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SMITH presents , "Hospitality Marketing, Trends and Best Practices for 2012." This was presented live by SMITH Vice President Marni Blythe in Shalotte, NC with the NC Brunswick TDA as the sponsor and hosts.

This seminar covers everything from integrated marketing, user generated reviews, mobile marketing, social media marketing, how to measure ROI as well as other helpful statistics that have been aggregated from around the industry. Enjoy!

SMITH is a full service award-winning integrated, contemporary advertising agency based in Fayetteville, NC.

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Brunswick seminar 2.3.12

  1. 1. Digital  Trends  &  Best  Prac2ces    for  2012  
  2. 2. Marni  at  4  years  old  J  
  3. 3. “The  next  digital  decade  is  here.  By  2016,  adver:sers  will  spend  as  much  on  interac:ve  marke:ng  as  they  do  on  television  adver:sing  today.  Investment  in  search  marke:ng,  display  adver:sing,  email  marke:ng,  mobile  marke:ng,  and   social  media  will  near  $77  billion  and  represent  26%  of  all  adver:sing,  as   interac:ve  channels  gain  legi:macy  in  the  marke:ng  mix.”   SOURCE  FORRESTER  RESEARCH,  US  INTERACTIVE  MARKETING  FORECAST  2011  -­‐  2016  
  4. 4. Agenda  •  Strategic  Integrated  Marke:ng  Plans  &  Campaigns  •  Traveler  AOtudes  on  Digital    •  Digital  Trends  2012  &  Best  Prac:ces   –  Mobile  &  Local   –  User  Generated  &  Social     –  Search    •  Developing  content    •  GeOng  the  best  ROI/tracking  
  5. 5. The  Importance  of  Integra2on   Crea2ve   Local  Search   Website   Adver2sing  Public  Rela2ons   Market   Research   Media  Buying   SEO/SEM   Mobile   Social   Marke2ng   Media  
  6. 6. The  Importance  of  Integra2on  Source:  State  of  the  American  Traveler  January  2012  
  7. 7. Traveler  AWtudes  on  Digital    
  8. 8. Traveler  A5tudes  
  9. 9. Traveler  A5tudes  
  10. 10. Digital  Trends  &  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile  
  11. 11. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile  More  Devices,  More  PlaXorms,  More  Interfaces  
  12. 12. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile   Perspec:ve  –  3Q11   Device   Total  Worldwide  Sales   Mobile  Devices   440m   Smartphone  Devices   115m   PC  Sales   91.9m   Total  Tablet  Sales   18.1m   Total  iPad  Sales   11.1m  (61%  share)   Android  Tablet   6m  (32%  share)   eReaders   6.5m    Source:    Media  Tablet  Shipments  Miss  Third  Quarter  Targets,  But  New  Entrants  and  Holiday  Demand  Will  Spark  Fourth  Quarter  Growth,  According  to  IDC  hp://    *Gartner  Says  Sales  of  Mobile  Devices  Grew  5.6  Percent  in  Third  Quarter  of  2011;  Smartphone  Sales  Increased  42  Percent    hp://  
  13. 13. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile  
  14. 14. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile   hp://­‐downloads/ 2011-­‐Reports/state-­‐of-­‐mobile-­‐Q3-­‐2011.pdf  State  of  Mobile  Q3  2011  hp://­‐downloads/2011-­‐Reports/state-­‐of-­‐mobile-­‐Q3-­‐2011.pdf  
  15. 15. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile  Top  5  Reasons  to  Create  a  Mobile  Website    1.  Mobile  Websites  reach  all  audiences,  apps  do  not.    2.  Your  website  might  be  hard  or  impossible  to  use  on  mobile.    3.  There  are  83  million  people  on  the  mobile  web  according   to  Nielsen’s  State  of  the  Media  Report.  4.  Smartphones  are  now  outselling  PCs  (91m  vs.  115m  3Q11*)    *Media  Tablet  Shipments  Miss  Third  Quarter  Targets,  But  New  Entrants  and  Holiday  Demand  Will  Spark  Fourth  Quarter  Growth,  According  to  IDC    hfp://    Gartner  Says  Sales  of  Mobile  Devices  Grew  5.6  Percent  in  Third  Quarter  of  2011;  Smartphone  Sales  Increased  42  Percent      hfp://  
  16. 16. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile  Crea:ng  a  Mobile  Website?  1.  All  local  content  is  accurate  and  op:mized  for  search     –  Google  Places,  Yelp,  CitySearch  2.  Simplify  then  simplify  again!  3.  Keep  number  pages  to  a  minimum  –  streamline  4.  Match  branding  elements  from  website  to  mobile  site  5.  Avoid  Flash  or  Java  6.  Reduce  amount  of  text  entry  necessary  (use  dropdowns)  7.  Easy  link  to  visit  full  site  8.  –  free  op:on  to  build  9.  Mobile  website  redirect  code  
  17. 17. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile   Claim  Your  Local   Lis2ngs!!!!!!!!!!!     Ask  For  Reviews!    1.  Google  Places  Page  2.  Citysearch  3.  Yelp  4.  and    5.  TripAdvisor    
  18. 18. Digital  Trends  &  Best  Prac2ces:    User  Generated,  Social  &  Reputa2on  Management  
  19. 19. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  20. 20. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  •  150M  Blogs   •  Social  bookmarking  •  Micro  blogs-­‐  Twifer   •  Message  boards  &  online  •  RSS  feeds   forums  •  Widgets   •  Podcasts  •  Social  networks   •  Video  sharing  sites   •  Photo  sharing  sites  
  21. 21. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Social  Networking  Stats    Facebook:    over  800  million  users    via  Facebook  Twier:    over  200  million  users    via  ReadWriteWeb  LinkedIn:    135  million  members    via  LinkedIn  Groupon:    115  million  subscribers  via  Reuters  Google  Plus:    over  50  million  users    via  Google  Blog  Tumblr:    40.5  million  blogs    via  Tumblr    Foursquare:    15  million  users    via  Mashable  Pinterest      7.5  million  monthly  unique  via  TechCrunch  Posterous:    3.9  million  members    via  SF  Gate    Instagram          5  million  users    via  The  Next  Web  
  22. 22. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Twifer  users  are  the  most  influen:al  online  consumers  that  exist—a  key  audience.    •  72%  publish  blog  posts  at  least  once  a  month    •  70%  comment  on  others’  blog  posts    •  61%  write  at  least  one  product  review  a  month    •  61%  comment  on  news  sites  •  56%  write  ar:cles  for  third-­‐party  sites  •  53%  post  videos  online  •  50%  make  contribu:ons  to  wiki  sites  •  48%  share  deals  found  through  coupon  forums   Source:  Exact  Target:  Twifer  Xfactors      
  23. 23. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  24. 24. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  25. 25. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  26. 26. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social   Monitoring  for    Durham  Bulls  
  27. 27. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  28. 28. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  29. 29. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  30. 30. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  31. 31. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:     Social/Digital  PR  Twifer  is  an  excellent  vehicle  to  create  rela:onships  with  the  press!    Best  Prac:ces    •  Find  reporters:  •  “Contact  us”  page  local  media  Twifer  names  (@name)  •  Learn  about  them  in  their  bio,  men:on  in  a  tweet    •  Look  for  tweets  asking  for  help  from  reporters  (**)  •  Say  something  nice  about  a  story  the  reporter  wrote  or  aired,  making  sure  you  add  the   reporter’s  Twifer  name  to  the  comment.  When  possible,  link  to  the  story.  •  Retweet  their  tweets,  link  to  their  stories.  •  Offer  to  connect  them  to  experts  you  know  to  help  them.  •  Thank  them  via  Twifer  for  covering  an  event  you  afended.  •  Look  out  for  story  ideas  for  them,  not  just  big  stories  but  follow  up  pieces  on  stories  they’ve   already  done.  •  Congratulate  them  on  their  birthdays  or  other  news  they  tweet  about  themselves.  •  Highlight  them  on  your  own  blog.  
  32. 32. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Source:  State  of  the  American  Traveler  January  2012  
  33. 33. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Consumer  reviews  are  significantly  trusted  –  nearly  12x   more  than  descrip2ons  that  come  from   manufacturers  and  marketers.     SOURCE:  eMARKETER,  FEBRUARY  2010  
  34. 34. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social   Your  Current  Guests   Share  Experience  Prompts  Visit  Trusts  Reviews   While  Visi2ng   From  Other  Visitors   (Incen2vize)   Future  Visitor  Searching  For   User-­‐Generated  Informa2on  
  35. 35. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  36. 36. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Mobile  
  37. 37. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  38. 38. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  39. 39. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Pinterest  Best  Prac:ces  •  Pin  your  favorite  photos  from  your  des:na:on  –  segmenta:on  through  boards  for   different  personali:es!  •  Ask  visitors  to  pin  pictures  of  themselves  at  their  favorite  spot  and  tag  you,  repin   those  photos  onto  a  VIP  board  —  it’ll  give  a  shoutout  to  these  fans  and  show   poten:al  visitors  that  your  current  visitors  really  love  visi:ng!  •  Pin  It  To  Win  it.  
  40. 40. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  
  41. 41. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  •  #2  search  engine  in  world  •  Boring  never  wins  –  afempt  to  entertain,  be  crea:ve!  •  Op:mize     –  Keywords   •  Web  Page  Title  =  Video  Title   •  Web  Page  Meta  Descrip:on  =  Video  Descrip:on   •  Web  Page  Meta  Keywords  =  Video  Tags   –  Aim  for  posi:ve  ra:ngs  on  YouTube  
  42. 42. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Increase  Views  for  YouTube  Videos  •  Embed  on  owned  online  proper:es  (i.e.  your  website,  blog)  •  Promote  video  on  social  media  venues  (Facebook,  Twifer,  Google+)  and   via  online  press  releases  •  Plan  to  promote  or  include  partner  content  within  your  video  and  allow   partners  to  embed  your  videos  •  Video  Distribu:on  Services  –  offers  free  version  New  YouTube  Lay  Out  •  Add  Your  Custom  URLs  in  the  Newly  Placed  Descrip:on  Area  
  43. 43. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  •  Popularity  index  reflects  what  travelers  like    •  Algorithm   –  Rank  determined  by  popularity  measured  quan:ty  and  quality  of  content  on   T.A.  and  web  •  According  to  TripAdvisor,  their  popularity  index  is:   –  Pure  (completely  organic),  no  paid  like  SEO     –  Fresh:  the  index  constantly  incorporates  new  informa:on.   –  Global  since  it  reflects  reviews  from  around  the  world.   –  Unbiased  as  there  are  good  and  bad  reviews.  •  You  cannot  submit  comment  cards  on  behalf  of  guests,  or  incen:vize   guests  to  leave  reviews,  however  you  may  ask  your  guests  to  write  a   review  of  their  experience  at  your  property.  •  What  does  this  mean  to  you?  
  44. 44. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  •  Manage  your  property  lis:ng  on  TripAdvisor  –  register  your  business  •  Owners  center  –  resources  and  promo:onal  tools     –  •  Offer  “self  service”  op:ons  widgets  you  can  add  to  your  website  
  45. 45. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  Manage  Local  Lis2ngs  •  Monitor  your  customer  reviews  •  Respond  to  BOTH  nega:ve  and  posi:ve  reviews  •  Use  your  customer  reviews  as  free  market  research  to  enhance   your  brand’s  internal  opera:ons.  •  Enhance  the  good  and  fix  the  bad  features  of  your  company.  •  Repeat  all  the  above  on  a  regular  basis  Reputa2on  Monitoring  is  key  •  •  Google  Alerts  •  Hoot  Suite  –  Twifer  monitoring  for  your  brand  name  and   compe::on  and  other  niche  words    •  –  lite  version  $150  per  month    
  46. 46. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Social  SOURCE:  HubSpot  
  47. 47.  Digital  Trends  &  Best  Prac2ces:  Search  
  48. 48. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search  Source:  hp://  
  49. 49. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search  
  50. 50. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search  
  51. 51. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search   Latest  Search  Trends    Google  +  and  Search  Quality  Personaliza2on   Social  Sharing  Integra2on   Content  Crea2on  
  52. 52. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search  Google+  Brand  Page  •  Imagine  if  you  could  have  learned  Facebook  in  the  very  beginning  •  Social  results  do  not  include  Facebook  or  Twifer  –  only  Google  +  results  •  Integrate  main  keywords  into  Google+  posts  to  increase  relevance  in   important  searches.  
  53. 53. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search  Content  crea:on    •  Content  that  is  updated  on  your  site  o}en  leads  to  higher  search   engine  results.  •  Think  like  a  publisher,  not  a  marketer,  to  connect  your   des:na:on  with  online  audiences.  •  Aggregate  and  curate     •  Always  give  credit  to  the  original  source   •  Twifer,  Pinterest     •,,  •  Tradi:onal  blogs  •  Video  blogs  •  Guest  bloggers  •  Info  graphics      
  54. 54. Digital  Trends  and  Best  Prac2ces:  Search   Social  Sharing  Integra2on     If  a  link  is  a  “vote”  how  do  the  millions  of   people  without  websites  “vote”?     “Websites  using  Google’s  +1  buon  get   3.5X  the  Google+   visits.”*   *  Source:  Hubspot  hfp://    
  55. 55.  Tracking  ROI  
  56. 56. Tracking  ROI  Facebook   PR  •  Likes   •  Procurement  of  press  visits  •  Reach   •  Retweets  by  respected  professionals/news  •  Engaged  Users   •  Men:ons      •  Virality    •  Talking  About  This   Blogs  •  Check  Ins   •  Unique  visitors     •  Page  views  Overall  •  Click  through  rate   Klout  •  Lead  crea:on   •  Klout  score  –  ability  to  amplify  and  influence  •  Conversion  studies          
  57. 57. Wrap  Up  •  Integra:on  is  the  name  of  the  game  in  today’s  marketplace  .  •  Early  adopters  and  mainstream  technology  users  spend  more  on  travel  and  take  more  trips   than  late  adopters.    •  Smart  phones  &  tablets  are  the  wave  of  the  future  –  geOng  in  posi:on  is  important  to  stay   compe::ve.  •  Mobile  website  is  cri:cal.    •  Social  media  is  more  than  Facebook,  but  Facebook  is  the  800lb  gorilla  J  •  Social  media  and  user  generated  reviews  are  extremely  important  to  incorporate  into  your   marke:ng  plan.  •  Twifer  is  a  highly  underused  pla•orm  by  marketers  and  can  be  an  incredible  resource,  use  it   for  listening  in  and  outreach  to  press.  •  Blogs  are  important  as  they  deliver  fresh  content  on  your  site  which  is  important  for  search.  •  New  pla•orms  are  emerging  like  Pinterest,  if  you  have  the  resources  these  are  great  to  use.  •  Google+  is  changing  the  landscape  of  search.  Claim  your  Google+  page  for  business.    •  Content  crea:on  –  curate  &  aggregate!  •  ROI  –  know  what  you  are  tracking  for.    
  58. 58. Wrap  Up    If  you  don’t  know  where  you  are  going...  any  road  will  get  you  there.           SMITH  is  a  full-­‐service,  contemporary  integrated     adver:sing  agency  that  offers  solu:ons  for  our  clients.          
  59. 59.   Many  of  our  clients  are  reques2ng  our  Digital  Appraisal  Service:      q  Rapidly  acquire  a  detailed  understanding  of  your  digital  ecosystem  and  assets   or  embark  on  a  new  digital  strategy  planning  process.  q  Investment  dollars  at  work  q  Compe::ve  strengths  &  weaknesses    q  Establish  future  plans  q  Digital  alignment    q  Measure  ongoing  performance  and  return-­‐on-­‐investment.        
  60. 60. Thank you for the gift of your time today! Education & Value Are Our Best Marketing Tool. How can we help you?Please fill out the survey in back of your workbook J