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Revision countable uncountable nouns


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Revision countable uncountable nouns

  1. 1. Countable&Uncountable nounsREVIEW
  2. 2. Countable nounse.g. I eat a banana every day.I like bananas.“Banana” is a countable noun.We can add ‘s’ to a countable noun:“Bananas”
  3. 3. A countable noun can be1. singular (banana) orCountable nouns are things we cancount. We can say ‘one banana’ ,‘twobananas’ etc.Countable nouns2. plural (bananas)
  4. 4. Countable nounsExamples of countable nounssingular plural apple apples pineapple pineapples cucumber cucumbers strawberry strawberries grape grapes
  5. 5. Countable nounsWe add -es to nouns in – s, –sh,- ch, -x, -zand to some nouns in -obeach beachespotato potatoesNouns ending in “consonant + y” change “y”into “i” and add esactivity activitiesNouns ending in –fe change it to –vesknife knives
  6. 6. Uncountable nounse.g. I eat a bowl of rice everyday.I drink a bottle of milk per week.She buys a packet of tea in the market.He has a cup of coffee for breakfast.Rice is an uncountable noun.
  7. 7. Uncountable nouns An uncountable noun has only one form.(rice)•Uncountable nouns are things we can’tcount: liquids (water), food (bread),materials (iron), ideas (anger).•We can’t add ‘s’ to an uncountable noun.To refer to quantity we use measuringunits: a kilo, a litre, a gram...
  8. 8. Uncountable nounsExamples of uncountable nouns: salad dressing paper ham aluminium milk
  9. 9. I. Put the correct form of thegiven words into the spaces.1.John is eating some _________(potato).2.Is there any _________ (water) in the jar?3.Mother says, ‘Gogo, please give me some__________ (jam).’4.There are some _________ (box) at thedoor.5.There aren’t any ________(knife) on thetable.potatoeswaterjamboxesknives
  10. 10. Measuring units. Complete orallyand write it down in your NB:1. A bar of... 2.A bottle of...3.A bowl of... 4.A can of...5.A carton of... 6.A cup of...7.A littre of... 8.A portion of...9.A packet of... 10.A piece of...11.A loaf of... 12.A kilo of...
  11. 11. Can you answer the followingquestions from memory.1. How many bottles of beer can you see?2. How many balloons are there on the table?3. How many plastic glasses are there?4. Is there much food?5. Is there much orange juice?6. Are there many people?7. Are there many elderly people?