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Integrated Destination Marketing Case Histories for SMITH Advertising


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SMITH Advertising is a 37 year old award winning, integrated full service marketing agency based in Fayetteville, NC. These are case histories of some of the work we have accomplished with a few of our clients. E

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Integrated Destination Marketing Case Histories for SMITH Advertising

  1. 1. Case  Histories  NC  Brunswick  and  Faye5eville  CVB  
  2. 2. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  3. 3. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  4. 4. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social   Customized  Facebook  Page  
  5. 5. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Contest  Registra?on   Thank  You  Screen  
  6. 6. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  ePromo?on  Sent  to  Database  
  7. 7. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Facebook  Micro-­‐ads  
  8. 8. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Results    •  The  fan  count  for  the  Brunswick  Island  Facebook  page  increased  from  574  as   to  4,647,  an  increase  of  4,073  fans  over  the  course  of  the  promoBon.    •  NC  Brunswick  Islands  database  increased  by  over  3,100  new  contacts.  •  Overall  interacBon  increased,  with  post  views  up  1,704%.    •  There  were  2,456  visits  to  the  Landing  page.    •  10,463  visits  to  the  Blanket  Giveaway  tab  •  At  the  conclusion  of  the  promoBon  on  May  4,  the  micro  ads  changed  to  a   generic  desBnaBon  campaign.  Fan  count  conBnued  to  increase  and  stood  at   5,252  page  likes  as  of  May  16,  2011.    
  9. 9. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  10. 10. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  11. 11. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Results    •  An  increase  of  3,088  new  fans  to  the  Facebook  page  •  1,671  from  Facebook  Ads.  •  Fan  interacBon  increased,  largely  due  to  the  promoBon,  and  well  developed  status   updates.     –  Compared  to  the  month  before,  post  views  were  up  160%  and  post  feedback  was  up   191%.    •  There  were  7,006  visits  to  the  Cooler  Giveaway  tab.  
  12. 12. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  13. 13. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  14. 14. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  15. 15. Results    •  Campaign:  10/19-­‐11/30  •  Campaign  Reach:  3,201,693    •  Impressions:  6,942,391    •  Clicks:  4,334    •  An  increase  of  2,563  new  fans  to  the  Facebook  page  •  Post  Views:  111,635    •  Post  Feedback:  439    •  Plan  Your  Trip  tab  views:  6,977  •  In  case  you  are  curious,  Oak  Island  and  Southport  got  the  most  click  through  and   likes  J  
  16. 16. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Conversion  Study  Purpose  and  Method:  Determine  the  overall  value  of  becoming  a  Facebook  Fan  regarding  intent  to  visit  the  NC  Brunswick  Islands.    •  200  Facebook  Fans  responded  to  an  brief  online  survey.    •  People  who  stated  they  lived  in  Brunswick  were  excluded  a]er  an  iniBal  quesBon.  •  Margin  of  error  for  a  sample  of  this  size  is  +/-­‐  6.5%  for  quesBons  with  a  70/30  split  at  the   95%  confidence  level  Key  Findings  •  93%  of  Fans  are  from  outside  of  the  area;  only  7%  of  Fans  said  they  lived  in  •  the  county  •  82%  said  that  being  a  Facebook  Fan  makes  them  more  likely  to  visit  in  the  •  future  •  71%  said  they  would  like  to  visit  the  area  and  want  to  keep  up  on  what  is  •  happening  •  57%  said  they  are  extremely  likely  and  18%  were  very  likely  to  visit  in  the  •  next  12  months  •  24%  became  Fans  because  they  were  looking  for  special  discounts  and  offers  •  13%  said  they  had  never  visited  and  12%  said  their  last  visit  was  more  than  •  two  years  ago  •  Only  9%  said  they  became  a  Fan  for  the  gi]  or  prize  
  17. 17. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  18. 18. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  19. 19. Facebook  Public     Event  Informa?on  Facebook  Profile  Pic  
  20. 20. Digital  Boards  Press  Release  
  21. 21. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Tweetup  Print  Ad  
  22. 22. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  The  Tweetup  Covered  in  Faye5eville  Observer  
  23. 23. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  
  24. 24. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac1ces:  Social  Results:  •  542  Tweeters  tweeted  977  PUBLIC  tweets  with  the  hashtag  #tweets4troops  •  Reaching  700,128  unique  users,  with  a  total  exposure  (total  views)  of  1.5  million.    •  About  50%  menBoned  the  Army’s  Army  via  the  text  or  link  to  their  Twiier  page,  and  25%   menBoned  @facvb,  including  the  tweet  from  the  U.S.  Army.  •  The  event  received  local  and  naBonal  press  coverage:   –  45  online  stories  from  the  AP  release   –  2  blog  arBcles   –  1  Story  in  Faye%eville  Observer   –  377  links  to  the  Business  Wire  Press  release   –  Modest  esBmaBon  of  $121,450  in  value  •  Since  September,  the  CVB  has  received  81  new  Twiier  followers  •  CVB’s  Facebook  page  increased  by  82  likes  over  the  Veterans  Day  weekend    •  573  likes  over  the  life  of  the  campaign,  which  may  not  be  credited  to  the  Tweet  salute  alone.    •  The  Army’s  Army  received  a  donaBon  of  $1000  from  the  Fayeieville  Area  CVB.