Audience Research / Findings


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Results from questionnaires and interviews.

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Audience Research / Findings

  1. 1. Questionnaires – What colours attract you to a front cover? From the results of this question I know that the audience prefer bold and vibrant colours such as red and black as they attract them the most. This is probably because there very eye catching and bright.
  2. 2. Questionnaires – What genre of music do you listen to? I large number of the students that were given questionnaires preferred Indie rock and Pop over Rock and R&B which is very helpful as I know the genre I have chose will be popular to the audience.
  3. 3. Questionnaires – What age group should my magazine be aimed at? From my results I now know my magazine should be aimed at 1624 year olds, this was what I originally what I wanted my target audience to be but wanted to here another opinion. I'm now more confident in that my magazine content can be more mature to fit the age group.
  4. 4. Questionnaires – Should the target audience be female or male? The results clearly show that the target audience for my magazine should be both female and male, this will help as having a magazine that Is more versatile means more readers.
  5. 5. Questionnaires – What content would you like in the magazine? I included this question as I wasn’t sure what I wanted my magazine to contain and what readers would like. This has been helpful feedback as I now know that content wise, the post popular topics would be Celebrity gossip and concert/ gigs. I can now involve these topics in my magazine and know the readers will like them.
  6. 6. Questionnaires What do you prefer images or text? Originally I thought that most people would prefer images over text however from these results I know that they actually prefer a mixture of the two which makes more sense. This will give an even spread throughout the magazine and make it look professional.
  7. 7. Interviews – What genres of music do you listen to most often and the genres you least listen to? Even though I had already asked a similar question in my questionnaire however I wanted to ask it in the interviews to another groups of students to see what their opinion is. I found that classical, R&B and Pop where the most listened to and Indie the least. This tells me that no everyone one like the same genre of music but reassured from the last results that Indie music is popular to an extent.
  8. 8. Interviews – Do you read a music magazine? From these results I know that a lot of people do not read magazines which is helpful to know as having the opinion of people who are fond of reading magazines is more important, meaning I can focus on what factors they like most about a magazine and piece it together to make my magazine.
  9. 9. Interviews – What music magazines do you read? This was very helpful feedback as it would help me decide what genre of music would be best and most popular. From the results I know that Top of the Pop was most popular but a large amount of the students I asked didn’t agree so chose ‘none’ this was probably because a large amount don’t actually read a magazine anyway.
  10. 10. Interviews – Why would you read a music magazine? I asked a similar question on the questionnaires but get a different perspective and find outa more accurate result for what people like to read about in a magazine. From the results I now know that updates/gossip and concert/gigs are the most popular content wise which helps me when it come to making my front, contents and double spread page.
  11. 11. Interviews – How much would you pay for a music magazine? I now know that most people would pay between 50p-£2 which is good to know when pricing my magazine appropriate to and suitable for the readers as it will sell more if at a reasonable price.
  12. 12. Interviews – Do you like hearing about celebrity gossip and why? It clearly is shown that the people I interviewed like to hear about celebrity gossip so by including this in my magazine will increase readers and they will enjoy it as its topics like to read about.
  13. 13. Interviews – What music channels / radio stations do you watch? This was handy feedback as I it helps me decide what genre to focus on but also what artist/songs that I can include in my magazine. From the results I know that capital was the most popular but which is most Pop however Kiss, MTV and 4Music where all along the same lines and are a mixture of R&B and Pop.
  14. 14. Interviews – What gender are you? From including a gender question I am able to know what my target audience would be based on, as the results show high levels of female this means I can adapt colour scheme, content, layout and features around the audience but not forgetting that there is still a small percentage of male in my target audience so will have to find a balance.