compete in, or propose to compete in is.3. Ask yourself, why do or will people buy your goods or services? Will they benefit in any way? (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 16 World Wide
  17. 17. 3.1 Overview1. The Health and Wellness Industry is concerned with prevention of illness and disease, or Preventive Medicine.2. This is different from the typical Health industry which includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. The health industry focuses on treating the symptoms of illness, and not on prevention of sickness, or helping people feel healthier. Also known as Predictive Medicine3. The Health and Wellness Industry industry is a booming trillion dollar industry world wide. This industry includes nutritional supplements, juices, health/fitness clubs, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, and holistic health care. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 17 World Wide
  18. 18. 3.1 Overview4. Even as we face an ageing society, there are also the generation X and Y group who are recognizing the benefits of healthy living. This is due to the proliferation of health knowledge, advances in science and research & development5. The rate of growth for Baby Boomers who are people born between the years of 1946 and 1962 will explode between the years of 2010 and 2030.6. These Boomers have strong purchasing power. They represent the richest generation in history, and one of their main concerns is health, looking and feeling younger. They are turning to the Health and Wellness Industry to not only slow the aging process, but also to reverse it. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 18 World Wide
  19. 19. 3.1 Overview7. Boomers want to live their lives with health, energy, and vitality. They want to stay healthy to continue pursuing dreams, goals, and living a fulfilling life. So they are willing to invest in their health.8. Always look for, or create a credible system that would enable you to work ON the business, and not IN the business. a. For more Information on such systems, please watch The Brilliant Compensation, 2 remarkable business owner and lecturer speak about what are the latest trends that a new business owner should look out for: b. Your password is 3285981. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 19 World Wide
  20. 20. 3.2 Trends 1. Look in terms of recent development in the industry that may shape the business. Eg: Do you think people will want to buy your product if you decide to come up with a pay phone that uses coins? Also, would you consider it trendy to carry a really big mobile phone the size of a brick? 2. By examining trends, you are showing your business partners and investors a level of anticipation that they are on the right track because of “predictive” patterns. 3. The following 2 sites by, are a good trend indicator that you may wish to read up on with regard to the Health & Wellness Industry. a. Paul Zane Pilzer : b. BBC: i. Your password is 3285981. 20b. 5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide
  21. 21. 3.2 Trends4. Deeper Pharmaceutical concerns a. As people get more educated, they began to realise that the traditional Health Industry that sells drugs may be harming us with side effects, instead of truly helping us5. Increasing Entrepreneurial Opportunities a. Has the Real Estate Boom passed us by? b. Since the wellness industry is not yet a mature industry, this is the next boom market (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved 5/13/2011 21 World Wide
  22. 22. 3.3 Market Structure1. Understanding the market structure will help you shape your marketing campaign, cost structure and further business analysis2. Is this a Perfect competition, whereby everyone sells the same goods?3. Is this a monopoly, whereby you are the only one selling these good?4. In my opinion, PSVM can be a unique monopoly as no other brands seem to be selling in this manner.5. What is important to note is that, Vending machines (VM) are still a way of reaching out to customers. a. In other words, they are merely an extension of the company’s sales division increase sales. b. Initially, there may still be a need for a salesperson to explain what it is all about (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 22 World Wide
  23. 23. 3.4 Customers (Follow a T-P-M-M approach)1. Your target market. a. Athletes or just your average Joe who goes to the Gym b. People who wants to be healthy2. What is your positioning? a. Are your products so good that it would benefit them at the right places? Are you an expert in this area?3. What is your message? a. Formal, friendly, sarcastic, humorous?4. And how do you intend to reach out to them? a. Which Medium eg: online, printed, social media? (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 23 World Wide
  24. 24. 3.5 Competitors (You may need to do a complete SWOT analysis)Local1. GNC, and your typical off the shelves supplement providers, in Watsons, Guardian and supermarkets2. There are also some online providers like Nutrifirst a. b. hg3. Competent Direct Selling Health and Wellness Companies, which have knowledgeable distributors and a robust logistical system, which would assist the customers in every way. a. From Pharmanex, Amway, to Usana Health Sciences. b. All selling high quality supplements to the market for at least 20-30 years. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 24 World Wide
  25. 25. 3.5 CompetitorsOverseas1. A quick search reveals the following a. healthieroptions.htm b. healthyvending.html c. machines.html#machines (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 25 World Wide
  26. 26. 3.6 Our Competitive Advantage1. What do you have that makes you unique from your competitors? List the ways (non-exhaustive). a. Cost (Workers in developing countries) b. Technology (Open source like Linux or paid like Microsoft) c. Brand (Soft drinks e.g: Coke) d. Location (Airports e.g: Singapore Changi Airport) e. People (smartest team around e.g: Team Skype) f. Product (sexy appeal: e.g iPhone) g. Distribution (some unique distribution agreement with a big chain eg: Groupon and Live Nation)2. These are essentially your Unique Selling Points (USP), something that gives you the edge, and keep you at the sharp end of the spear. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 26 World Wide
  27. 27. 3.7 What Differentiates Us?1. How can you differentiate your business from them? List the ways. a. Benefits / Features b. Service Quality c. Product Quality d. After Sales Support e. Appearance f. Image2. Explain what your differences are because they may be crucial for you to explain why you would succeed. In Value Investing, we call this Economic Moat. It’s like even though newer brands of soft drinks keep sprouting up, Coke will never lose out. Because it has been entrenched in our minds. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 27 World Wide
  28. 28. 3.8 Distribution & Selling of Services1. How do you intend to distribute? a. Do an online search or even go to places to have a look for these machines.2. Here are two Vending machines that I found over the weekend at a local hospital. a. Pictures beside are two possible vending machines which can be used. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 28 World Wide
  29. 29. 3.9 Products & Pricing1. Come out with the list of products that you want to sell, and their pricing. a. Protein Shakes b. Meal Replacements c. Glucosamine d. Vitamin C e. Multi-Vitamins2. Pricing can be either based on Cost Pricing or Competitive Pricing (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 29 World Wide
  30. 30. 4. Operations (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 30 World Wide
  31. 31. 4. Operations1. Depending on your type of business, you may need to explain how it operates. Educate your readers what they need to know.2. People may not fully understand what you do as their map of the territory is different from yours. So this portion is really about effective communication. Make them understand YOUR map of the territory a. Describe your Processes b. Demonstrate Control c. Highlight the Differences d. Show experience (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 31 World Wide
  32. 32. 4.1 Processes1. Come up with your supply chain process flow PSVM at Overseas Assembly Warehouse Trucks respective Suppliers Area outlets2. Come up with your operational process flow3. Come up with your replenishment process flow4. Come up with your customer relation process flow5. Come up with a contingency or risk management plan (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 32 World Wide
  33. 33. 4.2 Systems1. This sub-section is a really detailed one, and a whole course can be dedicated just to it. However, I will talk about this in a very generic viewpoint.2. Your ability to come up with the processes in the earlier chapter provides stability into your business system.3. A reliable and robust system would be when you don’t have to think about it, e.g.: 3 years down the road because everything is already in place. Robust Vision Management Team Good Systems Results! Processes (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 33 World Wide
  34. 34. 4.3 Controls1. Ability to tweak the controls in our business model would enable us to achieve better ROI. a. There is a need to do financial modelling to determine this. b. You can look into issues such as how you identify a quick or slow moving stock c. Or you can look into issues such as ensuring that the stock is always in supply because it’s a popular one. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 34 World Wide
  35. 35. 4.4 Location1. Location may be important for the retail and F&B business, but in a soft skills business, such as IT, accounting, law, consultancy services, it may not be that important.2. So, in this case of the PSVM, find a list of locations that you want to place your machines at, and their pricing must be known.3. Some places may charge you rent, while others just charge for the usage of utilities. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 35 World Wide
  36. 36. 4.5 Regulatory Control1. Check that all F&B hygiene and quality control certification are met according to global standards first, then local. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 36 World Wide
  37. 37. 5. Management (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 37 World Wide
  38. 38. 5.1 Experience1. This chapter is to show your business partners and potential investors, your team, in other words, your A Team2. List out your credentials, and most importantly, what each of you can do to enhance this team3. This is an example of the credentials of my business partner: a. Sean Seah holds a First Class Honours degree in Business Studies Majoring in Economics from the Nanyang Business School of Singapore. He is the author of Winning the Money Game and a Master Trainer in Money and Value Investing. Sean had been invited to speak at the Suntec Convention Centre, where he shared his perspective on Finances and his methodology in Investing. Till date, he has successfully trained hundreds of participants to strategize their finances and how make their money work for them. b. You may access to see the5/13/2011 book. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved 38 World Wide
  39. 39. 5.1 Experience4. Whatever you do, don’t hide blemishes on your CV because it would bite you in the future. Demonstrate an effective team which can cope with day to day issues on its own, without having to depend on one superstar.5. A good management team can make it in a poor market or even a declining industry. However a weak team won’t survive even in a boom market.6. As a leadership management coach, I’ve seen how weak teams collapse under pressure. It is therefore important to note that as much as there are “Thinkers” in the team, you need “Tinkers” or “Do-ers” as well. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 39 World Wide
  40. 40. 5.2 Personnel Establishment Structure Board Of Directors Director Legal supportDevelopment & Operations Branding/Marcom Finance Franchise Systems Logistics (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 40 World Wide
  41. 41. 5.2 Experience7. To summarize this chapter, ensure that you have a team that works alongside with you, and not against you.8. It may not be easy to find all the gems, but the core team that you are showing to your potential investors must be real and impressive. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 41 World Wide
  42. 42. 6. Proposal (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 42 World Wide
  43. 43. 6. Proposal1. Coming up with a good mission statement would encompass the following factors, a. Who b. What c. Where d. When e. Why f. How2. Your ability to come up with a terse and impactful mission statement would sum up your business plan.3. Subsequently, your mission statement must be SMARTER enough to be robust. I’ll share the SMARTER concept in a separate session.5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 43
  44. 44. 6.1 ProposalSo, can you identify the six factors in the following mission statement?I, XXX, is to set up a wellness company that sells protein shakes and other nutritional supplements via vending machines & direct-selling, at selected locations, by 15th July 2011, so as to reach out to busy gym-goers and athletes. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 44 World Wide
  45. 45. 6.1 ProposalThis is to be achieved in the following phases:Phase I (From now to Dec 2011)1. Selection of vendors2. Selection of products3. Selection of office (if needed)4. Selection of warehouse providers5. Securing of interested business partners and customers6. Securing of funds7. Testing of PSVM and business system8. Approval of customized PSVM9. Setting up of company, with legal supportPhase II (Jan 2012 to May 2012)1. Signing of contracts2. Delivery of PSVM3. Delivery of goodsPhase III (15th July 2012)1. Roll out of PSVM in selected stores2. Replenishment of Supplies & Maintenance5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 45
  46. 46. 6.2 Limitations1. There are flaws in every plan.2. In my opinion, time and space are two limitations. because most people are employees, still trapped within the rat-race of life. a. So you have to schedule time to ensure that this business plan of yours remain on track, while you fulfill your job that provides you with your active income.3. Find out what is yours, and the earlier you remove this blind spot, the better is it for you. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 46 World Wide
  47. 47. 6.3 Why This Would Succeed1. Why would your team succeed? List the ways.2. Could it because you have found better alternatives to reduce the transport cost?3. Could it because your products are far superior to others in the market?4. Remember that having more money poured into your investment doesn’t mean anything.5. I’ve set up a successful online home-based business using only around $65. So your initial investment of $250,000 into your traditional business may not be such a show-stopper. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 47 World Wide
  48. 48. 6.4 Any Requests?1. This sub-chapter is really to soothe the investors nagging doubts if any. a. Request for more time to do the formula for the protein shakes b. Request for more time to develop the machines because the current ones are not suitable. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 48 World Wide
  49. 49. 7. Financial Forecast (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 49 World Wide
  50. 50. 7.1 Forecast1. Strictly speaking, since forecast is a financial matter, Chapter 7 and 8 are meant for you to check how much you can make, maintain or lose.2. Once you have done your sums in this chapter, you will know if you business venture is a GO or a NO-GO.3. You may wish to download profit and loss statements to see what may be needed to compute your profit and loss. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 50 World Wide
  51. 51. 7.2a Key Assumptions1. Assumptions are made to keep certain factors in your financial forecast stable2. Factors such as rate of inflation, product development costs and rental costs etc . . . (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 51 World Wide
  52. 52. 7.2b Sensitivity1. Sensitivity just a calculation of what happens if . . .2. You may wish to do up a financial model of 3 scenarios a. Optimistic eg: sales increase by 15% b. Pessimistic : eg sales decrease by 30% c. Realistic: nothing happens or at least the most realistic growth of 3- 5%3. Always be more pessimistic in your costs and sales inputs so as to manage expectations (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 52 World Wide
  53. 53. 7.2c What the Numbers Mean1. Analyse your figures and interpret them!2. Your first meeting with either your business partners or potential investors can’t be the time that they say, “I don’t understand why you show us that you’re showing us a gradual decline in gross margin, when your other charts show us that your sales mix are changing.”3. Data are just numbers. They must be analyzed so that everyone can comprehend what the numbers mean. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 53 World Wide
  54. 54. 8. Financials (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 54 World Wide
  55. 55. 8. Financials1. The amount of financial information that you need to put into a plan will vary with the situations : a. Size and complexity of the business. b. Is the company already trading? c. Who the audience of the plan is.2. Whatever you do, don’t spend too much time sweating the details, because if you do intend to start a company, you need a finance-trained business partner to sweat out these details, while you handle the vision and operation. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 55 World Wide
  56. 56. 8.1 Financials1. Profit and Loss Account (Excel Sheet)2. Balance Sheet (Excel Sheet.)3. Cash Forecast a. From the cash flow forecast, there is the implication that there must be a minimum of $100,000 in the bank account every month to pay off the expenses and costs. b. Need to at least $500,000 from interested investors for the first 6 months, to cover anticipated losses in month 2 and 3. Please refer to Appendix A for more details.4. Funds Flow a. Investment funding required for this development is expected to be a low figure of $500,000. b. There is a need to monitor course cancellations to reduce returns. c. There is a need to lower cost of manuals and office supplies (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 56 World Wide
  57. 57. 9. Risks (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 57 World Wide
  58. 58. 9.1 Sales are Low1. Greater competition, & lower sales than anticipated resulting in 25% below forecast.2. Service offerings not attractive enough.3. Pricing of the products too high.4. Insufficient awareness of the program, either by insufficient marketing or through wrong channels a. Hence pricing and marketability are identified as the biggest threat to low sales.5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 58
  59. 59. 9.2 Margins are Low1. High cost of raw materials. Can it be outsourced locally or from regional locations2. High construction costs of the good quality vending machines affecting rental rates and bottom line3. Promotional activity not focused4. Not considering sales mix or product range to cater to the local taste (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 59 World Wide
  60. 60. 9.3 Costs are High1. Only possible if Margins and Sales are not looked into carefully. (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 60 World Wide
  61. 61. 9.4 Major Operational Issue Occurs1. Increased cost of Raw materials or stoppage of Raw materials due to Supply side challenges such as strikes, or natural disasters2. High crime rates in the area leading to loss of sales3. Outbreak of hygiene and sanitation challenges such as SARs, or other contagious diseases, thereby affecting human traffic (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 61 World Wide
  62. 62. 10. End Note (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved5/13/2011 62 World Wide
  63. 63. 1. That’s it!2. Thanks for taking the effort to go through all these points.3. Once you schedule the time to finish your business plan either via PowerPoint or even via word document, you would have gained enough information to decide "green light: advance" or "red light: stop" your business. a. Try to complete this within 4 weeks, and dont take too long.4. Expect a high investment and operating costs, and more importantly higher risk in a traditional business model like this.5. Incidentally, there are other proven lower cost, higher returns, successful business models that can save you time and money, so that you can reach your financial goals faster.5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 63
  64. 64. 6. If you have 10 minutes, click on this link to find out why you should build your own pipelines to help you achieve your financial goals faster a. The Formula : b. Your password is 32859817. With regard to business plans and other leadership management issues, please feel free to contact me at mark@chewmark.com8. So here’s wishing you all the best to your future endeavours! Chew Mark Author of Discover Your Leadership Style, Business Developer, and Leadership Coach5/13/2011 (c) Chew Mark 2011 All Rights Reserved World Wide 64