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  1. 1. gate
  2. 2. steps
  3. 3. entrance
  4. 4. basement
  5. 5. chimney
  6. 6. fireplace
  7. 7. roof
  8. 8. ceiling
  9. 9. terrace
  10. 10. porch
  11. 11. balcony
  12. 12. courtyard
  13. 13. flatroof
  14. 14. A DETACHED house is not joined to any other.
  15. 15. A SEMI DETACHED house is a house which is joined to another house on one side.
  16. 16. A TERRACE HOUSE is a house which is part of a line of houses. It is joined to other houses on two sides. The house at each end is called an 'END TERRACE' HOUSE.
  17. 17. A TUDOR HOUSE is a detached house because it not attached to any other house.It was built during the Tudor times about 400 years ago.
  18. 18. A BUNGALOW is a house which is only on one floor, no stairs. It may be joined to another bungalow or might stand alone.
  19. 19. A COTTAGE is a small house in the country.
  20. 20. A VILLA is a self-contained property abroad for holidays (usually with a private pool).
  21. 21. BLOCK OF FLATS top floor ground floor
  22. 22. A PENTHOUSE is an apartment on the top floor. Usually expensive!!
  23. 23. AN ATTIC is the area directly under the roof sometimes used as rooms or even as a flat.