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Slideshare project

  1. 1. The construction of the AcademicCommons at Penrose Library startedearly last school year and is scheduledto be completed this coming March.
  2. 2. During the construction, studentsare given many places to studyaround campus. This is thebalcony on top of Driscoll wherestudents can study when theweather permits.
  3. 3. To some perspective DUstudents, the construction andthe idea of not having a library isvery unappealing.
  4. 4. DU has been very accommodating, making sure that the students have allthe resources they need while the library is under construction.
  5. 5. Even with the construction, student still have access to a 24hour computer lab and tech help center located in Driscoll.
  6. 6. Pearl street is one of themany off campus locationswhere students choose tostudy.
  7. 7. In front of Stella’s Coffee House.
  8. 8. Coffee houses off campusgive students a newatmosphere to study whichoften helps them focus.
  9. 9. Many off campus study spots have job post walls , giving students more opportunitiesaround Denver that why might have never heard about.
  10. 10. DU student studying formidterms at theStarbucks on UniversityAvenue.
  11. 11. Studying off campusprovides a social communitywhere students cancollaborate and worktogether