Future tenses


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Future tenses

  2. 2. BE GOING TO + INFINITIVE Form: + I am going to play / He is going to play/ They are going to play - I am not going to play / He is not going to play/ They are not going to play ? Am I going to play? / Is he going to play? / Are they going to play? Yes, I am No, he isn’t  Use: Future plans. e. g. I’m going to travel to Paris next year Predictions when there is evidence. e.g. Look! It’s very cloudy! It’s going to rain
  3. 3. PRESENT CONTINUOUS Form: + I am playing football / He is playing football / They are playing fooball - I am not playing football / He is not playing football / They are not playing football ? Am I playing football? / Is he playing football? / Are they playing football? Yes, I am No, I he isn’t  Use: Arrangements. e.g. I’m seeing The hobbit next Friday, I bought the tickets this morning
  4. 4. WILL+ INFINITIVE Form: + I will play - I will not/won’t play ? Will you play? Yes, I will No, I won’t  • Shall I? / Shall we? Are used to make suggestions Use: - Future predictions when there isn’t evidence (it’s just an opinion). e.g. I think it will not rain on your wedding day, it would be very bad luck. - Promises, offers and spontaneous decisions. e.g.: I’ll always love you / Those bags are very heavy, I’ll help you. / I’ll have a tea.
  5. 5. Complete the sentences with the right form of “going to”, “will” or “the present continuous”: is going to explode 1. Watch out! This car ________________ (explode) any minute. 2. Can you remind me of my visit to the dentist will certainly forget tomorrow? I _________________ (I, forget, certainly) won't arrive 3. The bus is late. I have a feeling it _____________ (not arrive) before 5 o'clock.
  6. 6. are never going to repair 4. Look at the engine! We _____________________ (never repair) it on time! will be 5. Let's stop by the supermarket. Coke ________ (be) cheaper. will help 6. Jane knows maths well. She ____________ (help) you. Shall I open 7. _________________ (open) the window? It’s really hot. is arriving 8. My cousin __________________ (arrive) at 5.30.