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  2. 2. Age / School 2-5 years old Nursery school (non-compulsory) 5 -11 years old Primary school (compulsory) 11-16 years old Secondary school (compulsory ) 16+Further education (non-compulsory) 18 + University Subjects taught Play Art English Geography History Modern Languages (French/German) Literacy Numeracy PSHE - (Personal Social and Health Education) Science Art & Design Biology Business Studies Chemistry Citizenship Design & Technology Drama English Geography History ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Modern Languages Maths Music PE (Physical Education) Physics PSHE(Personal Social and Health Education) RE (Religious Education) There are two different options: Further education: - Academic qualifications (6th form) - Vocational qualifications Terminology Pre School Primary Education Secondary Education Higher education Education system in the UK
  3. 3. GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education A Levels Non-compulsory examinations taken by students in the final two years of secondary education Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate degree obtained generally after 3 years at university) PhD (postgraduate degree that can take from 1 up to 7 years to complete) SOME BRITISH QUALIFICATIONS
  4. 4. Education system in the US
  5. 5. pass
  6. 6. fail
  7. 7. cheat
  8. 8. be expelled
  9. 9. be punished
  10. 10. revise
  11. 11. take/do an exam
  12. 12. coach cook caretaker/janitor librarian headmaster/head teacher/principal secretary head of studies school counselor teacher professor pupil student classmate PEOPLE IN A SCHOOL Who are these people?